Analogous Color

Anna Labbe

Green and Yellow Sponge

MARCH 15, 2019

This is my analogous color picture. I don't really like this picture a lot, and I think I will end up redoing it. I wanted this picture to apply to my concentration, and the first colored liquid I could think of was our green dish soap. So, I took a picture of our green dish soap on our yellow sponge, in the suds. The picture wasn't very good, so I put it in photoshop and covered all of the uncovered sink areas with bubbles, with the clone stamping tool. Then, in an effort to make the colors brighter, I used the paint tool, and with the opacity turned down, carefully colored in the parts of the sponge with a brighter version of green and yellow. I attempted to blend out the edges so it didn't look so obvious, but I don't really know if it worked! This was my first time using photoshop in this way, so I think while it was helpful, I still definitely need to improve my skills!