Color Wheel

The objective of these projects were to start studying and understanding colors and how to mix them. The first project, the one on the bottom, was a practice to begin using tints and shades of colors. The top project is a unique color wheel using 84 different colors from the color wheel which also helped in understanding how to make colors lighter and darker and on how to make secondary and tertiary colors.

To make these projects I used acrylic paint on canvas. To mix the colors, I first began with primary and added varying amounts of white and black to make shades and tints. Then I proceeded to mix primary colors to create secondary and tertiary colors which I also then created shades and tints of. To make sure the colors were solid, I had to do several layers of the colors so that there would be no brush strokes. The second project was more student-directed, I was allowed to put my own twist on it and use a different style on the pieces that were not the color wheel. I painted the paper to look like an old piece of parchment paper. I also used Sharpie to draw the black lines of the sheet music.

For the first project, I was inspired to use my favorite colors. Yellow is my favorite color in the world, and I wanted to see how many different yellows I could make. The same goes for the orange because I also had to do a value chart of a secondary color. With the second project, more inspiration came into play. I was struggling with coming up with an idea that I could use with 84 different colors, but then when I was in band looking at a piece of sheet music I thought that it would be interesting if all of the notes were colored instead of just black and white. I then proceeded to use a piece of sheet music from one of my favorite songs-"Hedwig's Theme" from Harry Potter. It had just the right amount of notes and I think the colorful scheme fit well with the composition of the piece.