Anna Labbe


APRIL 27, 2018

This is my nameplate that I've created for the Art Show. The task was to create a plate out of clay and carve a design into it with our name that we can put up with our artwork for the art show. We did this using the Sgraffito process, which is when you form the shape that you want out of clay, let it dry out, paint it with two coats of underglaze (in my case I used black), let that dry, carve into the underglaze with a tool, and then bake it and then gloss it. Going with my concentration and theme of my artwork at the show, I decided to make my nameplate in the shape of a dinosaur footprint. I then decided to carve my name in in a bone-shaped font, and then add some dinosaur fossil shapes around it to enforce my theme. One problem I had with this nameplate was that I struggled for awhile on what to decorate my plate with, but then I was reminded of my Donate Life project was and that helped me come up with a font and idea to decorate the nameplate.