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Jan 22
Have Fun in Seattle ‏@HaveFunSeattle tweeted:
Don't miss Nobuyuki Tsujii Plays Debussy and Chopin at @benaroyahall #seattle - -

 @seattlesymphony Nobuyuki Tsujii graces front cover of January program of the Seattle Symphony -tweet

And the symphony replied: @mlliu2006 We're thrilled he's gracing our stage twice this week, too!

辻井伸行さんのチケットの売れ方は凄まじいと思います。クラシックのコンサートとは思えない売れ方。会場販売のチケットは即完売。早々にして望み薄だと感 じたくらいです。キャンセル待ちも無いという。つまり聴きに来る方も少し違うということ。それだけの人を動かすのだから、やっぱり凄いのだと。 I think  how Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii is selling tickets is tremendous.  I don't think that classic concerts are selling. But that his tickets are sold out now gives me some early hope.  There is no waiting list.  The fact is, the people who come to listen to him are a little different.  Becuase people are just moved by his music, and know it is amazing.

Jan 21
 Nobuyuki Tsujii Recital -- Cannot buy tickets
Recital of Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii will be held in  spring
Since last year and I have been looking forward to today but was standing in line before 10:00;  sold out after 3 minutes;  sold out everywhere.  .. Post #647 on a gamers' board - posted by a Canadian:
The concert I saw yesterday was an irreplaceable jewel of experience for my treasure box. I was seated on stage across from the performer at the back of the piano, situated perfectly to see his face and the movement of the hammers. He gave four pieces by Debussy, four by Chopin, and one of his own.
To see the shameless rapture on his face and hear his frenzied sibilant breathing as he thundered forth flawless music with such a range of power and tenderness was sublime. I also got to shake his hand and say hello afterwards; he was sweet and soft-spoken with a small, cool, smooth hand like a petal.
Here is his playing from several years ago,,  the wonderful Nobuyuki Tsujii, who was born blind and learns to play by ear alone.
I think my favourite thing he did was to stay leaned forwards over the keys after finishing a piece, letting the silence linger for several moments before standing to bow. One thing I hate at performances is when people rush to applaud the SECOND the last note is played, leaving no time to fully digest its finality

Jan 20
A Winnipeg tweeter wrote: Great performances by the @WpgSymphony Friday night especially Nobuyuki Tsujii with his Prokofiev's Piano Concerto No.3 #standingovation

今 から辻井伸行さんのコンサートです。会場満員!辻井さんはやはり世界的に有名なんですね(^ ^)楽しみ!From now Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii 's concert. Packed venue! Mr. Tsujii is world famous.  Fun (^ ^)!  -tweet  by Winnipeg twitter

ウイニペグ、カナダでの辻井伸行さんのリサイタル: 「 辻井さんのピアノ、感動しすぎてめっちゃ泣いてもた。スタンディングオベーションで拍手も鳴りやまなかったよ!」  -tweet by same as above
辻井伸行 日本ツアー 2012/13《ドビュッシー&ショパン》...
TV Fukushima 50th Anniversary Concert
Nobuyuki Tsujii Japan Tour 2012/13  "Debussy & Chopin" ...

BEETHOVEN "Emperor" を聴いているにゅっと。辻井伸行さんの演奏はすごい。 …Nyutto listening to BEETHOVEN "Emperor". Nobuyuki Tsujii 's performance is amazing.   ...  -tweet

辻井伸行の最新アルバムを買った。これはもうすばらしいとしかいいようがない。 Nobuyuki Tsujii I bought the latest album. There is no need anymore to say that it is great.  -tweet

仕方がないのでyoutubeの辻井伸行聴いてがまんします(+o+) Since there is no way to listen to him live,  I will put up with watching him on YouTube. -tweet (with photo of snow scene outside a window)
2013-01-14 10:20
First Snow
While watching the snow pile up there. I did not get bored. Nobuyuki Tsujii's Chopin.  This year I think I will by  all means go to  listen to Nobuyuki Tsujii.

Jan 19
Meet the next great pianist 
WSO in top form as blind phenom visits
By: Gwenda Nemerofsky, Winnipeg Free Press ...

佐渡裕&BBC&辻井伸行のチケット、ものすごい勢いで完売・・・くそおおおおお! Yutaka Sado & BBC & Nobuyuki Tsujii Ooo oh sh-- ... tickets sold out, like crazy!  -tweet

辻井伸行さんの曲神!!!!! Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii is god of melody!!!  -tweet
Jan 18/19
今週末、辻井伸行さんがウィニペグに来てるとな。This weekend, Mr. Tsujii is coming to Winnipeg  -tweet

Looking forward to #NobuyukiTsujii's concert tonight with the #WSO. What a wonderful Christmas gift from some great friends.   -tweet

Eテレで録画してた辻井伸行さんの番組をみてるなう。音色が美しいのは心が美しいからだと思う。私が優しく弾けないのは優しさが足りないからだと気付い た。l watched the E-Tele Nobuyuki Tsujii's programs that have been recorded. I think the sound is beautiful because the mind is beautiful
He is full of gentle kindness.  -tweet

Ryo Kubota,  CEO,  MD, PhD ‏@DrRyo tweeted:
Acucela is proud to sponsor pianist “Nobu” Tsujii who will perform Jan. 22 @SeattleSymphony.:

Jan 18 <article in Seattle Times, Arts section, By Tom Keogh>
Nobuyuki Tsujii to play in Seattle recital, ‘Celebrate Asia’
Pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii, a 2009 Van Cliburn gold medalist and a superstar in his native Japan, performs Jan. 22 with Seattle Symphony and in the Jan. 27, 2013, “Celebrate Asia” program... <The last paragraph, about Nobu performing on the Ishinomake Piano salvaged from the tsunami, is quite moving - copied below>
Q: In December 2011, you played a grand piano — part of your benefit work for earthquake victims — that was restored after being damaged in Japan’s quake earlier that year.
A: In March (2011), the eastern part of Japan was hit by a huge earthquake, and coasts were seriously damaged by a gigantic tsunami. In May, I met students from a devastated area. A young girl said her house had been washed away and she had lost her piano. It was shocking and heartbreaking. I imagined that one day, if I lost my piano, I would feel as if I’d lost my life.
Since then, I’ve wished to help and use music to soothe the pain and sorrow of those who lost family, friends, a lover, or other important parts of their lives. In December, I was given an opportunity to play this restored piano that had been totally washed out by the tsunami.
It was carefully and patiently restored, though it was not at the standard of a normal concert grand. But when I played it, I felt as if the piano was telling me stories about its own painful experience. The piano had survived, but, probably, he may have lost his partner, the person who had shared the joy of making music together. And there were many other pianos who lost their partners, and many people who lost their pianos. I felt the piano was moaning and grieving. Yet, those who had survived, including the piano, have the future to live. It was a deeply emotional experience. <This edited version of an article written by me appeared in the Northwestern Asian Weekly - the headline is not mine; I object to the word 'Blind' in it.>
Blind Japanese Pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii to perform in Seattle ...

Winnipeg Symphony ‏@WpgSymphony tweeted:
Today's WFP <Winnipeg Free Press> Gwenda Nemerofsky's story: Award-winning blind pianist with, WSO Nobuyuki Tsujii performs Prokofiev's Piano Concerto No.3 Fri&Sat  <The article is not currently online - I will keep an eye on this page>

辻井伸行氏@シアトル.RT @DrRyo: Acucela is proud to sponsor pianist “Nobu” Tsujii who will perform Jan. 22 @SeattleSymphony.:  -tweet

email from Seattle Symphony Orchestra:   
Thank you for purchasing tickets to
Nobuyuki Tsujii
Plays Debussy and Chopin
Tuesday, January 22, at 7:30pm
We recommend arriving at least 30 minutes before the performance to allow for the greatest comfort, and for time to review your program before the concert begins. Late seating only happens at appropriate pauses in the performance.
For more information about this concert, please click here.

Jan 17
IMG Artists New York ‏@IMGArtistsNY tweeted: Winnipeg, MB: Van Cliburn Gold Winner #Nobuyuki Tsujii performs with Virtousi Chamber Music series. Check him out on 1/20! cc:@NobuTsujiiFan

Tweeted by the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra: WSO/Virtuosi Concerts/ presents free screening of PBS film "A Surprise in Texas" 2day 7pm Eckhardt-Gramatté Hall UofW pretalk w/Nobu

Posted today on the facebook page of Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra
Blind since birth, Nobuyuki Tsujii, who performs this Friday and Saturday with the WSO, shared First Prize at the 2009 Van Cliburn International Piano Competition, was featured in the acclaimed PBS film "A Surprise in Texas" and debuted in November 2011 at Carnegie Hall.

The WSO and Virtuosi Concerts Inc, along with the Arts and Disability Network Manitoba ( is proud to present a free screening of the 90 minute PBS documentary today, Thursday, January 17th at 7:00 pm at Eckhardt-Gramatté Hall at the University of Winnipeg.

