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TM4T Disclaimers

First disclaimer: Stress and Health

Neither of the authors of this website has any medical qualifications. This website is about Time Management for Teachers. Facts and proposals about Stress and Health are provided for general information, personal evaluation, and discussion, and should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of a health care professional. In particular, you should not use the material on this site to diagnose or treat any medical condition - talk to your General Practitioner instead.

Second disclaimer: Education

This is a website about time management in teaching, and the emphasis is unequivocally on time management. There are lots of example of lessons, of assessments, of teaching resources etc, but they are just examples - the are not intended to represent pedagogic excellence. In fact, to the contrary, most examples are representative of what can reasonably be expected of a teacher who is in a rush and struggling to cope.


Oh, and of course, we are TOTALLY responsible for the content on external linked websites, in fact even websites we don't link to, in fact just about everything is our fault. So sue us, no don't bother, just let us know and we'll send you all our money. This bit is facetious, by the way.


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