Time Capsule

The four time capsules are composed of four different types of images re-created on a piece of paper. There is the drawing of a hand doing a gesture, an object that I use regularly, a hallway in my home, and a drawing of my face (cropped). The four images are made in the beginning of the year to show our skills now, and at the end of the year we can evaluate and base them upon how we've changed. The first image is of my hand doing a rock-on symbol, the next is of a toothbrush because it is an object that I use regularly. Then there is the main hallway in the upstairs of my house that connects my sister and my room, and then my face cropped at a weird angle.

The sketches are done using graphite pencil because they are only sketches and didn't have to be in-depth pieces. The ones depicting my hand and face took me the longest because finding human proportions and making them look right is what I find one of the hardest things to do in art. The toothbrush was the most fun to draw and the hallway was to because I like drawing from observation but not necessarily drawing humans from observation.

The inspiration from these projects mostly sprouted from the assignment which was specific drawings we had to complete. I chose to draw my hand in that way because I thought it looked silly and fun. My face is cropped diagonally because that's not something that is seen very often, and I thought it was different then just cropping my face down the middle. And I chose my main hallway because the other hallway in my house isn't as busy as the one that I drew. And finally I chose to draw a toothbrush because I thougt it was a little funny and not-so obvious.