Nobu will appear with music director Alexander Mickelthwate before the screening to talk about preparing for the upcoming concerts with the WSO. A reception will follow hosted by the Canadian Japanese Cultural Centre in the area outside the Eckhardt-Gramatté Hall. Limited seating available.
Sunday, January 19, 2014 at 8:00 PM  Alexander W. Dreyfoos, Jr. Concert Hall
Kravis Center  <Palm Beach, Florida> Presents
in Florida on January 19, 2014.
Program Includes:
Beethoven / Coriolan Overture, Op. 62
Beethoven / Symphony No. 2 in D, Op. 36
Beethoven / Piano Concerto No. 5 in E-flat, Op. 73 (“Emperor”)

せっかく神戸にいるのだから佐渡裕さん率いる文化センター管弦楽団の定演を久しぶりに,もうほんと火の鳥以来久しぶりに聞こうと思って探してたら4月にな んと!佐渡裕とBBCフィル!しかもラフマニノフ2番!さらにピアノが辻井伸行!即買い!と思いきや完売\(^^)/さすがRachmaninoff  with Yutaka Sado conducting andBBC Phil!  Whopping April Kobe performance for the first time in a long time for major orchestra led by Yutaka Sado.  Moreover, piano by Nobuyuki Tsujii .  I thought to buy tickets immediately! But already sold out.  -tweet

辻井伸行のチャイコフスキー紀行みたいな番組、消化中。予想に反して面白い!サンクトペテルブルクの白夜祭で辻井さんが演奏するからテレビがついて行った やつ。サンクトペテルブルク音楽院とかわー、わー(興奮中)でチャイコフスキーって本当良い音楽つくるなー!胸がキュンキュン(死語)する Watched Nobuyuki Tsujii - Tchaikovsky travelogue program. Unexpectedly interesting! Tsujii played in St. Petersburg's White Nights festival. Made good music at Tchaikovsky Conservatory in St. Petersburg ...  -tweet  <blog of a Japanese student at the University of Washington>
2013-01-16 16:52:54
リサイタルのチケットは取れなかったし、もともと授業があるからいけなかったんだけど、Celebrate Asiaっていうシアトル交響楽団の催しの一環として、チャイコフスキーのピアノ協奏曲第一番を演奏するやつのチケットが取れました。
やっぱり辻井さんすごいな ...
Nobuyuki Tsujii concert.
Wow, he is  coming to Seattle.
I did not get tickets for recital, because originally there was supposed to be a class,
As part of the extravaganza called the Seattle Symphony Celebrate Asia ... he will  play Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1.
New Year's Eve concert in a time of great difference, Recital tickets are sold out already to such about two weeks ago.
Mr. Tsujii is amazing too...

Jan 16 
Nice article! Nobuyuki Tsujii performs at the Lyric Theatre, Florida, U.S.A., on March 23, 2013 @ Lyric_Theatre  link to the article  -tweet

… さて、今日はこの感動と共に眠りにつきましょう。<Well, I'll go to sleep with the excitement for today.>  Nobuyuki Tsujii - Tears at the Carnegie Hall 2011    -tweet <This logger touches on a sentiment that I share: I have felt that Nobu's lack of English proficiency is a hindrance to his recognition in the world.>

... 先日の深夜、辻井伸行氏が日本人として初優勝した2009年米国・ヴァン・クライバーン国際ピアノコンクールのNHKドキュメンタリーを観た。私が興味を 持ったのは彼の天才的な技量ではない。彼が英語をほとんど喋れなかったのに優勝したことだ ...。I watched a documentary on NHK at midnight the other day.  2009 Van Cliburn International Piano Competition - Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii was the first Japanese winner. I was interested not in the genius of his workmanship, but that he won even though he spoke very little English ...

Seattle Symphony Orchestra tweeted
We stand in awe at the mad skills of pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii, blind since birth. Hear him live at Celebrate Asia 1/27!

17日12半:ピアニストは最初の一音にすべてをかけるといいますが 前回紹介した辻井伸行氏の動画 …での1:45秒での動作と終えた後の1:49秒の満足げな 顔が印象的です。 12:30 on the 17th: In this video  <辻井伸行 Nobuyuki Tsujii BEETHOVEN "Emperor" mv 2 ベートーヴェン 皇帝 Part 3 of 4, embedded in the tweeter's blog post> that I have previosuly introduced ,the pianist put everything in the first sound ... the expression of pleasure between time marks 1:45 and 1:49 is impressive. <In the blog post, the blogger -- a male account who loves classical music -- wrote 辻井伸行氏も、自分が好きな弾き方だと思いましたので選んでみました。Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii, I've chosen it <his video> because I thought this is how I myself would like to play it.> - tweet

ム ソグルスキー:展覧会の絵 #nowplaing 辻井伸行さんのやねんけど、イヤホンで聴いたら息遣い(鼻息じゃないと願う)めちゃ荒いwwww  Listening to Nobuyuki Tsujii's "Pictures at an Exhibition"  - I can hear his deep breathing in my headphones!  -tweet <concert promotional flyer>
部 京子 (ピアノ)
... 演奏活動の傍ら、上野学園大学教授(演奏家コース)も務め、門下からは辻井伸行などを輩出している。現在、日本を代表する実力派ピアニストとしてますます人気を集めている。
(Piano) Kyoko Tabe
... Beside performing in concerts, she also served as professor at Ueno Music College (Musicians' program), and  has produced disciples that include  Nobuyuki Tsujii, currently more and more popular as a talented pianist who represents Japan. ..

Jan 15
There is an interesting thread of question and answer on Japan's Yahoo:
On January 15, someone posted this question: 辻井伸行さんって、ほとんど日本でしかツアーしてないようですが、やっぱり話題先行で世界ではあまり通用しないのでしょうか?本当の世界に通用するプロな ら、逆に日本にあまり来れないでのは? Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii seems to tour in Japan only.  If he is the pianist of the world that he is said to be <in Japanese media>, then shouldn't the opposite be true <that he should be touring outside Japan more than in Japan>.  I posted a response, as did others.  Read the English translations in the Jan 15 entry at News from Japan

Posted  Jan 15, 12:33 PM  on "Giants in the Playground forum" by a Canadian
I have secured a ticket for Nobuyuki Tsujii on Sunday -- I'm seated on stage right beside the piano. I got into the office just in time to buy the absolute last seat.

Jan 14/15
ETV でやってたNHKアーカイブスの録画を観た。感涙。指揮者が「目でなんかより深いコンタクトがとれる」と言わしめた辻井伸行氏のピアノ。素晴らしかった。 I watched a recording of the NHK ETV Archives . Tears of gratitude.  Of Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii 's piano, the conductor said, "something deeper than the eyes can take contact."  It was great.  -tweet

あぁ… 辻井伸行のピアノが明日への活力になるー なんとステキなメロディなんだ~_~;  Piano of Nobuyuki Tsujii - a vitality for tomorrow and a nice melody.  -tweet

tweeted by JASG ‏@JASGeorgia:
The renowned sightless pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii is performing Tuesday March 19th at the UGA Performing Arts Center!, a blog post by a male rock musician 森友嵐士, who watched a rebroadcast of Nobu's Cliburn competition documentary, and wrote:  "I was very attracted. It sounds really strange , but I was glued to the sound of a soulful performer. It was pure music, through the sound of which he reaches the hearts of all."

Jan 14
<This paragraph appeared in an article that was published on the 12th; it made Yahoo headline in Japan, and was tweeted numerous times.>
… 辻井伸行さんへの質問
夕刊フジ 1月12日(土)16時56分配信
... 辻井さんはまだ24歳ですが、4年前に国際的なスゴイ賞を獲った。
そのときの記者会見覚えてますか? 無神経な質問をする記者がいたもんで、「もし1日だけ目が見えたら、何がしたいですか?」と尋ねた。
... Question to Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii
by Yukan Fuji, 
published January 12
... Mr. Tsujii is still only 24 years old; four years ago he caught a great international award.  Do you remember a press conference at the time?  An insensitive reporter asked the question, "If you could only see for one day, what would you want to see?"  Mr. Tsujii was not ruffled.  He replied, "I would like to see the faces of my parents."  Me,  I thought of the faces of the parents of that journalist...

録 画消化 ETV特集 ~辻井伸行・コンクール20日間の記録 特に室内楽と合わせるシーン、演奏者同志の歩み寄りが印象的でした Watched recorded ETV Special Nobuyuki Tsujii, 20 days of competition;  especially in the chamber music scene, collaboration among the performers was impressive -tweet

辻井伸行本当に天才だわ。それに見えてないとか信じら れないし。  Nobuyuki Tsujii is really a genius; I do not believe that he does not have to look <to play like he does>.   -tweet

Jan 13/14

Listening to Nobuyuki Tsujii over coffee. It's a beautiful rainy day.  -tweet in English

辻 井伸行さんが弾くチャイコフスキーに耳を傾けるジュピター。この子は昔から、辻井さんのピアノが好き。 明日は、ピアニストだった祖母の一周忌。今日のように、暖かな日差しを感じる病室で、祖母と二人きり。最期まで、辻井さんのCDを耳元で聴かせてあげてい た。天国でもピアノを弾いてるかしら. I listened to  Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii play the images of Jupiter. I liked the piano of Mr. Tsujii from when he was a child, a long time ago.
Tomorrow is the first death anniversary of my grandmother, who was a pianist. As of today, I am in a hospital room, feeling warm sunshine,
I was alone with my ​​grandmother. Until the end, she was listening to the CD's of Mr. Tsujii. I wonder if she is playing the piano in heaven.  -tweet

身内に不幸があったため、昨日から実家に詰め ています。悲しい…というか寂寥感を覚えながらも、親戚にイラつき業者に怒り心頭の私。でも昼間、BSで辻井伸行さんのチャイコフスキー特番を観て心が洗 われました。 As there was a misfortune to relatives, I have stuck in my parents' house yesterday.While I feel a sense of loneliness or rather ... sadness,  I was shaking with anger about the relatives who upset me.  But, during the day, my mind was washed  watching the  Nobuyuki Tsujii x Tchaikovsky special on BS.  -tweet

