B & W Observation Drawing


Anna Labbe

OCTOBER 1, 2018

This is my black and white observational drawing. Unlike the blind contour drawings, this time the goal of the drawing was to make it while actually being able to look at the paper and what we were drawing. This was a really good project to go after the blind contour drawings, because it really made me make sure that I was actually drawing what I saw and not what I thought that I saw. For my drawing I decided to draw another dinosaur in order to go along with my concentration of dinosaurs. I really liked drawing in black and white because it is not really something that I did a lot towards the end of last year. I only really ever drew fossils in black and white, and then most of my realistic dinosaurs were in color. I think drawing realistic dinosaurs in black and white is something I want to explore more this year, since I have been interested in exploring the more illustrative aspect of art, like comic-book styles and such.

One struggle that I had with this dinosaur was finding different textures to shade with because I didn't want to shade with just a pencil. I was looking for different ways to hatch shade, while still displaying the skin texture of the dinosaur and trying not to overall make the dinosaur look too weird or line-y. I think maybe in the future, if I were to do something similar, I would plan out my shading ideas more just to make sure that it doesn't look too wacky.