Independent Roll

Anna Labbe

Monday Night

January 14, 2019

For this project, the assignment was to complete and develop a roll of film, independently. The cool thing about this assignment was that it could be focused on anything we wanted, because it was independent and we could take pictures of whatever we wanted. I mean, usually we get to take pictures of whatever we want, but this one had no guidelines or anything! I was excited for this project because while I was a little busy at the time so I didn't get necessarily the quality of location of pictures that I wanted, I could still explore with odd angles and subjects. A lot of my pictures are of New Hampshire mountains too (again) because we visited my Pepere in New Hampshire again, and I didn't get super awesome mountain pictures last time, so I wanted to correct that! I also took a lot of pictures in my house, of our fridge and cats, and also outside in our woods with my dad, which was super fun because he really likes photography too.

I think this was the first time I didn't have a pretty major problem developing in the dark room either! The process went by really fast for me which was cool, because that means that I definitely learned how to use the equipment around me and process images faster. However, I do think my final enlarged image (which I took inside of my fridge) is a little gray, and I could've definitely exposed it longer. I really liked this image in particular because I took it on Monday night, right after I got home late from New Hampshire and doing homework in the car, and the leftovers of the Chinese takeout in the fluorescent lighting of the fridge in the pitch black of my kitchen really spoke to me spiritually. I felt like I was that tired, messy takeout waiting in the fridge. It was a Monday vibe.