One Earth

Anna Labbe

Looking for Salmon in Alaska

November 2018

This is my One Earth project. The goal of this project was to come up with a design that shows how the earth is continuously changing and how it is affected through climate change and the affect of humans. For my design I wanted to focus on a topic that was important to me with the changing of the earth, and that's how climate change affects other beings on our planet. Before making this project I had watched a video on how living creatures and organisms in areas like the north pole and Alaska and other northern places are being affected by climate change. It mentioned the bears and how many are dying due to the declining number of salmon on their fishing grounds, because of the loss of colder water that keeps bacteria alive that keeps salmon alive that keeps bears alive. Basically the circle of life is being messed up up there! I wanted to display this lack of food and wellbeing in my piece, by showing the melancholy of bears fishing for salmon that just aren't there. Usually, in this type of image, you'd see salmon jumping out of the water in all kinds of areas and bears actually eating, but in my project I wanted to show how the salmon are practically gone.