Primary Color

Anna Labbe

Cup of Yellow

MARCH 18, 2019

For this project, which is the primary color project, I wanted to do something that involved my concentration, because I've kind of been slacking with that lately. So, I did something similar to my last project, and made my own little photography studio with paper and books and clips. I had the idea to make a cup spilling paint, so I found a little red cup that I usually paint with and got out my yellow paint. For some reason I couldn't figure out why my camera wasn't auto-focusing until after I took the photo and took down my set up, of course, so the photo looks a little grainy. In photoshop I raised the saturation to make the colors brighter. I also had to clone tool-out the folds in the paper, and the specs of paint that I got all over the red cup. There are a few areas where I can still see where I couldn't quite get the clone tool to work in my favor, but I kept making it worse and worse so I decided to just leave it!