The objective of this assignment was to create a pure-contour drawing of another pair of shoes (for pure-contour, see Pure Contour page). Using a view finder, I had to find an interesting angle and position to draw a pair of shoes that were important to me. The other portion of this assignment was to also create a pure contour background that represented and area important to us as well.

Using a view finder, I sketched four different drawings of the shoes at different angles. Then, I took my favorite position and using a pencil, did an enlarged rough sketch of said position on a large piece of paper. I then determined the important lines of my shoes and applied value and line-width where the lines where closer to me and more bold. Finally, I created a background using pure contour, showing the perspective of the background through the shoes using proportion.

My project was mainly based off of my love for softball. I chose my pair of softball cleats not only because softball is my favorite sport, but also because they created interesting lines and negative space with the bottoms and designs on the sides. The background of my drawing is the view that I have from first base of the softball field. The cleats are placed on top of the base and in the background one can see the home base and lines separating the grass and dirt. First base is my favorite position to play in softball. Since it involves a lot of catching and moving, it's my favorite base and the thing that I am the best at. While playing at first base, I always feel powerful and in control, and I feel like I am in a zone where I am invincible. It's a special feeling that I felt applied to this project very well in my perspective.