辻井伸行さん、音色は素晴らし いと思います。最近では、チャイコフスキーのピアノ協奏曲、素晴らしいです。ショパンやリストのソロは、勿論弾けて上手なのですが、単調で新鮮味には欠け る気がします。しかし、ハンデを感じさせず、今後飛躍する可能性ありだと思います。 I think Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii, the sound is great. Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto, in recent years, is amazing. Chopin solo or Liszt, of course there is good pop, but I feel that it lacks freshness and is monotonous. However,  the handicap is not felt.   I think there is a possibility that he will make a leap in the future.  -tweet by one Mr. Lily in response to another tweet <posting on Classical music bulletin board> 2013/1/13(日) 19:58
... 4月に来演するBBCフィルハーモニック+辻井伸行の演奏会、売り切れだと聞いていましたが、立ち見のチケットが出るとか。私は辻井は過去2回聴いている ので「別に」なんですが、BBCフィルはいちど聴いてみたいと思っており、立ち見席は3500円だそうなので買おうかと思わないでもないけれど、はたして 買えるかどうか。何だか知らないけどすごい人気ですから。
Nobuyuki Tsujii BBC Philharmonic concert performance in April.  I heard that it is sold out, Or standing room tickets are out. I listened to Tsujii twice in the past "separately", but I think we'd like to listen to him with BBC Phil once. But I don't really want to buy a standing room at what is said to be 3500 yen, I didn't realize the amazingly popularity. <"Walk, don't run" blog - a male blogger;
I am not certain about the translation>
.. 午後、ピアニスト辻井伸行が演奏するПётр Ильич Чайковский を聴いて、喜怒哀楽などの源であり、その先にある「生の力」に触れた様な体験をして感動する。同時に感情の個別性の先にある「生の力」こそが「芸術の力」 やAdam Smithを始めとする「学問の力」なのではないかと考えていた。それにしても、「芸術」にしろ「学問」にしろ自分の「固定概念」がいつも自分を締め付け る。Afternoon, listening to the pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii play  Пётр Ильич Чайковский (Tchikovsky).
It is a source, such as emotions,
Impressed by the experience like I mentioned in the "raw power" that lies ahead.
I was thinking whether it is not a "force of scholarship", starting with Adam Smith and the "power of art," what is "raw power" in the destination of individual feelings at the same time.
Even so, "Art", white "Academic"  is to me the  "Stereotype".

Jan 13
<Read more comments on the re-broadcast of "Nobuyuki Tsujii 
x Tchaikovsky" here: News from Japan>
久しぶりにじっくり約2時間テレビを見ました。いろいろな刺激がいっぱい。チャイコフスキー、白鳥の湖、サンクトペテルブルク、そして辻井伸行さん。 I watched TV for about 2 hours carefully for the first time in a long time. Full of a variety of stimuli. Tchaikovsky, Swan Lake, and St. Petersburg, Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii   -tweet

特別な感情表現や派手な立ち振る舞い をしなくても淡々と超人的な演奏をしでかすスーパープレイヤーを何人か知っているが辻井伸行はその一人だろう。生前のロス・インディオス・タバハラスやフ ラメンコのマニタス・デ・プラタなどは微動だにしない。大したことの無いアーティストに限って派手なのか ? I know some super players whose performance perpetrate deeply without resorting to special expression of feeling and fancy manners;  Nobuyuki Tsujii is one of them...  -tweet January 12, 2013 - with photos
This blogger flew on an All Nippon Airlines ANA flight and got to see a show about Nobuyuki Tsujii while in flight.  Notable is that there are English subtitles on the screen!  Envy. <blog of a male mountaineer who does extreme ironing>
2013-01-12 15:13:10
辻井さんのピアノPiano of Mr. Tsujii
The blogger wrote that he caught the flu like so many people, and during a difficult recovery, he caught Nobu performing on TV, and  he wrote
... 麗しきピアノの音色に、しばらくぼんやりと身を委ねる。
こんな体調の僕を、それはベルベットのように包みこむ。  ...そこで得る研ぎ澄まされた感覚を、表現者として
The beautiful sound of the piano  allowed me to relax completely for a while.  It  enveloped me, in this condition,  like velvet  ...  As an artist, he gets where he is with a finely-honed sensitivity.  He plays the piano with voluptuous sensuality. ... Without being able to see, he has become a cut above the rest.
I caught the piano playing  of Mr. Tsujii on TV by chance.  I think it has done more for me than any drug.

Jan 12/13
な んか久々にピアノの曲を聞いていたんだけども辻井伸行さんの名前を初めて知りました。凄いですね・・・。 Though I had heard his piano music, I learned for the first time the name of Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii.  Stunning.  -tweet

録画してた 2009ヴァン・クライバーン国際コンクール のドキュメント・アーカイブを観終えた…辻井伸行(pf)くんが金賞受賞した時の…演奏者の極限のテンションが画面を飛び越えて突き刺さる。いゃぁ緊張し た‼ そして感動♪ TVの前でスタンディング・オベーションする自分がいた^^. I finished watching an archiveal document of the 2009 Van Cliburn International Competition that was recorded ... Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii was under extreme tension when he was awarded the Gold Medal ... I was so nervous.  I jumped at the screen. I was so excited, Igave a standing ovation in front of the TV.  -tweet

Jan  12
昨 夜のEテレ「ピアニストの贈り物~辻井伸行・コンクール20日間の記録」ドキュメンタリー再放送、改めて見て素晴らしかった。世界最高レベルの演奏、彼の 表現した音楽でこんなにも感動する、表現者として本当に感動した。そして世界の舞台で、戦い抜いた姿は本当に美しい。Last night on E-tele, documentary "Gift of Pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii - record of the 20-days of competition ", was great to see again. The world's highest level of performances, I was really impressed with the music, and was so much impressed by his expression as an artist. On the world stage, he was competing beautifully.

Jan 11/12
EuroArts Music ‏@euroarts tweeted: Our new "Nobuyuki Tsujii - White Nights Festival St. Petersburg" DVD/Bluray is available from 14.01.2013 in...

NAXOS Deutschland ‏@NAXOS_de tweeted: Nobuyuki Tsujii at "White Nights", ab kommenden Montag bei <video coming out on Monday> @euroarts erhältlich! #dvd #bluray Vorab Trailer sehen: <trailer video already mentioned on this page>

JungleCity <a site for the Japanese community in Seattle, U.S.A.> tweeted:
ヴァン・クライバーン国際ピアノ・コンクールで日本人として初優勝したピ アニスト辻井伸行さんが今月シアトルで演奏します。1/22のリサイタルは完売ですが、1/27に出演するフェスティバル『Celebrate Asia!』は残席あり。詳細  As the first Japanese pianist to win at the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition, Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii will perform in  Seattle this month. Recital of 1/22 is sold out, but there seats remain for his appearance at the "Celebrate Asia!" festival on t1/27. Details

あ~~~!! 辻井伸行さんのピアノリサイタルが22日にシアトルのベラノヤホールであるのを今日知って、すでにSOLD OUTと言われ。。。かなり悲しい。。。え~~ん ~ ~ ~ Oh! ! Today I heard that the recital of Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii at Benaroya Hall of Seattle on July 22is already SOLD OUT. . . It is quite sad. . . Eh ~   -tweet

Seattle Symphony ‏@seattlesymphony tweeted:
We can't wait! RT @mlliu2006 Jan 22 Nobuyuki Tsujii Seattle recital sold out. Limited seats for Jan 27 performance w/Seattle Symphony
Jan 10/11
彼のピアノは優しさに溢れている。温かく穏やかな気持ちになれる。 #nowplaying 神様のカルテ - 辻井伸行  His piano is full of tenderness. I can feel warm and calm. # nowplaying medical record of God - Nobuyuki Tsujii  -tweet

おすすめの再放送→「Eテレアーカイブス「ピアニストの贈り物~辻井伸行・コンクール20日間の記録」 2013年1月11日(金) 24時00分~ … #yjtv 選ぶ側のほうの話す内容も、とても興味深かったです。 Rebroadcast Featured → ~  "E Tele Archives" Gift of pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii, 20 days of Competition documentary" Friday, January 11, 2013 24:00  -tweet
"Piano Friends"
Today, while eating cheese cake
I watched with my eldest son a TV program of Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii which had been recorded on New Year Day.
It was wonderful
Eldest son asked: Does this person have eyes? No? I have to worry about things like that, huh.
We cried.
I have never been in contact with a disabled person, and I couldn't help wondering how it would be to not be able to see.
But, from watching TV, I know there are many such people in the world.
The eldest son loves Mr. Tsujii ... <The blog ends with a paragraph about a book about Nobu, "Piano Friend", which the son read.>

January 10, 2013
前のブログ、 ブーニンが弾く曲は ショパンの「エチュード」(練習曲) ですが、ショパンは自身がピアニストであったので、自分のため、(もちろん他の人のためにも)、技術を身につけることができる練習曲を作りたい、と思ったのですね。
ペダルの技法、 運指の技法、…テクニックのすべてを組み込んだピアノのためのエチュード(練習曲)です。
   対照的(モーツアルトは軽快なテンポ、 ショパンは繊細な旋律)なのにね…。
天使の指の動き、 です。
Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii

In previous blog,  Bunin plays Chopin's etude. Chopin himself was also a pianist, the etudes were made for himself (as well for others, of course) to  practice their skills.  The etudes incorporate all of the techniques: technique of the pedal, fingering techniques.  But in the end they did not end up being practice pieces, but have become masterpieces in the world.  Chopin worshiped Mozart, byt his melody is delicate, as opposed to Mozart;s lively tempo.  In the times of Mozart, the piano did not yet have pedals, and so the reverberation was not there. 
So, this is how Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii played the same song ↓ <YouTibe video of Nobu playing "Revolution">
The finger movements of an angel, it is.

