This image that I’ve created is actually a combination of three separate photographs. The top half of the image is a piece of a picture I took of the sign at the Freeport Village Station when it was lit up at night, and the bottom half of the image is a combination of two photos that I took of Littlefield Beaches. The water is a picture I took of the lake at Littlefield Beaches, and the multiplied picture of my dad was taken at a dock there. I combined these images using photoshop, deleting the shoreline of the lake and adding the sign of the Village Station on top to create a combination cityscape and oceanscape. Then I used the picture of my dad, cut him out, and multiplied him to add a little more to the image, inspired by Harry Callahan’s use of multiplicity.

Originally I just wanted to create a combination of a city/sea scape, but then realized that I really wanted to use images that I took and that pertained to my life. I decided on using pictures of Littlefield and Freeport because those are both cities/places that have had a very big role in my life, and I thought combining them might be kinda cool. After combining the images, I realized that it was kind of lacking, and wasn’t heavily inspired by either photographer that I researched. So, I decided to add another element to it and added my multiplied dad to the bottom left corner and made him kind of opaque so that he fit in well with the rest of the image.

I decided on doing this combination of city and sea because Harry Callahan was a city photographer, and Chip Cooper was an ocean photographer, and I really wanted to create an image that was inspired by them both. I think it ended up coming out a little funky, but sometimes that happens with collage images when you are trying to combine a few different ideas all into one. I decided to add my dad too because a big party of Harry Callahan’s photography was double exposure and almost making patterns out of people and objects in his photographs, so I really wanted to incorporate that.