Artist Research

For me, this project was very fun and interesting. The objective was to research an artist we had been assigned (in my case Gustav Klimt) and create a piece inspired by certain aspects of their art. This project definitely made me appreciate this certain artist's work more. I feel like when I learn about the background of an artist and how they work, the artwork instantly becomes more interesting for me and I feel more of a connection in it. This doesn't only apply to painters and paintings, but also musicians and the stories behind their lyrics and such.

I really enjoyed creating this piece. Paint is my favorite thing to work with, and I was glad that I had been assigned Gustav Klimt who mostly worked with paints. For this project, I chose to work with acrylic paints and small paintbrushes. To create the dandelion field in the book, I took a very small paintbrush, creating different shades of each color, and made very small strokes with each color to make it look as though the sky and field were not one solid color. Luckily, to do the swirls, I had gold acrylic paint. For these, I simply painted large swirls and then incorporated some Gustav-inspired designs into each swirl.

As mentioned before, this project was very fun for me. The whole piece represents something that happens to me a lot of the time. The book in the middle of the painting (with the dandelion field) represents the landscape pieces Gustav used to create and shows how he started as an artist. The gold swirls represent how Gustav Klimt branched out and eventually tried out new things, finding the gold leaf work that he did more interesting and exciting because he got to move on to do paintings and pieces that he wanted to do instead of commissions. In a more modern way, comparing the piece to me, the piece represents the inspiration process. To me, I look and learn about an artist in a book or website, and I get inspired. The gold swirls represent my inspiration.