Time Capsules

with Continuous Line Self Portrait

These are my four time capsule drawings. The goal of this project is to practice observational drawing. We make four piece as the beginning of the year, and at the end of the year we can see how far we've come and what skills we've applied, exercised, used, and experimented with. There was four prompts for each drawing, the first being a self-portrait from above, the second a drawing of a building, the third a drawing of something that I hate, and the fourth being a drawing of my feet. We could do these observational drawings in any material and add anything that we wanted, as long as we actually drew from observation and didn't use a picture of example that was already in 2D.

My first drawing is of my face. This one was probably the most difficult one because we had to draw it all in one line, in black sharpie, while looking down at a mirror that reflected us from above. Long story short, it was a really weird angle and very intimidating to use a black sharpie pen without making lines first in pencil. The issue that I had after I finished was that my facial features were too small for my head shape, so I went in and made another head inside of myself. I think it represents how everyone is different on the inside. The second image I drew was the drawing of a building, and I decided to keep the same theme throughout al four drawings, sharpie lines and then adding watercolor color. I really like the way that style looks, and it's really interesting to play with. I decided to draw the garage in front of my house because I see it everyday when I look out the window and it is very prominent in my life. The third image I drew was the drawing of something I hate, which is pretty self-explanatory. I drew the ancient, 40-pound vaccuum that we use to clean in my house. One time I ran over my toe with the vaccuum and it has never been the same. The last image that I drew is of my feet! I decided to draw my socks because I have a lot of interesting pairs and I thought the designs would go well with the watercolor color.