Look Inside Sculpture

The objective of this project was to create something inside of something else. That was the only guideline of the project, so I was really excited to start it because there was so many possibilities. I was also really excited because it could be anything I wanted it to be, so long as it was Falcon Friendly. It could even be something random, like a shark inside of a sarcophagus. I, however, decided to do something a little less fun and incorporate something that I don't always want or am able to incorporate into other art projects. I decided to do somewhat of a visual pun, playing on Honey Badgers with a honey jar and a badger inside.

My process was a little difficult, because I thought I was ahead in my project, whereas in reality, I was a little behind. I made the full jar and the lid and the badger all out of clay that was to be baked in the kiln, and I am very happy with how they turned out. However, they had to dry for quite a few days before they could even be put in the kiln to bake, and then I would have to paint them all after, and then put the badger inside of the jar and add the resin to make it look like the jar was full of honey. And this was the majority of my project, and I had to do all of it after the weekend, when my badger and jar would be cooked in the kiln. So, while all of my clay was drying out, I decided to add a little more to the outside section of my project and create a base and some extra things to go on the honey jar. I ended up getting a square piece of wood for the base, painted to corners green to represent grass, and created a checkered blanket to look like a picnic blanket sitting on grass. I also made a few flowers out of Sculpey to add more to the base, and a few bees that I wanted to add on and around the honey jar.

This project was really fun because I got to experiment with materials and basically make anything I wanted. However, it was kind of a bummer when it came to critique time and turning them in because I had all of the pieces ready, I just needed the badger and the jar to pull it all together, so I didn't really have much of anything until my clay was done baking in the kiln. In hindsight, I maybe should've started my clay process a bit earlier, but it's okay because I like the way it came out in the end and enjoyed the whole project.