Wearable Sculpture

The objective of this project was to create a sculpture that was wearable, like the name says. The sculptures were all hats and headpieces to be worn in our upcoming fashion show for the school. They could depict anything we wanted, and also could be made from any material that we wanted to make them out of.

I decided to make a spider and its spiderweb the subject of my creation. I first made the armature of the spider using balled up newspaper and tape, and made the body and face the sizes that I wanted them to be. Next I found a sturdy helmet that the spider would fit on and would stay on someone's head. I wanted the legs of the spider to be bendy and creepy, so I braided together some thin wire and then covered them with soft, sweater-like black material so that it would cover up the skinniness of the wire. Next, the body and face were also covered in fabric, gray and black. I hot-glued everything onto the helmet, which took a really long time and a lot of balance, and then created little blobs of hot glue that I painted red for the spider's eyes. When I was finished, I took some spiderweb decorations from a department store and draped it all around the spider's legs and base.

For this project, I kind of wanted to make something creepy and big. When I heard that veils were an option, I immediately thought of a web-like veil hanging from a spider's legs in a spooky way. The veil didn't really come out the way I expected it to in the end, because there isn't one, but I do like the end product. I think that it's kind of funny that my first thought was to make a spider and I carried out with the idea because I actually am terrified of spiders and they are my worst fear. It's almost like a face-your-fear project without me actually having to face a real spider.