Expressionistic Self Portrait

This is my expressionistic self portrait. This self-portrait is pretty different from other self-portraits that I've done, in the sense that it isn't very typical or common. The objective of this project was to create a self portrait that wasn't necessarily realistic, but expressionistic in that it reflected our inner feelings and thoughts. Mine came out a lot more abstract than I originally planned it to be, but that's okay because I like the way that it turned out. The emotions that I chose to reflect in my piece are all very different, but come together to represent one big emotion. This piece also came out a lot more angsty than I would've liked, but I guess emotional artwork makes for good artwork because all of the emotions that it can convey!

I started this project by just taking a yellow oil paint stick and drawing a small, representational self portrait of me in the upper right hand corner. Then, to display one of my emotions, which was loneliness, I took blue ink and dripped it over that drawing of me, to make it look as though the loneliness was dripping over me. It came out to look very sad, but also very cool. I then decided that I wanted to take up more of the paper and could make a really cool design out of this dripping-like texture, so I figured I could display more emotions with the self-portrait combined with ink. I then made three more mini-mes, all turned in different directions, and conveyed different emotions on them using the ink.

The purple dripping is supposed to represent tiredness, with the purple starting to drip from under my eyes where purple bags often show up. The green is supposed to represent a cloud of confusion over me, and the red is supposed to represent frustration and how my face often gets very red when I am flustered or frustrated. All together they combine to create and overwhelming sense of different emotions, like stress and loneliness and weariness.