*liquid (blood, colored water, etc)




Concentration 1: Liquid

From the Deep

Blood Runs Thicker

No More Snow to Shovel

Seeing Blue (ver 1)

Green and Yellow Sponge

Cup of Yellow

The Labbes

My main concentration, or the one that I began at the beginning of this Photography II class, is focused on liquid. The central idea of my concentration is liquids / fluids and how many different forms and types there are, and how present they are in our lives! As I was completing these projects, I realized that sometimes it was actually really easy to incorporate some form of liquid somehow, which just proved to me that as people, we use them a lot in our everyday lives, aside from just water! We drink, we paint, we shower, we cry, we bleed, there's some form of liquid everywhere, especially inside of us! So, the central idea of my concentration is just exploring all of the different forms we encounter and how they fit into our lives.

Originally I had been focused and played around with the idea of focusing on just photographing water, but quickly found that it was difficult to focus on just water. The work in my concentration explores quite a few different types of liquid—I've used milk, water, paint, blood, soap, soda, and rain water. I began this concentration on water because I really liked how in photographs, water always has really cool reflections of light and objects, and just always creates an interesting image, in my opinion. However, I found that there's more than just water out there, and some other liquids can create just as interesting or even more interesting images! I think images like Fresh and No More Snow to Shovel explore the basics of this idea of liquid and water—simply images of a glass of water and a stream of rain water. However, images like Blood Runs Thicker and Seeing Blue were where I really started getting spicy and into the liquid idea—I wanted to play around with dripping and color and just different techniques that could form very different images involving liquid.