Jan 10
Qué hermoso talento. Amo esto. Nobuyuki Tsujii performs Mozart's Sonata No. 11:   <In Spanish: What a beautiful talent, I love this.  - the video was uploaded by me :->  -tweet  <a blogger in Kyoto, with great photos of the famous city.>
2013年 01月 10日
* 新年あけましておめでとうございます *
本当はね、BSでピアニストの "辻井伸行さんSP" がやっていて
それに夢中になっていたから・・・なんですけどね ♪
( 新幹線でも辻井さん作曲の "コルトナの朝" を聴いてたの )
今年も東京公演のチケット取れなかった ...
January 10, 2013
* Happy New Year * ...
Now switching to  Kyoto in 2013 ...
Really, I was  watching pianist "Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii" on BS <on New Year Day> because I had become addicted to him ...
♪ Even now I am listening to his composition "Morning of Cortona" on the bullet train.
I could not get tickets for his Tokyo performance this year ...

辻井伸行は音がすんごい繊細で細かいトリル一つ一つが すっごい綺麗なわけ。 なおかつ大胆な部分もあるからすごく尊敬だわ。  会って話してみたい。The sound of Nobuyuki Tsujii is wonderfully delicate, with fine-grained trill wonderfully clean. And yet some parts are played very boldly;  I really respect that.   I'd love to meet and talk.  -tweet

Jan 9
email from
a customer just told us your review was helpful to them while shopping on Amazon.
Debut [2CD] [OBI] [C&L Music]...    
<The review is at, text shown below>
 5.0 out of 5 stars
 Nobuyuki before he became a worldwide sensation
September 21, 2010
 Nobuyuki before he became a worldwide sensation, September 21, 2010
This review is from: Debut [2CD] [OBI] [C&L Music] [Korea 2009] (Audio CD)
This album first came out in Japan in 2007, when Nobuyuki Isujii was 19. I believe it's the first of Nobuyuki Tsujii's commercial CDs. The recording quality is excellent.
Disc 1 contains well-known pieces of Chopin, Liszt, and Ravel. Included are Chopin's Berceuse and Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2, which Tsujii also performed at the 2009 Van Cliburn Competition that launched him into international fame. These pieces are all lovingly played with Nobuyuki's signature delicate touch. The fourth track, Chopin's Polonaise No 6 "Heroic", has an interesting context. According to an article translated from Japanese, Nobuyuki's mother is quoted as saying "(A)bout eight months after Nobuyuki was born ... (when) I played a CD of Chopin's Polonaise in A-flat major, he started moving his body and kicking the sliding door - and in perfect rhythm with the music. I later discovered that he would be cranky if he heard this same piece performed by anyone other than the famous Russian pianist Stanislav Bunin. Even at this early age he was distinguishing between different types of piano tones."
On disc 2 are Nubuyuki's composition, with 5 pieces that are somewhat of a fusion of Chopin, Liszt, Debussy and Japanese music, with a touch of jazz. These works are not Chopin, but the second track "Whisper of the river", which plays at the end of the documentary "A Surprise in Texas", is especially lovely.

辻井伸行さま…!素晴らしい…! Nobuyuki Tsujii sama ...! Great ...!  -tweet <'sama'  is the most respectful form for Mr.>  This blog post is about the blogger looking in vain in Tokyo for a CD of another pianist who won some International competition a while back, but it mentions Nobu:
 のぞいたCD ショップは溝の口と渋谷のTSUTAYA、それに東京・銀座の山野楽器店で、置いてないということはまずどこにもない、ということだろう。山野楽器店では 2009年にヴァン・クライバーン国際コンクールで日本人として初めて優勝した盲目の辻井伸之のCDは50種類くらい並んでいた。辻井伸行より、本格的な クラシックのピアニストであると思われる萩原麻未のCDがないとは一体、どういうことなのだろうか、と不思議に思った。 <The blogger could not find the CD he was looking for in Shibuya and TSUTAYA Mizonokuchi, Yamano Music in Ginza, Tokyo shop, CD shop.  At Yamano, there were on display about 50 different titles of Nobuyuki Tsujii, the blind pianist who was the first Japanese that won the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition in 2009 .  Yet there is no CD of Hagiwara Asami, who is assumed to be a full-fledged classical pianist  ... <This article, which appears in "Everyday News", is about a fluitist, 田中利奈さん(24) Rena Tanaka (age 24), and it mentions Nobu>:
... 10歳から本格的にフルートを習い始め、姫路市の日ノ本学園高校へ。さ らに上野学園大学(東京)に進み、ピアニストの辻井伸行さんらと学んだ。... Started learning the flute in earnest at the age of 10, at the Hinomoto Gakuen High School in Himeji. In addition, went on to Ueno Music College   (Tokyo) where she studied with pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii as colleagues...

Jan 8
tweet from Seattle Symphony ‏@seattlesymphony: This month we've got more pianists than you can shake a (conductor's) stick at. Jean-Yves Thibaudet, @JonKimuraParker, Nobuyuki Tsujii...
Bald auf Blu-ray: Nobuyuki Tsujii bei den White Nights - 14.01.2013 - Trailer ansehen  <In  German: Coming soon on Blu-ray: Nobuyuki Tsujii at White Nights - January 14 - watch the trailer.>
● 辻井伸行さんのカーネギーホール
このお客さんとの連鎖が何とも素敵です ...
● Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii at the Carnegie Hall
January 8, 2013
I heard on TV Nobuyuki Tsujii's Carnegie Hall recital in New Year.
It would be presumptuous of me to speak of the splendor of the playing of Mr. Tsujii.  The sound of the piano came through to me, taking me to the world of music and soothing me.
But whether those in the audience thought it was good I could not be sure. It was hard to tell on the television.
After the applause, Mr. Tsujii returned to backstage crying into his sleeve and said he was impressed by the applause.  This bond with this audience was indescribably lovely...  <blog of a sytlist>
2013-01-06 09:32:31
A little while ago,  fom the father in law , <My child> got a Christmas present! <Photo of a mini-piano>

Jan 7
【鼻の宮田世代~音楽家~】バイオリン:花井悠希(堂本兄弟の子)、五嶋龍 ピアノ:辻井伸行 [Nose of Miyata - Musicians of this generation] Violin:
Yuki Hanai (son of brother Domoto), Ryu Goto; Piano: Nobuyuki Tsujii  -tweet

<I am not sure about the significance of this tweet, but it seems to say that Nobu - during the New Year break, went to a jazz club in Tokyo - the translation of mine is very suspect>
先日ベイシーにあの辻井伸行氏が来たらしい。かかって いたレコードを聞いて「エヴァンスがいるんですか」と辻井氏が聞いた。ベイシーの音とはそういうモノなのだ。菅原さんがビアノを勧めると、辻井氏はレコー ドにピッタリ合わせて弾いた。その時ベイシーには間違いなく2人のエヴァンスがいたと。 The other day Mr. Tsujii came to Count Basie <possibly referring to the "Count Basie Blue Note Jazz Club" in Tokyo>.  Mr. Tsujii said he listens to the recording of  "エヴァンスがいるんですか" <Bill Evans, anothe jazz musician>.  With the sound of  Count Basie.  Mr. Sugawara <club proprietor?>  invited him to the piano, and Mr. Tsujii played a perfect fit with the record.  At that time, Basie and Evans were certainly the two persons.
.  -tweet

Jan 6/7
辻 井伸行はいましばらく作曲はしない方がいいと思う。あの凄い才能が無駄につかわれている…と思う。 花は咲くも弾かないで欲しい。 For a while now Nobuyuki Tsujii has not composed anything good. Amazing talent that has been wasted ...I think.   I also do not want him to play "Flowers Bloom".  <This post is rude, yes, but there are people who would agree with the sentiment, possibly including myself.> -tweet

Amazon mp3 で購入してみた。初。: 辻井伸行のモーツァルト:きらきら星 変奏曲(フランスの歌「ああ、ママに言...を聴いています  I tried to buy from Amazon mp3 for the first time. : Nobuyuki Tsujii's "Twinkle, twinkle little Star Variations" by Mozart listening to it.  -tweet

誰かがカナダで辻井伸行みに行くっていうから、きっと名古屋でもするはずと思い検索してみたら、佐 渡さん指揮で4月22日にあるじゃん!でも一番いい席が25,000円‼ちょっと無理かな… Because someone mentioned that Nobuyuki Tsujii will be in Canada, I thought I should search in Nagoya.  He will be there on April 22 under the direction of Mr. Sado! But the best seats are 25,000 yen!  Ya know, a
little impossible..-tweet  (by gutsuri 百歳まで・・あと少しよ"A little more than one hundred years of age " blog)
2013-01-02 16:19
あの長い曲を暗譜? 譜読みはどうしたのかしら。
Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii
New Year's Eve, I watched on TV Nobuyuki Tsujii performing at the Carnegie Hall.
I was unconsciously drawn.
It is a unique style of playing the piano, turning from side to side in the face.
I cannot begin to guess how much time he spent in front of the piano together.
Most of his time at home must have been spent with the piano.
How does he memorize a lengthy piece?  How does he read music?
In his head is a reproduction of the piano.
Family support is great of course.
But, the accomplishment is made by Mr. Tsujii.
He answered questions with a smile on his baby face, full of confidence.
Moving his face as an antenna, he sees more than those of us with eyes do.
His performance in Europe was also broadcast on the evening of New Year's Day, on the same channel.
I could not watch the whole show.
I know that he is a composer,
From one song shown on it.

