Extreme Perspectives

Frozen Isle


Glass Shelf

Hot Food


Banana Man

Through the Glass

Art Room

White Brick



Dead Leaves

These are my photos for the extreme perspectives project. The objective of this project was to come up with 12 images that show extreme perspective, with 6 angled up and 6 angled down. My images that are angled down are on the right side, and the angled up pictures are on the right side. This project was a little bit harder than the last ones just because I was trying to find more creative ways to take and use the angled to my ability to make the images better, without making them all look similar.

To do this project I took my photos in a couple of different places. Some pictures were taken in the school, like Stairwell and White Brick, but then I also discovered that a cool place to take photos is a grocery store. I went to Bow Street with my friends Jeff and Ben and took photos of some of the food and things there. Those are the ones that really liked the way they came out, like Frozen Isle, Hot Foods, and Kombucha. My favorite image is probably Frozen Isle because I really like the way it came out with the colors, and the way that it is taken from the ground so it is angled up, but is not a complete straight-on look at the ceiling. Another image that I liked was Stairwell because I like the framing of the staircase around the unique circle lights.