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TM4T vs FT2T

OK, if you're like: 'TM4T'? WTF? and 'FT2T'  FFS??**!!!, then this page is for you.

TM4T (prononounced 'Time for Tea') is a Time Management system for teachers; it is very comprehensive, dealing with personal organisation, personal awareness, efficient methods and lifestyle, as well as planning.

TM4T focuses on the non-teaching part of a teacher's life, but in one particular area - planning - it clearly overlaps with teaching itself. Lesson planning - in its broadest sense of "planning learning" - occupies a great wodge of teacher's time, and cannot be ignored.

In order to keep TM4T entirely independent of a teacher's chosen pedagogy, classroom style and, well, 'teaching', we have hived off the lesson planning portion of time management into a separate method called FT2T: Finding Time to Teach (sometimes pronounced 'After Tea'). This is a lesson planning method which aims at efficiency above all else.

FT2T  won't be suitable for every teacher (tricky to use PowerPoint on the Games field) but it has some interesting wrinkles for everyone.
The benefit of this approach is that TM4T itself can work for just about everyone.

FT2T is here