Jan 6
2013-01-06 11:12:11
今日は、2013年1月6日。ボーっとしているうちに、2012年は終わってしまった。暮れには何をしたんだっけ? とにかく、疲れと眠気で椅子に座って居眠りばかりしていた。「やらなきゃ」とおもったことは、何一つできなかった。
  居眠りのあいまに、テレビで辻井伸行さんの番組を、続けて見た。それだけは心に残っている。モツアルトのピアノソナタ11番、3楽章がトルコ行進曲の、何 十回も聞いたことのあるこの曲が、こんなにいい曲だったことをはじめて知った。かれの幸運は、親が伸行君の才能を2,3歳という幼時にみつけ、それを伸ば すことに全力をあげたことだ。全盲という障害があるから、何もさせず、守ってばかりいたら、何億人に一人というほどの、伸行さんの才能が、こんな形で、開 花することはなかっただろう。親や教師は、子供の行きたい方向の前に立ちふさがって、じゃますることが多い。よかれとおもってそうするのだろうけれども、 それはやめたほうがいいと思う。
Today, January 6, 2013.  2012  was finished. What did I do at  the end? Anyway, I was just falling asleep sitting in a chair , tired and sleepy.  In between dozing, I saw a program of Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii on television. It only remains in the mind. Mozart Piano Sonata No. 11, movement 3 "Turkish March" , I've heard dozens of times, so it was a good song. His fortune is that his parents did their best to develop the talent of Nobuyuki.  Without that, a blind person would not acheive what he has.  Out of hundreds of millions of people, Mr. Nobuyuki has blossomed. So often, Parents and teachers stand in the way of the children's progress ... I dozed off while listening to the piano of Mr. Nobuyuki;  it was a good way to end 2012 for me.

Jan 5
シー バスリーガルを大切なボヘミアングラスに注ぎ、大好きな辻井伸行さんの演奏を聴きながら口に運ぶ。至福の時間。Expensive Chivas Regal was poured into Bohemian glass;  listening to my favorite Nobuyuki Tsujii music as I savored it in my mouth . Time of bliss.  -tweet

Presto Classical - Nobuyuki Tsujii at White Nights - EuroArts: 2059358 (DVD Video)a link  興味ある方、如何?<interested, now what?> -tweet
I replied with: This ships to Japan. high notes from Harry
This new star of the concert stage was a winner of the 2009 Van Cliburn Competition. He is so unique, he deserves the widest exposure – performing a concerto with the WSO (Jan. 18–19) and a Virtuosi recital the following afternoon. That “Nobu” is also completely blind from birth is forgotten as soon as his fingers touch the keyboard. Amazingly, he learns all the music by ear. You must be here to understand why Van Cliburn himself said, “Nobu’s performance had the power of a healing service; you feel God’s presence in the room.”

佐渡裕と辻井伸行のアクト 公演興味あったけど既に完売(T ^ T)早すぎ~る。I was interested in the performance of Yutaka Sado and Nobuyuki Tsujii, but tickets are already sold out.  Too soon!  -tweet <with good photos>
辻井伸行さんの ‘ジェニーへのオマージュ’自作集... 
I was looking forward to New Year, and it  has arrived
Here is a  present to myself from myself
Nobuyuki Tsujii's own collection of 'tribute to Jenny'...

Jan 4/5
These two tweets were posted by the same person:
辻井伸行を軽く批判したが、 念のため辻井とポリーニのショパンアルバムで聞き比べようと思う
It is about time for the expiration date of Nobuyuki Tsujii.
Nobuyuki Tsujii has been lightly criticized; listen to Pollini's Chopin album and compare him with Tsujii, just in case
I couldn't help but replied with this:
@dejimatuji What's your problem? No faith in your own countryman? I am American and I adore Mr. Tsujii's music. Stretch your mind, Mister!

昨 日は4カ月目の検診。また更に赤ちゃんは大きくなっていて驚いちゃった!順調だねと言われたので一安心(*^^*) 病院帰りにお母さんに辻井伸行さんのCDを買ってもらっちゃった♪赤ちゃんといっしょに聴くんだ〜(*^^*)どこのオーケストラでもいいから生演奏聴き に行きたいな Four months checkup yesterday. The baby has gotten even bigger; surprised!  Relieved because I was told the baby is doing well.  On the way home with mother, we bought a CD of Mr. Nobuyuki Tsuii and listened to norchestra  music along with baby. I want go to listen to good music live.  -tweet

パン発酵中 昨夜撮ってた辻井伸行、河口湖野外コンサート見た 自作のベネチアの何とかってゆうの素敵だった 高音のハンマーの叩き方がめっちゃ辻井節でかっこいい  Last night I was waiting for the bread to rise and watched Nobuyuki Tsujii.  Outdoor concert Kawaguchiko, Venice ... Beautiful sound ... Mr. Tsujii is cool.  -tweet ANA (All Nippon Airline)  February Progam includes: "Flying with Nobuyuki Tsujii The Seattle Public Library hosts Seattle Symphony preview lecture Jan. 24 ... The preview will begin with a performance by pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii, the 2009 Van Cliburn Gold Medalist.

Jan 4
Nobuyuki Tsujii's gonna hold a piano concert in Singapore this June." ~ Pls tell me I'm not dreaming !!   -tweet   2013-01-04 00:00:01

The Melody of the Soul
2013-01-04 00:00:01
New Year's Eve and New Year's night,  my entire family watched shows ln VS-Asahi about miracle pianist  'Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii'
The shows inspire the the hearts of those who hear, and stir the soul. I think he and the piano has almost become one.    A boundless universe appears through the sound of his piano.
God has manifested in the soul in Mr. Tsujii's innocent playing
Beauty of every moment in the world of sound, an infinite  beauty
My Soul was trembling too...
2013-01-04 12:59:03
①12月28日(金)PM6:00~7:55 BSフジ
②12月31日(月)PM9:00~10:54 BS朝日
③1月1日(火)PM9:00~10:54 BS朝日
    魂の旋律 指揮者佐渡裕との10年 
Miracle Pianist
2013-01-04 12:59:03
This New Year, I was not even going to watch television programs ...
But I did ...
 ① Dec 28 BS Fuji: pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii×Turkey march Echoing the sound of a miracle ~ ~ Antalya, Turkey
 ② Dec 29 BS Asahi: Miraculous pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii Carnegie debut to dream
③ January 1  BS Asahi: Miraculous pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii 10 years with the conductor Yutaka Sado melody of soul 
There appears to be another re-broadcast (Jan 13 13:00-14:55 BS Fuji)  Nobuyuki Tsujii×Tchaikovsky ~ Journey & White Nights Festival in St. Petersburg -
Do not miss here!  ...





The sound of Nobuyuki Tsujii
I listened to the piano of Nobuyuki Tsujii on TV
I heard rain falling.
The sound was pure and crystal clear, His handicap was complete forgotten as his hands  move freely over the keyboard.

When beginners play,
the keyboard is straight back,
Tsujii's keyboard is spacious and the keyboard is like a trampoline. .
It is very small but,
Soft and heavy object fell on the keyboard,
The sound of feeling that would fly with the pawn.
Well, do you understand? I think it is difficult to express in words, but there is a charm to the sound.
I want to listen to him live.

Jan 3
Nobu君の ドビュッシー アラベスクの解釈、何かとっても新鮮です。 The interpretation of Debussy's Arabesque by Nobu, something very fresh.  -facebook comment on YouTube video
Prokofiev 3 & Dvorák 7
Date: Friday, January 18, January 19
"We’re proud to introduce pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii, who has been blind since birth, in Prokofiev’s Piano Concerto No. 3", Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, January 18/19, the composer’s most popular. Additionally, we perform Dvorák’s Symphony No. 7 containing some of the composer’s most remarkable inspiration, ripe with an unending flow of melody and rhythmic vitality.
Alexander Mickelthwate, conductor
Nobuyuki Tsujii, piano

辻井伸行×アシュケナージを迎え、オーケストラ・アンサンブル金沢(OEK)日本ツアーが今年9月に☆本拠地・金沢市を皮切りに8公演を予定 #oekjp Nobuyuki Tsujii greeted × Ashkenazi, Japan Tour (OEK) Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa is scheduled for eight performances starting with the city of Kanazawa, home ☆ in September this year  -tweet

帰宅。欲しい服がsale対象外ってよくある…。ファションショーしながら辻井伸行くん♪  Returning home.  <Bought> clothes on good sale. <Music of > Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii during fashion show.  -tweet

辻井伸行さんのカーネギーホール・デビューライブ(2011年11月10日)を見てる。お正月にふさわしいピアノ演奏。終わらない拍手。日本の宝物♪ The Carnegie Hall debut (November 10, 2011)  of Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii has seen on TV. Piano music suitable for New Year. My applause did not stop. Treasure of Japan.  -tweet

息子一家の夕飯キャンセルの連絡に沈んでいた気持ちがwowow ライブで辻井伸行カーネギーホールデビュー・ライブを見ることで回復してきた。いいものゆっくり見れてよかった(^.^) Son canceled family dinner.  Sunken feeling was soothed by watching Nobuyuki Tsujii Carnegie Hall debut live.  It was nice to see good things slowly.  -tweet

WOWOWの辻井伸行さんのカーネギーホールでのピアノコンサート。素晴らしい!!ブラボー!! WOWOW of Nobuyuki Tsujii 's piano concert in Carnegie Hall. Great! Bravo!
  -tweet  <blog of a retiree>
... When I listen to the piano of Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii, my heart is washed,
Classic works composed in different countries of Europe made ​​long ago, music for their people's customs,
But the piano sound that comes out of Mr. Tsujii's playing has a sound like that of no one else.
And, the music takes hold of us aswe listen to the performance of Mr. Tsujii directly,
So impressed.
In my ripe old age, I have become brittle and prone to tears.
I felt tears coming out as I listened to the performance of Mr. Tsujii, a feeling of being liberated.
I listened to a master of piano, Mr. Tsujii, whose music is matchless...

