Past Readings

The following is a complete list of past readings. Occasionally we’ve had extra events in addition to our monthly readings on the usual third Thursday of the month. Click the names of featured readers to see their photos and bios.
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Peter Pereira reads on July 19, 2007.



July 18                                                   Jeannine Hall Gailey and Annette Spaulding-Convy

August 15 (Tuesday)                             Elizabeth Austen and Christine Deavel

September 21                                     Shannon Borg and John Kistner

October 4 (Wednesday)                       C. R. Manley, Carlos Martinez, Tatyana Mishel, and

                                                              Michael Dylan Welch (bonus reading, for Pontoon #9)

October 10 (Tuesday)                          Jack and Adelle Foley

October 19                                          Susan Rich and Kathleen Flenniken

November 16                                      Paul E. Nelson and Charles Potts

December 14 (2nd Thursday)              Reading cancelled due to snow storm.




January 18                                           Holly Thomas and Joannie Kervran Stangeland

February 15                                        Jenifer Browne Lawrence and Dan Peters

March 15                                             Chris Jarmick and Jack McCarthy

April 19                                                Madeline DeFrees and Thomas Aslin

May 17                                                 Rebecca Loudon and Susan Butler

June 21                                                 J. W. Marshall and Paul Hunter

July 19                                                  Peter Pereira and Nancy Pagh

August 16                                            Oliver de la Paz and Rick Barot

September 20                                    Kelli Russell Agodon and Ann Batchelor Hursey

October 18                                          Shin Yu Pai and John (Maroon) Chinworth

November 15                                     Denise Calvetti Michaels and Suma Subramaniam

December 13 (2nd Thursday)             Judith Skillman and Janee Baugher




January 17                                           Terry Martin and Jim Bodeen

February 21                                        Carol Levin and Victoria Ford

March 20                                             Michael Schein and Marion Kimes

April 17                                                Jared Leising and Martha Clarkson

May 15                                                 Lois P. Jones and Peter Ludwin

June 19                                                Linda Thompson and Rick Smith

July 17                                                  Cody Walker and Molly Tenenbaum

August 21                                            Janet Norman Knox and John Davis

September 18                                    James Bertolino and Anita K. Boyle

October 16                                         Ann Spiers and Robert McNamara

November 20                                     Jim Teeters and Dawn-Marie Oliver

December 11 (2nd Thursday)             Julene Tripp Weaver and Deborah Woodard




January 15                                          Ronda Broatch and Herb McClees

February 19                                        Samuel Green and Kim-An Lieberman

March 19                                             A. K. "Mimi" Allin and Vanessa DeWolf

April 16                                                David Rizzi and Nashira Priester

May 21                                                 Ce Rosenow and Laura Winter

June 11 (bonus reading)                          Michael C. Ford and friends: Jim Bertolino, Anita Boyle,
                                                               singer-songwriter Michael Garner, Chris Jarmick,
                                                               Jack McCarthy, and Joanie Stangeland

June 18                                                 Ruth Yarrow and Mike Yarrow

June 28 (Sunday, 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.)            THREE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY SOULFOOD POETRY PARTY

                                                               featuring Band of Poets and past featured readers!

July 9 (bonus reading)                               WE ARE theUnREAL

July 16                                                   Lorraine Ferra and Holly Hughes

August 20                                             Robert Lashley and Malcolm Kenyon

September 17                                      Marjorie Rommel and R. D. Shadowbyrd

October 15                                           Bob Redmond and Arthur Tulee, with special guest Penny Harter

November 19                                       Marjorie Manwaring and Dennis Caswell

December 10 (2nd Thursday)                Jeff Lair and Matthew Allen




January 28 (4th Thursday)                      Rebecca Meredith and Trisha Ready

February 18                                        David Horowitz and Donald Kentop

March 18                                            Rachel Dilworth and Laura Hirschfield

April 15                                               Amy Schrader and Trina Burke

May 27 (4th Thursday)                           Gerald McBreen and Jim Meyer [Jim was unable to attend]

June 17                                               Robinson Bolkum and Vanessa Pepoy

July 15                                                 Michael Daley and Bill Ransom

August 19                                            Michael Magee and Jean Musser

September 16                                     Erin Malone and Rebecca Hoogs

October 21                                          Allen Braden and Kevin Miller

November 18                                      Jody Zorgdrager and Anne Doe Overstreet

December 16                                      Brendan McBreen and Lisa D. Schmidt




January 20                                           Karen Finneyfrock and Matt Gano

February 17                                         Tom C. Hunley and Martha Silano [Martha was unable to attend]

March 17                                             Nicole Hardy and Arlene Kim

April 21                                                Sharmagne Leland-St. John and Ellaraine Lockie

May 19                                                 Lori Desrosiers and Jon E. Seaman

June 16                                                 Belle Randall and Anita K. Boyle

July 21                                                  Tanya McDonald and Dejah Léger FIFTH ANNIVERSARY!

August 18                                            Christopher Herold and Mike O’Connor

September 15                                     Roberto Ascalon and Clare Lilliston

October 20                                          Lorraine Healy and Paul Fisher

November 17                                      Susan Casey and Johnny Horton

December 15                                      Carolyne Wright and Mary Eliza Crane




January 19                                           Reading cancelled due to snow storm

February 16                                         Jeannine Hall Gailey and Martha Silano

March 15                                             Jane Alynn and Connie Walle

April 19                                                Kevin Craft and Kary Wayson

May 17                                                Vinnie Kinsella and Kay Tracy

June 21                                                Kelly Davio and Tanya Chernov

July 19                                                 Amy McClellan and Scot Siegel SIXTH ANNIVERSARY!

