Mushroom Sun

Yellow Leaf

Cool Leather

Lots of Leaves

Lots of Rocks

Some Pants

An Old Shoe

Birch Eye

Some Costumes

My Shoe

For this assignment, the goal was to capture images that display some aspects of texture. All of the images that I took were either outside around the school, or in the costume closet in the FPAC. I really liked this assignment because it got me thinking about patterns, which made me think of clothing and nature. My favorite natural picture is probably the Yellow Leaves picture. I really like the way the lighting turned out on that picture, and to take it I actually walked in between a bunch of little trees and sticks because the sun was shining on the branch just right, and it turned out pretty cool! I edited it to make it a little more sharp, but that's all! I also like the angle of the picture, and how it shows two leaves while still showing the little details on them. I also really like the leather photo that I took in the costume closet because I saw this cool leather jacket just chilling on the ground, and I thought that leather would be a really cool texture. The light in the costume closet is also super bright and kind of like a horror-movie, so I thought it would bring out some really cool highlights against the black material of the jacket.