Jan 2  <Blog of Mr. Masahiro Kawakami, Nobu's childhood piano teacher>
2012-12-31 Mon
先日手元に届いていた辻井くんの発売されたばかりの新譜です。やっと観ることができました。CDとDVDの2枚セットの自作自演集で、CDの方はすでに出 ていた内容ですが、DVDは軽井沢大賀ホールで今年の8月30日にお客さんの前で収録されたリサイタルのライブ映像です。最後にボーナストラックで『花は 咲く』の演奏。
それから、昨日届いたばかりの情報ですが、彼は今夜のNHK『紅白歌合戦』に出場するようです。時間帯はおそらく20:30~21:00くらいの間でおそ らく『花は咲く』の演奏。そろそろNHKホールでは準備も始まっている頃でしょうか。「紅白」は生放送ですから、大晦日の夜まで仕事で大忙しです。現在彼 は日本ツァーの真っ最中ですから、年末年始もお休みナシですね。
Release of Nobuyuki Tsujii original compositions CD+DVD
It is New Year's eve. 
The image above is the CD jacket photo, the white margins are not square because the background of the blog is also white . (Lol)
It is the new album that has just been released-it was sent by Tsujii-kun the other day.
I finally was able to watch.  A collection of homebrew pieces on a combo of CD and DVD . The DVD is video recorded of a live performance on August 30 of this year of a recital in Karuizawa Ohga Hall.  At the end there is a  bonus track "flowers bloom".
Then, just to day I received information. He seems to be participating in the "Red and White Singing Contest" on NHK tonight. The time slot of his playing "flowers bloom" is probably between about 20:30 to 21:00. The show is starting in the NHK Hall very soon.
Because "Red and white" is live, it is very busy at work on the night of New Year's Eve. Because he is in the midst of the current Japan tour, he is doing without  the New Year holiday.
Also tonight. Asahi BS will broadcast a counter program "Nobuyuki Tsujii Carnegie debut Dream " (21:00 to 22:54), and then on New Year's Day tomorrow, " Miracle pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii 10 years with conductor Yutaka Sado - the melody of the soul" will be broadcast.  Both are two-hour program. Let's check it out.

Jan 1
<Read many more comments about the "Melody of the Soul" TV special  aired on BS-Asahi at News from Japan>
今年の初音楽はエリッククラプトン&辻井伸行さんピアノ。 This year's first music Eric Clapton & Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii  piano.  -tweet

ウィーンフィルは録画して、後で 母が大音量で聴くというので、実家では今、BS朝日の辻井伸行さんを観ているなう。ほこ×たては自宅で録画中。見たいものが多すぎる!  Recording the Vienna Philharmonic for mother to listen to later.  At home now, watching Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii Asahi BS.  Vertical × hoko is being recorded at home. Too many things to see!

元旦に地上波はうるさ過ぎる。なのでBSの辻井伸行さんの番組に避難。  The world is too annoying on New Year Day.  Nobuyuki Tsujii's show on BS is a refuge.

ア ラベスクと革命とカンパネラとリゴレットとかなんかもう神すぎて興奮!辻井伸行くん!やば! I am too excited!  Campanella and Rigoletto and Arabesque and Revolution! Nobuyuki Tsujii -kun!

辻井伸行さんのドビュッシー、凄すぎる!月の光で俺の身体中に旋律が走った(T_T)そしてショパン、別れの曲。おおおお (;O;)素晴らしい!!スタンディングオベーションしたい!今は革命のエチュード。  Nobuyuki Tsujii Debussy's too terrible! Chopin's music, and farewell (T_T) melodies ran in my body in the light of the moon. ! Great O ;) I want to do a standing ovation; oh oh! Etude revolution now.

Dec 31/Jan 1
<Read more comments about the "Red White" show on NHK and a re-boardcast of "Carnegie" on BS-Asahi at News from Japan>
BS 朝日でやってた辻井伸行のカーネギーホールデビューの番組を観ていた。本当に優しい音色だと思う。 ヴァンクライバーンでのラフマニノフの動画は何度聴いても涙が込み上げて来る。 明日の夜も佐渡裕氏との番組を放映するみたい。早速視聴予約 I was watching a program of Carnegie Hall debut of Nobuyuki Tsujii on BS Asahi. I think it is really gentle tone. The Van Cliburn Rachmaninoff video brings tears from my eyes no matter how many times I listen. There is also the broadcast of a show of him with Mr. Yutaka Sado tomorrow night. Reserved for viewing immediately.   -tweet

紅 白。菅野よう子さんが指揮、辻井伸行さん演奏、他豪華メンバーとのコラボか。。。幕間『花は咲く』斉唱。 Red and white. Ms. Yoko Kanno was the Conductor, Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii played in collaboration with other members; gorgeous. . . "The flowers bloom" chorus.  -tweet

BS 朝日の辻井伸行からグールドへ。以前は、平均律クラヴィーア曲集のCDを聞いて、キース・ジャレットによる演奏もぜひ聴きたかったゴルトベルグ。今の辻井 伸行が弾いたらどうなるだろうか On Asahi BS, they showed Nobuyuki Tsujii then Gould. Listened to the CD of The Well-Tempered Clavier, previously, I wanted to hear Gorutoberugu miss performances by Keith Jarrett. What would Nobuyuki Tsujii play now?  -tweet

結局、旦那さんもお母さんも酔っ払って寝てしまった。父と辻井伸行の番組観てる Eventually, I and my mother fell asleep drunk.  Father watched show of Nobuyuki Tsujii  -tweet

ボ クシング井岡のノックアウトをみて、第九の合唱部分を聴き、辻井伸行を聴き、年越し蕎麦を食べて、あとジルベスターコンサートを聴いて穏やかに年越し!の 予定 Watched the knockout of Ioka in Boxing, listened to the Ninth  chorus, listened to Nobuyuki Tsujii, eating soba on New Year's Eve, New Year's Eve New Year's Eve concert gently listen to more!   -tweet

辻 井伸行さんのピアノを聴きながら、年賀状を書きながら年を越す、そんな2012年の最後なう While listening to the piano of Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii, I  new year greeting cards; this is how I end year 2012.  -tweet

菅野よう子と辻井伸行のコラボってめっさ豪華!感動した! What a gorgeous  collaboration of  Nobuyuki Tsujii with Yoko Kanno! I was impressed!  -tweet

December 31  Cozyで楽しい暮らしに憧れて♪ "yearning to living Cozy and fun" blog
~ One day late gift ☆
From Amazon customers. . . .
Charity song to support the reconstruction of the Great East Japan Earthquake くん Nobuyuki Tsujii
New album "a tribute to Jenny" CD + DVD "flowers bloom" ordered
arrived yesterday. .

カプスーチン:8 concerto etude for piano Op.40-2 / 辻井伸行 … これ好きすぎて毎回揺さぶられる  Kapustin 8 concerto etude for piano Op.40-2 / Nobuyuki Tsujii. My favorite - shaken every time <I watched this>

December 30/31
明 日の夜観るテレビ…紅白:大人、ガキ使:きくりんと同レベル、辻井伸行:リスペクト Tomorrow night on TV: Adults and Children can watch "Red and White"  together .    Nobuyuki Tsujii : Respect  -tweet

年明けに辻井伸行やんのかー The beginning of the year for Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii  -tweet

お正月にはピアニストの辻井伸行さんやチェリストの宮田大さんの特番があるから楽しみ〜\(//∇//) This New Year, looking forward to TV special(s) of  pianist Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii and Mr. and cellist Dai Miyata (they both performed in a "Big 3 concertos" concert in Sapporo in December, although I don't believe they are in a TV special together.)

December 29/30   2012.12.26
This Hokkaido male blogger (age 72, an avid skier) looked back on the 4 concerts that he managed to attend this year, and this is the first one that he listed:
. Nobuyui Tsujii 2011/12 tour (January 18)
The recital of blind genius pianist Tsujii .

Preceding  his reputation, I did not fully enjoy his complacent performance.
Since winning the Cliburn International Piano Competition,
His popularity seems to take precedence over his talent. <I looked up this blogger's comment of that recital - he spoke derisively of the predominantly female audience and snidely remarked that there was an absence of very young women who show up for other young musicians such as Yundi-Li and Ryu Goto, and joked that Nobu is not being chased after by these young females.  He was also dismissive of Nobu's performance.
I posted this comment:

こんにちは。 アメリカから: 私は辻井伸行くんのファンです。(From America: I am a fan of Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii)
Please forgive me for not being able to write in Japanese.
I looked up your blog post about Mr. Tsujii's recital on January 18, and cannot help but be angry. 
I find your comments extremely rude and prejudiced.  You started by calling Mr. Tsujii "blind genius pianist", and went on to make snide comments on the age of the female audience at the concert, a sweeping generalization at best. 
You are entitled to your learned opinion of Mr. Tsujii's piano performance, but I feel that you are blinded to the talent of Mr. Tsujii because it seems that you had already formed your opinion based on his handicap. 
Mr. Tsujii is respected by many outside of your country, and I consider him a world treasure.  I am outraged by your insensitive comments.  You should be ashamed of yourself.

辻井伸行って純粋に実力としては どうなんだろう。盲目のというハンディを抜きに。私にはよくわからんけど。  Nobuyuki Tsujii - I wonder if it is purely his ability, without the handicap of blindness.  Though I really don't know.   -tweet

December 29
 ピアニスト、辻井伸行、素晴らしいね。 Pianist, Nobuyuki Tsujii , looks great.  -tweet
2012-12-29 20:55:17
Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii
The Piano Festival which was held in Turkey
Mr. Tsujii was invited.
Appearance to interact with people out on the town in Turkey,
Happily playing percussive in a shop, and
Blowing and struming folk instruments.
It was really fun.
Mr. Tsujii said he enjoyed listening to a performance.
I felt the kind words were heavy and deep...

