Gelatin Prints

The point of this project was to practice printing in a non-traditional, more unique d done printing before with printing presses and ink, but to get the texture of objects and substances in our prints we used gelatin to get that exact detail. By doing this, we could experience a different way of printing and possibly see which one we liked better.

For this project, we had to use blocks of gelatin and rollers. First, we rolled a small amount of ink onto the gelatin block so that the ink could capture the texture of whatever object we placed on it. Then, we had a variety of objects to choose from including bubble wrap, leaves, netting and stencils to choose from. I picked a variety of different objects, and decided on using leaves and stencils as my favorite ones that made the final cut.

I used the objects I did because I really liked the textures that they provided. When I used the leaves, I liked how they left behind veins and specific shapes. I also used my hand because the gelatin captured every detail of my hand. On the hand-manipulated project, I decided to do some mandala designs because the print itself was very black, and I couldn't think of a colorful design to fit the print. I ultimately decided on using a colorful design that was fun to draw for me.