Inclusion Design

Anna Labbe

Nature Does Nothing Uselessly

January 14, 2019

For this project, the goal was to come up with a design for the Inclusion Awards, which is a poster competition. The requirements of the competition is that the artwork reflect some sense of community amongst many different kinds of disabled people and allies. I really liked this prompt because I like the idea of using a piece of art to connect people and send a message that we are all humans, when it comes down to it, and we should all be treated equally and fairly.

At first I was really stuck on what to do with this project, because last year I focused specifically on one type of disability and how it affected someone that I knew, but this year I wanted to broaden who I was including in my project, because that's what the project is all about, inclusion. I decided on focusing on focusing on the idea that we are all important and humans, and we are all made for a reason, and I started thinking about what we've considered beautiful throughout art and history. We have all these sculptures and paintings and works that we consider beautiful, but that are aged and worn and broken down in a way that in modern times, we wouldn't think twice about. I wanted to play with this idea that just because we are different, and perhaps some of us are broken, none of us are useless or unimportant. We all have a way about us and a purpose that is essential to our stories and history of humans as a whole, just like ancient, beautiful works of art like Greek statues that reveal "classic beauty".