December 28/29
『ジェニーへのオマージュ 自作集[CD]+自作LIVE[DVD]』/辻井伸行 "Tribute to Jeanie Original compositions CD+DVD"/Nobuyuki Tsujii
 - My copy arrived from Japan today!  -my tweet
辻井伸行さんのピアノのアルバム聞きながらついなう。優雅すぎる  Just listening to the piano of Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii.  So elegant.  -tweet 元英語教師の勝手なクラシック評論 Classic English teacher critic selfish yuan Blog
My Ten Best Concerts in 2012
読売日本交響楽団 創立50周年 記念公演 ≪三大協奏曲≫ (12月6日 Kitara )指揮: 下野竜也. 曲目: メンデルスゾーン: ヴァイオリン協奏曲 ホ短調(ヴァイオリン:成田達輝)ドヴォルザーク: チェロ協奏曲(チェロ:宮田大) チャイコフスキー: ピアノ協奏曲第1番(ピアノ:辻井伸行) 50th Anniversary Concert Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra «the three major concerto» (December 6 Kitara ) Conductor : Tatsuya Shimono  Tracks: Violin Concerto in E minor: Mendelssohn (Violin: Narita Tatsuki), Cello Concerto, Dvorak(violin : Dai Miyata), Tchaikovsky piano Concerto No. 1 piano: Nobuyuki Tsujii)  <This concert is last on the list, and it is the 2nd performer whose performance was considered the most impressive by this blogger.>

December 28
<read more about today's re-broadcast of "Pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii x Turkish March at Antalya, Turkey" at News from Japan>
BSフジ「辻井伸行×トルコ行進曲」よかった。ピアノの音が美しい…" BS Fuji Nobuyuki Tsujii × Turkish march "was good. The sound of the piano is beautiful ...  -tweet

BSフジ辻井伸行、感動して鳥肌 BS Fuji Nobuyuki Tsujii goose bumps, impressed.  -tweet

ピアニスト辻井伸行 すごいとしかいいようがないなぁ~~ Pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii  he is not just amazing   -tweet

辻井伸行さんのピアノは素晴らしかった、トルコでの演奏 Nobuyuki Tsujii 's piano was great, playing in Turkey 
グールドのモーツァルトを聴きなれてしまったので辻井伸行がチト物足りない(^-^;)  Because I am familiar with Gould's Mozart, I found the performance of  Nobuyuki Tsujii a little lacking.  -- a Kyoto tweeter
<I replied with this tweet: 
However, because I am familiar with the Mozart of both Glenn Gould and Nobuyuki Tsujii, I find Gould's insufficient. :-) :-) >

December 27/28 
<read more about yesterday's recital in Kagoshima 鹿児島 at  Nobuyuki Tsujii 2012-13 Japan Tour>
昨 日の辻井伸行さんのコンサート、生で聴けてよかった!なんだか拝みたくなるような祈りたくなるような素敵な時間でした。最後の「花は咲く」ソロバージョン は、 涙出ました。Nobuyuki Tsujii's concert yesterday, it was good to hear live! It was a nice time -- like worship prayer for me. The solo version of "flowers bloom" at the end, I was crying.  -tweet

BSフジ「辻井伸行×トルコ行進曲」午後6時~、最初からは仕事なので無理だから、録画だな・・。録画も溜まる一方、イライラ防止にアコーディオン弾きま くり!トリャーッ!~  "Nobuyuki Tsujii × Turkey March " BS Fuji 6 pm.  Impossible to watch the beginning because I work· I am recording.  While recording, play accordion  to prevent frustrating!  

自 宅に着き新聞を読んでいたら、番組欄に『辻井伸行×トルコ行進曲』と言う文字が! トルコで最高の演奏披露だとぅ?!(*´∀`)BSフジ今夜18時から20時までの2時間。地元に来られた時はチケットが瞬時に完売。まだちゃんと演奏を 聴いた事がなかったので、録画予約決定!I was reading the newspaper after arriving at the home, in the show listing it says, "Nobuyuki Tsujii ×Turkish march "! It shows the best performance in Turkey? ! 2 hours from 18:00 until 20:00 tonight on BS Fuji. When he come here, tickets sold out instantly. I have not yet properly heard him perform; determined recording reservation!

December 27  <read more about today's recital in Kagoshima 鹿児島 at  Nobuyuki Tsujii 2012-13 Japan Tour>
今夜は宝山ホールで19時~「MBC開局60周年記念 辻井伸行 日本ツアー2012/13」が開催されます。辻井さんの奏でるドビュッシーとショパンの調べ・・・♪おかげさまで、チケットは完売しております<(_ Tonight in the Baoshan Hall at 19:00  "60th MBC Anniversary  Nobuyuki Tsujii  2012/13 Japan Tour " will be held. · · · ♪ melodies of Chopin and Debussy played by Mr. Tsujii; tickets have been sold out, thank you  -tweet

代 役で辻井伸行コンサートへ。ピアノってこんな音だったっけ!ていうくらいの美しい音色にビックリ。アンコールのラ・カンパネラの迫力にまたビックリ!。最 後の「花は咲く」は感涙ものでした。そして前から10列目なんてスゴすぎる席をプレゼントしてくれた人に感謝。ガーサス!!!Nobuyuki Tsujii to the concert in concert. What a piano sound! I was very much surprised at the beautiful sound. La Campanella also surprisingly powerful encore! .  Finally " flowers bloom" brought tears of gratitude. I so thank the person who gave me a seat at column 10 in front. Gratitude! ! !  -tweet

辻 井伸行さんの『モーツァルト・アルバム』も自作集『ジェニーへのオマージュ』も、すごく素敵です!。のびやかで清々しく優しさに満ち溢れた音色。心洗われ るような♡。先日‘ 紅白に出場します!’と嬉しそうにお話されました。「花は咲く」でしょうか。 <photo of CDs>The albums of Nobuyuki Tsujii  "tribute to Jenny" s own collection and "Mozart Album", very nice! . Tone is relaxed and full of kindness. He will be  in "red and white" this Sun! '.   "the flowers bloom."  -tweet

December 25 
<read more about today's recital in Fukuoka at  Nobuyuki Tsujii 2012-13 Japan Tour>
今日は辻井伸行さんのピアノ聴きに行くの~ヽ(^0^)ノわっふ  Today I'm going to listen to the piano of Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii  -tweet

ハッピークリスマス今日は自分へのクリスマスプレゼントで辻井伸行のコンサートへ… Merry Christmas.  I gave myself the gift of Nobuyuki Tsujii concert today.

21 世紀に、勇気ある発言だ。 RT @ongaku_meigen: 『親孝行のために早く自立して、よいお嫁さんを見つけて安心させたい。』辻井伸行  Brave words in the 21st centry.  (Retweet)  Ongaku_meigen : " For filial piety,  I wish for  early independence by finding a  good wife. " -  Nobuyuki Tsujii

私が好きなピアニスト。生きてる人。プレトニョフ。赤松林太郎。辻井伸行。以上!文句あるか〜っMy favorite pianist, of people who are still alive. Pletnev,. Rintaro Akamats. Nobuyuki Tsujii . et al! Do you have a problem with that?
辻井伸行がX'masメドレーを演奏してくれた。スペシャルで貴重な最高のクリスマスでした☆論文がんばろ!Nobuyuki Tsujii gave us the performance of a  X'mas Medley. It was the best Christmas special and good luck charm ☆!

~ Well. Nobuyuki Tsujii 's Debussy and Chopin. It was nice to the highest. Impressed! !  5 encore songs. Farewell song;  Revolution; Still, I live;   Flowers bloom.  The last was an improvisation of a Christmas Medley. Beautiful sound; really inspirational.  A wonderful Christmas night ☆.

December 24/25
Listening live to young Mr. Tsujii
The world of the future
Seemed a little brighter.

December 24
一 万人の第九放映中。もう30年なんですね。一度生で観てみたいな。佐渡さんスリムで指揮が軽やか。辻井伸行くん、かわいいな。槇原敬之ゴツくなっておりま す。The "Ninth" is on air. For the 30th year.  I would like to see it live once.  Mr. Sado conductor slim and light. Nobuyuki Tsujii kun, cute ... -tweet

My other fav pianists are, Mitsuko Uchida, Jon Nakamatsu, Nobuyuki Tsujii. Of all, I haven't heard Nobu in person and would love to one day! 

December 23 
<read more about today's recital in Nagasaki at  Nobuyuki Tsujii 2012-13 Japan Tour>
A Japanese Nobu fan who traveled from Europe to Japan for the holidays wrote:

I went to Nagasaki.
I enjoyed his performance.
It made me happier than move to tears.
He gave me the joy of music.
He played 6 encores.
1.    Chopin Étude Op. 10 No. 3
2.    Chopin Étude Op. 10 No. 12
3.    それでも 生きてゆく
4.    花は咲く
5.    Liszt La Campanella
6.    Chopin Nocturne No. 8 op.27 no.2
Before playing “それでも生きてゆく” he talked:
“Nagasaki is my second home (province). I am happy to come back home.”
“I am used to enjoying eating Gyoza餃子(dumpling or jiao-zi) of XXX (restaurant’s name) Saraudon皿うどん <another noodle dish special to Nagasaki> of YYY (restaurant’s name) and Chanponチャンポン<a regional noodele dish >  in Nagasaki.”
Also he said that Flowers are blooming is a charity CD, so I would like to ask for everyone's cooperation.
And he announced his appearance in a TV program “ The NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen.”
We audience didn’t expect the 5th ancore, so erupted into cheers and applause when he started to play.
When he sat down at the piano after applauding a performance of “la Campanella” everybody was surprised and excited.
I thought I was lucky to be there.

