Election Response

The objective of this project was to generate our response to the election through art, choosing any topic and/or issue we wanted to discuss. Post-Election there are a lot of feelings and struggles, and there are lots of different opinions and responses. Using propaganda throughout history as a reference, we could create our own political poster regarding the questions "Dear Mr. President, please...". My response to this prompt was "please enforce equality for all." I think that this is a very popular and important political, controversial topic in America right now. The project could be with any material, as long as it was 2D.

My original idea for my piece was a lot different than the one I actually ended up doing. Before, my design featured a variety of different actual people, like little stick figures or a simplistic drawing. Then I decided that that wasn't exactly what I wanted. I wanted something that was a little more engaging and realistic. Also, I wanted to represent actual hands that show how similar we are as people, yet different at the same time. To do this project I used a very large and long piece of paper so that I would be able to fit a bunch of hands on it, opposed to just three or four hands on a regular sized sheet of paper. Then, using water color paint because it was the easiest to wash off, I painted my hands the color, or colors, that I wanted and then randomly placed my hands on the sheet of paper, leaving more white space in the middle for the words to pop out more. I also used my sister's hand a couple of times for a little variety.

I like to think that my purpose and meaning behind this were pretty obvious. One of the major and controversial problems in the country is the mistreatment of people of different genders, races, sexual orientations, etc. I wanted to create something that would be effective in getting this point across. I tried to make hand prints of varying skin tones, however, I ran out of pale flesh-tone paint early on, so many of them are darker, which is still okay. Gender isn't exactly represented, but it also kind of is if you think about any of those hands representing any gender. I also wanted to represent the LGBTQ+ community, so I added two of the broader and most well-known flags, the gay pride flag and the transgender flag.