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Congratulations to Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii on his smashing successes in Sydney, Australia May 19 - 22 => Nobu Fever swept Down Under
Congratulations to Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii for the successful conclusion of the 2017 Ultimate Concerto Concerts with violinist Mone Hattori
News, comments and photos are collected at => 2017 Ultimate Concerto Tour News, Photos & Comments - PART 2
NEXT  PERFORMANCE:  July 2 - 28 Nobuyuki Tsujii 2017 Premium Recitals 10 sold-out performances in Saitama, Osaka,Shimane, Nagano, Aichi, Akita, Yamagata, Tokyo
In spite of the higher ticket prices, Nobu's premium recitals have always been highly in demand and never failed to draw a full house. 
This year's is no exception.  I believe all 10 performances were sold out soon after tickets were released (handled separately for each venue).
♪  Elegy for Tsunami Victims -- 10 million views on YouTube
I was in Carnegie Hall on November 10 2011 when Nobu played this piece for encore.
I think few people in the audience were aware of what the piece was about at the time, although Nobu's emotion was evident.
Nobu's family, including his mother and grandparents, were seated in the balcony during the concert.
In recent years, several videos of Nobu's tearful performance showed up, and have caught wide attention on the web.
This U.K. post that came up today is typical of the reaction of people who see it for the first time =>
Serendipity brought me to this , and I'm so grateful . It's called "Elegy for the Victims of the Tsunami of March 11, 2011 in Japan" , and is emotionally performed by Nobuyuki Tsujii . It's hard to watch , as he dissolves into paroxysms of pain , and sobs and grimaces all through the performance . It moved me that he carried on , determined to honour his fellow countrymen and women , and add to that the fact that he's blind ,I ,like the audience , was stunned when it finished . I hope you can understand why it affected me so . Thank you everyone .
The view count is approaching ten millions on this copy of the video (uploaded March 2015) alone, and there are several other copies around also.
♪ June 20  FIVE MORE DAYS to listen to the fabulous ABC broadcast ...
of Nobuyuki Tsujii playing Chopin in Sydney Opera House with Sydney Symphony Orchestra & Maestro Bramwell Tovey -- please click photo for "Listen" button.
We once again thank  ABC classic FM (Australia national radio) for this very special treat -- your generosity will be remembered by Nobuyuki Tsujii Fans!
♪ June 18 End of the 2016-2017 Orchestral Season
It is June, and it is the end of season for symphony orchestras. They go on their summer break, and the next season starts in fall.
Today, I wanted to make a new headline photo for the Nobuyuki Tsujii fans facebook page, and as we are in a lull of Nobu's concert schedule (he is presumably busy readying himself for several new works), I looked back on this his orchestra performances this past season.
Quite impressive, as you can see here => End of the 2016-2017 Orchestral Season
Below is the collage photo that I put together to commemorate another great orchestral season for our indomitable Tsujii-san. I was limited to three photos in order to fit the Facebook format.

Top left: Nobu in the Berliner Philharmonie, May 15 2017.
Top bottom: Nobu in the Strasborugh Philharmonie, February 2017.
Right: Nobu in the Sydney Opera House, October 2016.
♪ June 18 Liverpool Phil's 2017-18 season brochure
I think this brochure has been out for a while, but I only just now got around to checking it out. Nobu shows up on P.37 => https://issuu.com/liverpoolphilharmonic/docs/season_1718_brochure_final
The 2018 Japan tour is not mentioned at all, although it is still listed on the orchestra's website http://www.liverpoolphil.com/on-tour
The brochure is aimed at subscribers, and it is evident that Maestro Petrenko is the draw in Liverpool -- he is practically on every page in the brochure  ^_^
♪ June 15 音楽と絵画コンサート  Music and Painting Concert
As in years past, Nobu does some lighter performances in Japan at the end of the year. This year, he is scheduled to do some concerts in which he plays music composed by himself as well as by Chopin and Debussy, under projection of images on screen.
One of these known performances takes place in Saga on November 23, which posted this announcement:

The program is the same as one that Nobu performed in Tokyo about the same time last year.
♪ June 14  May 15 Berlin performance can be heard on German Cultural Radio on July 13
I just looked up that radio broadcast mentioned in the concert program that I picked up at the Berlin Philharmonie concert hall on May 15, where it says:
der konzert wird von Deutschlandfunk Kultur aufgezeichnet und am 13. Juli 2017 ab 20.04 Uhr gesender. UKW 92.4 | Kabel 95.35
The concert will be recorded by Deutschlandfunk Kultur and will be broadcast on 13 July 2017 from 20.04 clock. FM 92.4 | Cable 95.35
Sure enough, I found the concert neatly listed on their website, with typical impeccable German precision ^_^
=> http://www.deutschlandfunkkultur.de/programmvorschau.282.de.html?cal:month=7&drbm:date=13.07.2017
So, please bookmark that page.  And it may be a good idea to check out the LIVE STREAM button (orange color on top) in advance, while you are on that page.
Not only will it be of interest to compare Nobu's performance of Chopin 2 in Berlin and in Sydney (only days later with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra & Bramwell Tovey), but the symphonic works under the baton of Vladimir Ashkenazy are exquisite. By the way, the Sydney performance can still be heard the rest of this month => http://www.abc.net.au/classic/content/2017/05/28/4673857.htm
June 6  Weekly TV segment on BS-Asahi starting July 6
Today, the Nobuyuki Tsujii Official Site posted this under the "What's New" section:

「辻井伸行 感動バックヤード」
7月6日(木) 21:54~22:00 スタート
※毎週木曜 放送
◆ BS Asahi
"Nobuyuki Tsujii  The Backyard of Inspiration"
Starting on July 6th (Thursday) 21: 54 ~ 22: 00
※ Every Thursday broadcast
The show is now mentioned on the website of singer 平原綾香Ayaka Hirahara, long-time friend of Nobu, who apparently will be the narrator of the segments => http://www.camp-a-ya.com/free/news/details.php?id=2795
And, Yura posted a photo of a flyer about the show that was handed out at the Hyogo concert last night (June 7)
Interesting description of the show on an announcement posted by the Avex Portal
辻井伸行 放送番組のお知らせ 「辻井伸行 感動バックヤード」
BS朝日 2017年7月6日(木) 21:54~22:00 スタート
※毎週木曜 放送
 Nobuyuki Tsujii Broadcast Program Notice
"Nobuyuki Tsujii Backyard of inspiration"
BS Asahi Starting on Thursday, July 6, 2017 from 21: 54 to 22: 00
※ Every Thursday broadcast
There are supporting people backstage -.
It is an unrecognized job to create a natural "world" that can be done well without taking up the spotlight. With dedication in their hearts, these people challenge themselves without expecting to be praised by the audience. But responding to the joy of the audience, shedding tears as human beings ....
Pianist NobuyukiTsujii gives an emotional melody playing,
Human drama of surprise and impression!
More at => "Nobuyuki Tsujii The Backyard of Inspiration" TV series
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