This is the WatchamaDRAWit project. The objective of this project was to create a drawing with a prompt from the game WhatchamaDRAWit. I was allowed to pick two prompts but I only chose one of them. My drawing was made with the prompt "Create a cereal box for the new cereal Rock Scissors Paper", and that is what I did. To make this project, I used cut pieces of construction paper to make a layered cartoon effect. For the actual cereal bowl at the bottom right of the project, I decided to avoid cutting out really small pieces of paper and instead sued colored pencils. I tried to contrast the colors, with dark blue outlines for the words and bowl sine I would have so much white lettering and the white for the milk. I also tried to fill in the space so no area was too concentrated or missing much.

I started this project with making a quick sketch of what I wanted the cereal box to move like, and then moving on from there. I didn't want to draw it out mostly because I didn't want to have uneven colors when I used colored pencils. I figured the easiest way to create smooth color would be to use cut construction paper.

The meaning behind this piece was to just make something random from a prompt. It was a sketching exercise, and I really enjoyed it. If I could change something from this project, I would probably make the cereal in the bottom right better/fit in better with the rest of the cereal box because I didn't burnish very well. I would also make sure that the little paper caricature isn't as see-through.