Past Concerts

Photo from Nobuyuki's official site, from  Nobu's April 2011 concert in Edmonton, Canada

After the announcement of the winners at the Cliburn Competition, some skeptics openly questioned the feasibility of Nobu -- with his handicap -- to meet the grueling demands of international concert tours.  I think by now Nobu has effectively silenced these critics.  Since 2009, Nobu has traveled to North America, Europe, Russia and Australia to perform, wowing audiences everywhere with his music and inspiration. 
Nobu's concert performances are magical and even more enchanting than on video and CDs.  I have been to many and will attend many more, whenever and wherever  possible. 
Here are the tours and concerts for which I have collected information as they took place

I only started following Nobu's career in fall 2010.  For write-ups on his earlier concerts, try this:
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