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Best wishes to Tsujii-san on his ongoing tour in Japan (Own Compositions with Orchestra -- performing his own compositions and "Rhapsody in Blue" with the Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa) August 23-31. 
Please visit these pages for news, comments and photos about this tour:
Last 4 stops (Fukuoka, Osaka, Hiroshima, Nagasaki): Nobuyuki Tsujii "Home Brew & Rhapsody in Blue" Japan tour 2015 - Part 3.
♪ Next performance (performance No. 4 of 7): August 28 Friday 18:30 Acros Fukuoka (1,867 seats).  This performance has been sold out for months.
For news, comments and photos about this performance, please visit  Nobuyuki Tsujii "Home Brew & Rhapsody in Blue" Japan tour 2015 - Part 3.
♪ August 25 Tuesday 19:00 & August 26 Wednesday 14:00 Suntory Hall.
For news, comments and photos about these performances, please see  Nobuyuki Tsujii "Own Composition & Rhapsody in Blue" Japan tour 2015 - Part 2

♪ August 28
Suntory Hall ‏@SuntoryHall tweeted with an excellent photo:
Nobuyuki Tsujii played his original compositions and Gershwin's, w/ @oekjp lead by @yukolin78 http://www.suntory.com/culture-sports/suntoryhall/schedule/detail/20150825_M_3.html
And a lovely blog post by Japan personality 亀渕友香 Big Mama Yuka (singer/voice trainer, role model) - center in photo below
Nobuyuki Tsujii's concert
August 28, 2015 (Friday)
... Beautiful sound that was sparkling comes spilling from the fingertip,
Freshness like the babbling of a stream. At times tears my flew in secret.
He spreads brightness to the world of those who can see.
It was a colorful concert.
In the dressing room he allowed me to instinctively touch his fingertips.
He is young, a long way to continue still, and live for the sound.
Bright personality; straightforward sensibility; he is led by unusual circumstances.
Once again, I think of his beautful mother Itsuko,
Her head lowered [Determined], a strong woman.
♪ August 27
This photo that comes with a short blog post is by a music teacher who was at one of Nobu's performances in Suntory Hall this week. Notable in the accompanying photo, taken at the hall lobby, are lavish gift flower arrangements on display (one of which I believe is from Mrs. Akie Abe, spouse of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe). Please note also the thick packet of flyers in her hands -- these are handed out at concerts promoting upcoming events; the packet includes an evaluation of the performance and a survey for future preferences.
♪ August 26/27
Japan music writer Yoshiko Ikuma 伊熊よし子 updated her blog . She was at Nobu's Tokyo concert yesterday and wrote: "He was really having fun, taking on the jazzy rhythm, interacting in a dense dialogue of sound with the orchestra." The photo shown with the post is by her own admission not of very good quality, but "it does show the very delightful facial expression during the interview. His face was often looking downward when ever the camera was pointed at him. Basically, his is a very shy personality." I SO agree from my own experience.
An English translation of the article can be found at Nobuyuki Tsujii "Own Composition & Rhapsody in Blue" Japan tour 2015 - Part 2
♪ August 25
According to a tweet from
クラッシック音楽ランキン(classical music rankings): Nobu's "2015 Original Compositions" CD (released in January) is currently ranked 7th on  Amazon Japan classic chart, most likely on the strength of his ongoing "Homebrew & Classic" concerts. I believe Nobu's original music CDs far outsell his classical music CDs. The truth is, not many people are inclined to pay money for classical music recordings, which are amply available on YouTube/pirate sites. For Nobu's sake, I hope he keeps up with his original music compositions.
♪ August 23
Nobu performed the first of seven stops on his Own Compositions with Orchestra Japan Tour with the Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa
News, comments, videos and photos are collected here: Nobuyuki Tsujii "Own Composition & Rhapsody in Blue" Japan tour 2015 - Part 2

October 17 San Francisco recital tickets are now on sale!
Tickets for Nobu's October 17 recital are now on sale here (yes, I have purchased mine :-) 
There is also an Japan Society of Northern California   awards gala dinner following the performance, for which tickets can be purchased here
August 11
Nobuyuki Tsujii in Los Angeles Oct 20 2015   Tickets can now be ordered here
Nobuyuki Tsujii Piano Recital
Tuesday, October 20 8:00PM
Aratani Theatre
Los Angeles, CAlifornia
Tickets now on sale: http://web.ovationtix.com/trs/pe.c/10027301

image via Internet link
♪ Nobuyuki Tsujii in Boston, October 25 2015
Nobuyuki Tsujii performs in Boston's New England Conservatory's Jordan Hall (1,029 seats) this October! <----- New Concert
Nobu will play Beethoven's "Emperor" concerto at the season-opening concert of the Longwood Symphony Orchestra, whose members are "primarily healthcare professionals" and whose performances raise fund for community services. Tickets Info here and also on the website of the Japan Society of Boston
http://www.japansocietyboston.org/event-1995053 (discounts available for members of Boston Japan Society)
Nobu will attend a screening of "Touching the Sound" while in Boston, and there may be other activities.
August 12
This tweet seems to indicate some kind of gala concert in winter, in Chiba. To be investigated.
冬に八千代市民会館に辻井伸行がラ・カンパネラだとかピアノ協奏曲第三番とか弾きにくるのすごい行きたい めっちゃ高い
This winter Nobuyuki Tsujii in Yachiyo civic center -- La Campanella and Piano Concerto No. 3 gala -- the best -- wow, I want to go
.August 11
Individual tickets have just become available for the performance of Valery Gergiev & Nobuyuki Tsujii with the Munich Philharmonic at the Gasteig, Munich. Nov. 4 20:00.
Munich ticket
This performance is one of three that Nobu will give in Europe this fall: See Nobuyuki Tsujii in Europe fall 2015
August 10
Remember those postings about Mr. Friedemann Engelbrecht of the Teldex Studio flying in from Berlin to record at the Tokyo recitals of Nobu's Chopin/Liszt tour in July? I had predicted that the product, a Chopin sonata CD (No. 2 recorded in Tokyo and No. 3 in Berlin), will be released in time for Christmas/New Year. I was a little off ^_^ -- it's coming out on Oct. 21!
Amazon Japan listing
HMV announcement <-- NEW CD

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