Circle Project

The only requirement for this project was to have an image/piece involving a circle. It could be multiple circles too, and it didn't have to be focused on the circles, as long as there was a circle. For my piece I created several circles, even hundreds probably. The main ones, the largest circles, are the planets stacked to represent snowmen, some farther away than others. All of the other circles/dots are the stars and the Milky Way that I created. My piece represents the solar system in the form of of snowmen, with the starts doubling as the snow. It's like a two-way piece, space and snow. The first snowmen consists of Jupiter, Saturn, and Earth, the second Neptune, Venus, and Mercury, and the third Uranus, Mars, ad Pluto.

I made this project using a large canvas and acrylic paints. First I sketched out where I wanted the snowmen to be and which planets I wanted where, all the largest planets being on the first snowmen and so on. Then I painted all of the planets which proved easier than I thought it was going to be because most of the planets have very swirly, cloudy designs that don't need perfect mixtures of paint and look better when they're a little messy. After that I had to paint the whole background black because I didn't want to have to paint layers and layers of paint over the black paint to make the planets. After all of that was done I wanted to add the white stars/snow. I decided to use a paint marker because dotting all of those with a small paintbrush would have been a lot harder. However, dotting all of those stars proved a lot harder than I thought it was going to be and made me quite dizzy if I did it for too long.

One of my main inspirations of this piece was obviously space. When I heard the word "circle" for some reason I immediately thought of planets and wanted to do something involving space. I've always had a fascination for space and the way planets look and arrange and the ways stars are arranged and I wanted to mess with that a little. I've also been excited for winter to come so I wanted to have my project double as a winter and space inspired idea. I like how most of the planets turned about, but some of them are a little wonky, but that's okay. I really like space so it was cool to complete this project and I want to do more space-themed art projects.