Abstract Shoe

The project I created and finished was a zoomed-in abstract drawing of one of my shoes. The object was to create an abstract piece using a simple object with pure contour lines. To go more in-depth, I drew a few drawings of a shoe of my choice, then enlarged a particular section of one of these drawings, then creating a few simple lines. With these lines, I drew and colored different patterns and used different colors to create contrast and make the project pop and seem interesting.

For this art project, the first step to the process was to choose one of my shoes (Converse high-tops) and draw three different drawings of this shoe. The drawings were done with pure contour lines, which are lines that outline the shape/boldness of lines on an object, with no additional shading. I drew the shoe three times by looking at it through three angles: birds-eye view, front view, and side view. When I had finished the three drawings, I chose one section on one of the shoes and zoomed in, drawing an enlarged version of the section, then zoomed in again and again until I had three enlarged drawings of where I zoomed in on the shoe. Then, to create the abstract part of the shoe drawing, I chose on of the enlargements and created abstract designs and patterns in between the lines.

What inspired my lines and patterns for this abstract project was the objects around me. For example, when drawing the very first shoe, I just drew the shoe that was on my foot, which also were my favorite pairs of shoes, so it was a more enjoyable process when drawing. When enlarging the drawing to get the few lines, I chose the most crowded and interesting part of the shoes that I had drawn. Then, when creating the patterns between the lines for the abstract part of the process, I created the patterns with the objects that were around me. One example of this would be the tree design on the right side of the project—when creating the project, I looked outside and saw a tree, and decided to incorporate a tree-design. I also happened to have my pet fish in front of me, which inspired the fish scale-design which could be seen more to the left. Many small things around me inspired patterns, but with the long purple and green swirl-lines going down the page in the middle with the blue background, the shoe itself inspired me, more importantly the shoelaces. This is because I wanted to incorporate a part of the shoe itself into the abstract drawing which was based off of the shoe.