December 22/23  <read more about today's recital in Nagasaki at  Nobuyuki Tsujii 2012-13 Japan Tour>10:05 の長崎行きスーパーノンストップにギリギリ乗車!今年もクリスマスは長崎で辻井伸行ピアノコンサート!今年も雪ふるかなぁ〜。10:05 on a super ride non-stop flight to Nagasaki! Christmas this year in Nagasaki  -- Nobuyuki Tsujii, piano concert!  I wonder if there will be snow this year. -tweet

長崎戻ってきた! 今から辻井伸行のコンサート ♡ ままとぱぱありがとぉ I came back to Nagasaki! Now, concert of Nobuyuki Tsujii. Thank you, dad. -tweet

December 21/22
第63回 NHK紅白歌合戦 全国一斉スマホアプリ企画
詳しい参加方法は「How to」をご覧ください。
New Year's Eve, December 31 (Monday).
broadcast of the "Red White Nationwide Singing Show"
"The flowers bloom"  choir  to bloom all over Japan.
The "flowers bloom" song, composed by Yoko Kanno, lyrics by Shunji Iwai for reconstruction assistance will be sung by
Mr. Arakawa Kumiko Mori, Masatoshi Nakamura, Mr. Toshiyuki Nishida, and the Sandwich Man Shizuka.  lso participating will be Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii and Ms. Kanno Yoko.
On the day of the show, when the chorus performs "flowers bloom", you can hold a smartphone to the TV screen, and a flower will bloom in your area on a Japan map.

chegou meu presente do meu amigo mais querido! um dvd do Nobuyuki Tsujii e um - coisa q mais adoro - quebra-cabeça do Romero Britto (translated from Portuguese:  got my present from my dearest friend! Nobuyuki Tsujii of a DVD and a - the thing I love most - Romero Britto puzzle  -tweet

December 21  <read more about today's recital in Gunma at  Nobuyuki Tsujii 2012-13 Japan Tour>
今日の文化部、高崎音楽センターにて「辻井伸行」のライブ。 家族で楽しみました。 アンコール4回!!!!ちょー素敵でした。
<photo of concert poster>Today at the Takasaki Culture Music Center, "Nobuyuki Tsujii" live.  I had fun with my family. 4th encore! ! ! ! It was a lovely <concert>.   -tweet

辻井伸行さんのコンサート終わりました。すごかったです。すごく感動した。2時間半がとても短かった Nobuyuki Tsujii 's concert was just over. It was really amazing to see. I was very impressed. Two and a half hours was very short  -tweet

December 20/21
read more about today's recital in Gunma at  Nobuyuki Tsujii 2012-13 Japan Tour>  (amazon France)
Nobuyuki Tsujii At White Nights [Blu-ray]  de Piotr Ilitch Tchaikovski & Dmitri Chostakovitch, Valéry Gergiev et Nobuyuki Tsujii (2013) EUR 39,65.  Cet article paraîtra le 12 février 2013. rayb9This article published on 12 February 2013.)

今夜は高崎で辻井伸行さんのコンサートです♪ Tonight at Takasaki  concert of Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii ♪
といいつつ今日私は辻井伸行さんのコンサートに行ってまいります。楽しみーーー。゚✶ฺ.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ✶゚ฺ  Going to concert of Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii today - fun.   -tweet

てか、この前観に行った辻井伸行さんのピアノのコンサート、やばかった!すごいなー  <photo of stage with piano, shown below> Hey this is before Nobuyuki Tsujii 's piano concert,  dangerous, amazing

注目のピアニスト・辻井伸行さんが、来年1/22(火)にベナロヤ・ホールでドビュッシーとショパンを演奏します。辻井さんは1/27(日)の 『Celebrate Asia!』でも演奏予定。 Nobuyuki Tsujii concert, next year January 22 Debussy and Chopin.  Mr. Tsujii performs on January 27 "Celebrate Asai!"

Dec 20
e découvre Nobuyuki Tsujii grâce à vous. Quel bonheur  (In French: I discovered Nobuyuki Tsujii, thanks to you <another tweeter>.  What happiness!)   -tweet

さんの特徴語。恋,寝不足,論理,廃人,恋愛,よろしい,メンヘラ,向こう,レガシィ,地元,打つ手,電磁石,好きな人,ラベリング,依存,批判,ぷれ, サンデル,女の子,自民,東,すべて,ハート,主観,考え方,落とし穴,縞パン,理由,モテる,辻井伸行   Feature words. Love, insomia, logic, disabled, love, want, opposition, beyond, legacy, local, workarounds, electromagnet, favorite, labeling, dependency, criticism, pressure, Sandel, girl, the Liberal Democratic Party, East, All Heart, subjective, concepts, pitfalls, striped breads, reason, be fashionable, Nobuyuki Tsujii  -tweet

Dec 19/20
Rising-star pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii will perform @benaroyahall on Tue, Jan 22 & at Celebrate Asia! on Sun, Jan 27.  -tweet

「辻井伸行 plays 花は咲く」/花は咲く-東日本大震災復興支援ソング  "Nobuyuki Tsujii plays "flowers bloom" - the Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction song -tweet by Avex PR
久和 恵実 Megumi Kyuwa (FM Toyoma personality) blog
I went to a concert of Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii at the Aubade Hall on December 14!!
My mother read a book about  Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii, mother reading a book, and has also been listening to his CD, and is actually quite a fan of him.
I was looking forward to this day very much.
After the performance had begun, I thought "Are we on earth here?!"
I had never heard a sound like this in this world.
As I listened to one pure sound after another, my mind was healed and purified. I was moved to tears.
Then, in response to the applause. Mr. Tsujii re-appeared for encores.
Said he, " I'm very happy to receive such a big hand.  You have made me very happy."
I thought they were  wonderful words!
It brought more tears.
The piano was as beautiful as a work of art,
Although I did not look at it closely until the end of the concert,
Tears came out from just looking at the piano.  <photo shown>
I was able to spend (LOL, Too much crying!) a great time.
It was a moment that seemed "very happy" .
I think I will come to listen to the great music again next year.

Dec 19
フェ スティバルホール 辻井伸行のピアノと佐渡裕指揮のコンサートも売り切れ。 行きたかった(>_<)  Festival Hall concert  sold out - Nobuyuki Tsujii piano and conducted by Yutaka Sado. I wanted to go (> _ <)   -tweet

今日1時間目に見た盲目ピアニストの辻井伸行のドキュメント感動したなぁ I watched a documentary of Nobuyuki Tsujii today; I was impressed.  -tweet

avex news エイベックスニュースtweeted: 【News】 辻井伸行 『Billboard JAPAN Classical Artist of the Year 2012 / 優秀クラシックアーティスト賞』を受賞!

Dec 18/19

「好 きな人ができたらその人のために曲を作って弾いてあげたい」と言った時の辻井伸行さんのはにかんだ笑顔がすごくいいと思った。When I heard that Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii said, "I like to play music for people", I thought of that nice, shy smile of him.

先 日kitaraに行ったのですが近くにいた女性の方がコンサートチケット買えなかったとしょんぼりしてました。来年4月というのにすごい人気!辻井伸行さ んのピアノだしちょう聴きたい The other day I was at Kitara <concert hall, Sspporo).  Lots of women there. I was disappointed that I could not buy tickets. Great popularity for April of next year! I want to hear the  piano pf Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii!

Dec 18 One of the best blog posts about a performance of Nobu - this one in Nagoya Aichi on Dec 16 - read the entire post in Nobuyuki Tsujii 2012-13 Japan Tour...辻井さんの演奏、とってもすばらしかったです。 ... 最後は、手を振りながらステージを降りていきました。
... Tsujii's performance, it was really great....
Finally, the went off the stage waving his hand.
Mr. Tsujii, so cute
I fell in love with the piano and personality of Mr. Tsujii increasingly.

Dec 17/18
終わりました~今日は気温があがらず、寒い一日でした~(>.<) 辻井伸行さんのピアノを聴きながら帰ります~奇をてらわない素直な演奏なのに、パッションを感じるのは何故だろう?(^^ゞ #所沢駅 <photo of cell phone screen showing photo of Nobu receiving his gold medal from Mr. Cliburn>  Temperature never rose today  - It was a cold day cold . Listening to the music of Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii while returning home, the honest playing of an extraordinary artist; I feel the passion.  tweet, Tokorozawa station

辻井伸行 Nobuyuki Tsujii performs"A sigh" by Franz Liszt「ため息」フランツリスト: こーゆーキラキラした感じ好きだなぁ。つーかため息がすごい好き♪   Nobuyuki Tsujii Performs "A Sigh" by Franz Liszt <with link to YouTube video> It feels like a glittering girl.  I breathe a sigh or two.  -tweet

あしたは辻井伸行さんに三木高の演奏聞いてもらう日  Tomorrow is the day when Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii will listen to a performance at  the Hyogo High School.   -tweet
...  完売とのことだったが、愛知県芸術劇場のコンサートホールで観客が満員となったコンサートは初めてだったので、拍手の大きさや響きに驚かされた。The concert was sold out and it was the first time that I attend a concert where the Aichi Arts Center Concert Hall was packed with the audience. I was surprised by the size and sound of applause.

Dec 17
24 日に放送される"1万人の第九"♬ 今年は豪華だなぁ♡ もちろん指揮者は佐渡さん?マッキーと一緒に"世界にひとつだけの花"←今CMで見ました(^-^) なによりピアノの辻井伸行さん♬楽しみ〜‼ 独身の頃に参加したことあるんですw楽しかった想い出♡w  ♬ This year's "Ninth of 10,000 people," to be broadcast on the 24th.  What luxury. Conductor, Mr. Sado of course. McKee with "only one flower in the world" ←I now see on CM (commercial).   More than anything Nobuyuki Tsujii on the piano I can not wait to see! I Have only participated once, the memory was fun-tweet

A Nobu fan in Japan wrote:
Wow! Nobu will even be on the Kouhaku Utagassen show?! I just can't believe how popular he is because the Kouhaku show <The year-end singing singing contest show> is still really a big deal in Japan and it's supposed to feature the most popular pop/enka singers. ... Nobu is so generous to come to play only one song. I wish NHK will tell us exactly when he will be playing since it's a long show. ..