Anna Labbe

Ice Cream Cone House


For the Whatchamadrawit it assignment, the task was to pull a card from a stack of random art prompts and create what the card prompted. The card that I pulled said, "Draw an ice cream cone house". This is the ice cream cone house that I painted in response to that prompt. When I got this prompt I was really excited, because I think that there are a lot of possibilities with this prompt. Immediately what I thought of was an ice cream cone splattered on the ground, in order to provide a solid foundation for the rest of the house. The bottom level of the house consists of mint chocolate chip ice cream and the top layer is strawberry with rainbow sprinkles. Using factors of the ice cream I tried to create little things that would make it look more like a house. For example, I used a cracked piece of waffle cone from the cone of the house to create a little door on the bottom level of the spilt mint chocolate chip ice cream. I also tried to use the sprinkles in the strawberry ice cream to form some type of windows to make it look more like a house. At the bottom right there is also a little cherry car parked on the lawn of melted mint chocolate chip ice cream.

I really enjoyed creating this project because it was the first time in a while that I have used acrylic paint. Towards the end of last year I had grown very fond of watercolor, but knowing that I would have to add a lot of layers and pieces to this prompt, I decided against using watercolor and instead chose to use acrylic. I first decided on mint chocolate chip ice cream because I thought it would create an interesting pattern with all of the chocolate chunks in it. I then chose to use strawberry sprinkle ice cream because I thought that the light red/pink would contrast nicely with the light green of the mint. Choosing a background was a little hard because I felt like there was already so much going on with the house, that I didn't want it to get confusing. So I decided to just do a simple, light blue background that would go with the other pastels of the house and not distract from the actual house itself too much.