                                                            [Scot was unable to attend]

August 16                                            John Burgess and Sergey Feldman

September 20                                     Christine Swanberg and Penelope Scambly Schott

October 18                                         Rick Clark and Doug Cole

November 15                                     Judith Roche and Lyn Coffin

December 20                                     Raul Sanchez and Angel Latterell




January 17                                           Kathleen Flenniken and Tim Kelly

February 21                                         William Scott Galasso and Nancy Dahlberg

March 21                                             Cathy Ross and Nan Harty

April 18                                                Faith Allington and AJ Lyndemere

May 22                                                Ron Starr and Marjorie Manwaring  [note special Wednesday date instead of May 16]

June 20                                                Joan Swift and Esther Altshul Helfgott

July 18                                                 Terry Persun and Nicole J. Persun — SEVENTH ANNIVERSARY READING!

August 8 (2nd Thursday)                        Elizabeth Myhr and Christopher J. Jarmick  [note that this is one week earlier than usual]

September 19                                     Anastacia Tolbert and Daemond Arrindell

October 17                                          Molly Tenenbaum and T. Clear

November 21                                      Janée J. Baugher and Ann Spiers

December 12 (2nd Thursday)                 Shin Yu Pai and Gerry McFarland



January 16                                           Jennifer Bullis and Bethany Reid

February 20                                         Jorge Enrique González Pacheco

March 20                                             Terry Ann Carter and Carole MacRury [Terry Ann was unable to attend]

April 17                                                Haiku Northwest, from 25th Anniversary Anthology No Longer Strangers, for National Haiku Poetry Day (readers were Terran Campbell, Seren Fargo, Ida Freilinger, William Scott Galasso, Connie Hutchison, Wini Jaeger, Dejah Léger, Roy Kindelberger, C. R. Manley, Tanya McDonald, Marilyn Sandall, Michelle Schaefer, Carmen Sterba, Judt Shrode, Angela Terry, Michael Dylan Welch, and Stuart Zobel)

May 15                                                 Leonard Orr and Joannie Stangeland

June 19                                                 Jason Zions and Allan Rousselle

July 17                                                  Karen Bonaudi and Gayle Kaune — EIGHTH ANNIVERSARY READING!

August 21                                            Dan Peters and Terry Martin

September 18                                      Laura LeHew and Roy R. Seitz

October 30 (5th Thursday)                     Michael Spence and Judith Skillman — OUR 100th OFFICIAL READING!

November 20                                       Jourdan Keith and Felicia Gonzalez

December 18                                       Jill McCabe Johnson and Tina Schumann




January 15                                           Anne McDuffie and Michael Schmeltzer

February 19                                         Roberto Ascalon and Ellie Rogers

March 19                                             Tina Schumann and Ann Batchelor Hursey

April 16                                                Lucas Smiraldo and Elijah Muied

May 21                                                Larry Crist and Christine Clarke

June 18                                                Jed Myers and Alina Rios

July 16                                                 Peggy Barnett and Terry Busch — NINTH ANNIVERSARY READING!

August 20                                            Dianne Aprile and Ann Teplick

September 17                                      Michael G. Hickey and Kathleen Flenniken

October 8                                            Carol Levin and Annette Spaulding-Convy

November 19                                       J. I. Kleinberg and Luther Allen

December 17                                       Sean Bentley and Emily Warn



January 21                                           Brandon Pitts and Robert Lashley

February 18                                         Sheila Sondik and Caitlin Thomson

March 17                                             Marty Steyer and Will Wells

April 21                                                Duane Kirby Jensen and Michael Alden

May 12 (one week early)                         Stephen Roxborough and J. M. Swann

June 16                                                Postponed

July 21                                                 Redmond Association of Spokenword — TENTH ANNIVERSARY READING!

August 18                                            Shin Yu Pai and David Francis

September 15                                      Amy MacLennan and Ronda Broatch, with artist Beverly Ash Gilbert  [Ronda was unable to attend]

October 20                                          Striped Water Poets

November 17                                      Michael Dylan Welch and Tanya McDonald

December 15                                      Duvall Poetry



January 19                                           Angled Road Poets

February 16                                         Immigrants Wanted—Mideast Poets

March 16                                             Raven Chronicles

April 20                                                 Two Sylvias Press

May 18                                                 Rose Alley Press

June 15                                                 Floating Bridge Press

July 20                                                   Northwest Institute of Literary Arts Poetry Alums — ELEVENTH ANNIVERSARY READING!

August 17                                             Five Willows Literary Review

September 21                                      PoetsWest

October 19                                           Cascadia College

November 16                                       Tod Marshall (Washington State poet laureate) and Megan Snyder-Camp

December 21                                       Red Book Poetry Community



January 18                                           Haiku Northwest

February 15                                         Nasty Women Poets Anthology

March 15                                             Ice Cream Poems Anthology

April 19                                                Band of Poets

May 17                                                 Olympia Poetry Network

June 21                                                 Joannie Stangeland and Terry Martin

July 19                                                  Margaret Chula and Terry Ann Carter — TWELFTH ANNIVERSARY READING!

August 16                                             Shake the Tree Anthology

September 20 [may be rescheduled to a week earlier]

October 18 [may be rescheduled to a week earlier or later]

November 15

December 20



January 17                                            OUR 150th OFFICIAL READING!