Winter Break

Anna Labbe


January 2, 2019

For this project, the objective was to fully process and develop a roll of film based on our winter break. I decided to compete two rolls of film because I was going to visit my grandparents down in New Hampshire, and I knew that there was a lot of cool places to take pictures along the way. I was really excited to take these pictures because I think landscape pictures are probably my favorite ones to take, so I stopped at Runaround Pond, Step Falls, Gorham NH, and Mt. Washington to take pictures and had a lot of fun!

Processing the pictures was a little more difficult than I thought because a lot of the pictures I took in the woods under the shade, yet also a lot of them I took were on top of mountains and out in the broad daylight, so the range of lighting is really broad, so I wasn't really sure how long to expose them for to make is so that they were all visible. I think I found a happy medium, however, despite a few pictures that are still really bright. I decided to enlarge one of the pictures of the ice and trees that I found at Runaround Pond, because those were the most visually interesting pictures. However, the ones that I really like personally are the ones of the mountains and of the house on top of the mountain.

Overall I really like the pictures I took mostly because I had fun using them, and I think when processing them I definitely learned where I go wrong in picture taking, like making the pictures blurry and taking them when it's super bright out and adjusting the exposure time to correct that.