Time Capsules

These are my time capsule drawings. They are a series of quick drawings that will be used to compare and show how my skills have developed as an artist at the end of the year. There are four drawings. The first drawing is a picture of my braid, because the prompt was to draw a zoomed-in body part of yourself. The second drawing is of blueberries, and the prompt was to draw an image from your past. The third drawing is of a textbook, and the prompt was to draw an image representing your future. The last drawing which is not pictured here is a drawing of a paper fortune teller, because the prompt was to draw a folded or crumpled piece of paper.

I did most of these images with pen and watercolor, but the paper one is in colored pencil because I did that one first and wanted to see where my skills lie with colored pencil. I realized that my skills are not very comfortable there, so for the rest of the time capsules I decided to use pen and watercolor. I really enjoy the time capsule projects because I like looking at them at the end of the year. I also really liked the prompts this year and what they made me think about. For my past, I decided to use blueberries to represent the summers I spent at Littlefield Beaches. For my future I decided to use a textbook to represent how I want to keep going with my education and go to college and continue learning.