Arrive Alive

Anna Labbe

End Up Next

January 20, 2019

For this project, the goal was to come up with a design for the Arrive Alive campaign, which strives to influence teens to not drive distracted, whether that be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or texting/using a phone while driving. Personally, the part of this prompt that stuck with me was the distraction of a phone while driving, because I have experienced that before, and it is scary. I wasn't the one driving and using my phone, but I was in the car with someone who was driving on their phone and it made me uncomfortable and nervous, and I wanted to display that in my art, because people should feel uncomfortable using their phone while driving, because it is extremely dangerous.

I decided to do a skeleton on their phone driving, with the slogan, "Before you check that text, think of where you'll end up next", because I feel like a lot of teens, while driving distracted, don't think about the repercussions, or what could happen to them. They could be seriously hurt, and while at first that seems to hold no weight, when you really think into it, your life could be changed forever just by "checking" a text on your phone. I wanted to add kind of a scary tone to this piece, so I added the dripping letters to go along with the skeleton. I also didn't want the piece to be so monotone or gray, so I added the bright green in the dripping letters, and to go along with that I added the background color of the purple behind the car.