TM4T Step by Step

Now, there are two sections of practical advice on the TM4T website, and we want to be sure that you're in the right place.

The other section, TM4T Techniques (which is here) lists practical techniques, grouped by the TM4T principles which they apply. So, that section is practical, but it's linked to theory and it's conceptually cohesive. You can pick and choose from that section based on your interests and needs.

This set of pages - TM4T Step by Step - tells you in sequential order what to do in setting up and operating your TM4T system. No theory and very little explanation (though I've provided a few links). The key thing about this section is that it is prescriptive - it tells you unequivocally what to do. So we need a little health warning first:

Health Warning

Far too much advice to teachers is of the 'it's really up to you' variety: 'each teacher must find their own best way of working' etc. This is fine, but not really helpful. TM4T therefore chooses the opposite approach. Assuming a typical secondary school, it bludgeons through a teacher's non-teaching life and dictates to you how to plan, how to do administration tasks, and generally keep yourself organised. This will not work, though, for every teacher in every school. The method may be expressed as instructions, but it is really advice. Of course, you must tailor this advice to your own circumstances, miss bits out if they're not needed, add your own ideas in if they work.There, that's done now, and we are not going to repeat it on every page; you'll just have to remember.

Here we go - The Method:

1. Setting Up Your TM4T System. Click Here.
2. Using TM4T after you have set it up. Click Here.

... and, in an emergency - if OFSTED call, click here.

There is a list of download pages here (under development)