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July 9, 2009

we are theUnreal has toured the U.S.
since November of 2008 . . .

they are

Barakanoel Mumbles, Samul Sax,
the Dunce Apprentice & Dusty Rose

and they are crazy.

"Do the very fate of humanity a favor. And check them out."

we are theUnreal has wrecked slams from Chicago's Green Mill to Orlando, Florida

they have 10 albums and a book

no prices on their merchandise
it's all donation-ish

check them out on
pop rocks in your mouth. a quiet orgy.
samul. mumbles. dust. a dunce apprentice.
your bathtub. your whiskey pump.

the tuba you keep locked in your chest.
you don't want to miss it
                                       cuz we're going back to berkeley.

we are theUnreal:
                            poets  emcees  stand ups  and  controlled chaos
cooking up crazy delicious schemes desserts and games
blending semi traditional slam with avant garde style poetry theater

on a nine-month tour across the U.S. and Canada and we're coming to Redmond