Coloring Book

The objective of this project was to create a black and white coloring book page for the class coloring books of Freeport High School for charity. Everyone created a coloring book page to be a part of the coloring book.

For this project, I first started by outlining a dinosaur in pencil. Then, using the outline as my guide, I created a design within the dinosaur. I then went over the design in the dinosaur with a black Sharpie pen, but not the border of it. The dinosaur was finished, but I thought it should have a little more, so I created a sort of halo around it with a henna-type design and created a small henna design on the back of the dinosaur.

For me this project was pretty simple. At first I had no idea what I was going to do for the coloring page, but then I thought of what I liked to color when I was younger. I really used to like coloring books with animals in them, and I actually still have one of my Jumbo coloring books with all dinosaur pictures. That inspired my to make a dinosaur drawing, but with more of my interests now, like intricate designs and henna-type style (which I think is really cool).