Hand Sculpture

The purpose of this project was to create a sculpture with our hands that addressed a social and/or political topic. This had to be done with plaster casts of our own hands to represent our topic, and then had to be a 3D sculpture with 3D aspects and materials. My subject was essentially pollution and how humans affect the earth.

To make this project, I first began with the algenate and stuck my hands inside the mixed substance and let it dry, then pulled my hands back out. Next I filled the mold with plaster and then let it dry, and then removed my plaster hands from the algenate. After a lot of contemplation and struggles with figuring out how my hands were going to be suspended, I decided to suspend them on a plaque so that they could both be securely glued onto the board and then would stick out significantly from the wall which plays into my message. I used polymer clay to make all of the figurines and heads, and a mold to create all of the heads. This section took quite a long time to do, as I had to mold everything and then bake it and then paint it all, but it was worth it in the end. I used real trash to add to the ocean side of the piece to really represent the trash and how it affects our world.

I really like how the end product of my project came out. The left half is supposed to represent the ocean, with the trash from the humans covering it and its animals, and the blue hand that is part of the ocean is reaching out for help, with the animals that need the helping. The left side represents the humans and can be displayed two ways and represent two different messages. The human hand is holding a piece of trash on top of the ocean. Either the group of people are adding all of this trash to the ocean, or they are taking it away from the ocean in an attempt at conservation. I like how my piece can have almost two messages, both negative and positive, to show the negative and positive effects that humans have on the environment.