Anna Labbe

Loch-Ness Dinosaur

For this project, I wanted to do something a little bit smaller and in a little different style than I'm used to. I recently got a set of gouache paint, and a new watercolor paper book, and wanted to try them out! I decided to try it on something small, and I have this little series of sketches of tiny dinosaurs in random environments, and I thought that trying out the water-like paint in a water-setting with a water-dinosaur would be a good idea! This dinosaur is a mosasaurus, so not really Nessie, but I do recognize that it actually looks a little bit like Nessie poking her little head out of the water. I tried to make a little mountain scene in the back with layers mountains and trees that come into the foreground, making a space in the center for the dinosaur. I definitely wasn't used to the new type of paint yet so there are definitely flaws in this painting, but I liked how I could make the reflections of the trees in the water and how it looks like the dinosaur is poking her head out of the water!

My other sketches / half-paintings are very similar to this one, in that they're not quite perfect and I haven't gotten used to gouache yet, so I'll be re-doing those ones and working on them more because I really like the idea of having a little series of tiny dinosaur paintings. It's not that tiny, but it is pretty small considering I usually do paintings and projects on 9 x 12 paper!