Time Management for Teachers

"What does time management involve? It's simply getting two things to correspond: the little things you do, and the big things you want. If the little things you do match up with the big things you want, then you will be one happy, productive teacher. You do, though, need to be very clear about the big things you want, and very careful about the little things you do"

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If you're looking for the TM4T Stress Armoury (Stress Management for Teachers), it's here.

TM4T - pronounced 'Time for Tea' - is a free-to-use set of methods and tools designed to help teachers deal with pressures of life inside and outside school

Time Management for Teachers involves getting the right things done by the right person in the right place at the right time

The Right Thing? This involves not thinking like a teacher - consider the efficiency of your methods and routines, not just the learning outcomes;
The Right Person? Mostly, that's you. This means understanding your own mindset and chronotypes and tailoring your work-pattern accordingly, being the best-possible-you;
The Right Place? This involves doing office work like an office worker - efficiently;
The Right Time? This involves planning and preparation.

These four elements - what we do, where we do it, when we do it and how we do it - underpin our entire TM4T method.

Secondary school teachers in England and Wales typically work more than fifty hours per week, yet spend only half of that time teaching students in a classroom.

If you are an overworked teacher this website will literally find you the time to teach – by enabling you to plan and maximise your non-teaching time. It will help you to reduce stress, take control of your life and enjoy your teaching more; it will help you to be an effective part of the school team, and to understand and contribute to the wider running of the school.

This website explains how to apply Time Management principles in Teaching and prepares new teachers - especially PGCE students and NQTs -for their administrative workload. It offers clear step-by-step instructions on how to minimise the stress that comes with a challenging workload, and how to complete non-teaching work quickly, easily and effectively.


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