Negative Space

For the "Negative Space Drawing" there were two drawings to be completed. The first (top) was a sort of practice with a hand gesture to get used to the idea of negative space, which is using the area outside and outline of an object to make a drawing, without adding details and shading on the inside. Negative space is also referred to the air around the drawing because looking at the outline is what makes the drawing, not the shapes on the inside. For the second part of the project (bottom) we took some objects we found interesting (in my case a whale shark and water buffalo) and created interesting negative space using the two, then recreated it on a large piece of paper.

To create the effect of negative space, the point was to only pay attention to the outlines that defines the objects (as mentioned before). So first, I let my eyes get used to only looking at the outline, determining where the negative space was on the inside as well. Then I made I rough sketch of where certain parts of two animals lined up, such as how the gap between the whale and buffalo was located in between and above two of the whale's fins. After this, I paid attention to the details and curls and finalized my lines of the drawing. Then, to add more effect to the outline, I shaded around the outline, the darkest part being the outline and gradually getting lighter as it went out.

There wasn't much for reasoning with the negative space drawings besides trying to get as much interesting negative space as I could. For the first drawing, I did my hand in the position of a hand puppet crocodile, not only because I've always thought hand puppets were cool and that was the only one that I knew how to do, but also because it had very interesting negative space. I also chose to do the whale and buffalo because I knew that with the whale's fins and tails and the buffalo's horns and interesting curves, it would create a very unique negative space area, which would still make it able so that people would be able to know what the animals were afterwards.