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Why You Should Join Our Club

You have made the decision to learn more about how either you or someone you know can personally get involved with the sport of shooting.

Welcome to the family.

In addition to learning the safety procedures for safe shooting, there are many ways to get started in the sport. Below are four oversimplified steps to getting active.

We host matches for shooters of all ages and have open shooting times for those interested.

Youth and adults alike can shoot in sanctioned matches for their respective shooting category

Practice, practice, practice and stick with it. Many people start a sport, but do not commit to it. As you continue to practice you will continue to see improvement. Just remember, it takes time to learn your best techniques and your favorite equipment.

Once you become acquainted with the sport of shooting take the next step and get involved. Compete. Shoot in local, regional or even national contests.

We are one of the1,000 shooting clubs and associations affiliated with CMP. The Civilian Marksmanship Program  that continues to administer the historic Excellence-in-Competition program and to sponsor the National Trophy Matches, which include the President’s Rifle and Pistol Matches, fired with Service Rifles (such as the AR-15) and Service Pistols. Congress has directed the Corporation to give priority to programs that reach as many young Americans as possible.

And one of the 7,000 shooting clubs and associations affiliated with the National Rifle Association.The NRA sanctions over 10,000 shooting tournaments and sponsors over 50 national championships each year.

What's the Best About Our Club?

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