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The COE are already in Japan -- that's why Nobu had to hurry back to Tokyo last night.
♪ October 20, 21, 22  Nobuyuki Tsujii in Sydney, Australia
Congratulations to Nobu-kun for an impressive and successful Australia debut!  Have a safe trip home.
October 23 Pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii with Sydney Symphony Orchestra: sublime
This review by Peter McCallum of the Sydney Morning Herald (a major newspaper in Sydney) appeared after the last performance, so it is not a puff piece to promote ticket sales (which the concerts didn't need anyway).
Listening to Nobuyuki Tsujii play Beethoven's Piano Concerto in C minor, Opus 37, was like hearing the composer's score made flesh, or rather, its sonic equivalent. Every nuance, every accent and every marking of dynamic that the composer had troubled to notate was brought to audible substantiality with vividness, clarity and musical purpose, each phrase, texture and point of emphasis carefully balanced through close listening. There was nothing extraneous, no egotistic moments of show or pianistic vanity - just the music itself....
Read the entire review here => Pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii with Sydney Symphony Orchestra: sublime
Congratulations to Nobu, Maestro Ashkenazy and the orchestra!  ^_^
October 22 The Waltzing Matilda
The final performance of Nobuyuki Tsujii in Sydney Opera House was another great success. Bravos and loud applause that would not stop. The audience stamped their feet demanding an encore.  Nobu played his rendition of "Waltzing Matilda" to the delighted surprise of the full-house Australian audience and orchestra members.

And, yes, "Taronga Koala" bear made it to the hands of the great pianist, who looked happy and relaxed back stage and was  flying back to Japan in hours.
A Japanese ex-pat in Sydney who was at the concert yesterday made this nice blog posts with many great photos of the venue. The translation of the text will have to wait, but she wrote that she and two children were at two of the performances and they all teared up, especially when Nobu played "Matilda". She ended with "As a Japanese, I feel so proud."
A Nobu fan wrote:
Please find a photo of  (the angle of the stage from) where we sat today.
It was great seat to see Nobu, I could even see his finger nails!
Nobu was so relaxed and smiled when orchestra started the first movement.
I wish to be able to listen to the encore again..

Unfortunately, I don't think today's performance was filmed -- the filming happened on the first day.
[translated from a  Japanese blog post]
辻井伸行さんのピアノコンサート in Sydney
The piano concert of Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii in Sydney
2016-10-22 22:49:26! NEW
theme: Sydney life
Today's Sydney was overcast and chilly.
I went to the Beethoven concert of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.
Blind pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii was playing.
And conductor was Vladimir Ashkenazy originally from Russia.
Because I took piano lesson for about 10 years, I was looking forward to the performance of Mr. Tsujii.
In the concert program it says that he went to an Ashkenazy's concert when he was still in junior high school, and performing with the maestro is like a dream for him.
Although I attend concerts of the orchestra often, this was the earliest opportunity to experience the live music of Mr. Tsujii. This time, I could see really well Mr. Tsujii playing the piano.
I was seated third row from the piano. In the first half, conductor Ashkenazi was hidden behind the piano lid, but I was happy to be able to see him in the second half when the piano was not there.
Mr. Tsujii played for encore my favorite Australia song and (practically) the national anthem, "Waltzing Matilda", which he also played for children a a Sydney school
I think the elderly people sitting around me were in tears while listening to the performance,
And the eyes of my Aussie husband also glistened. The husband said in Japaneses," great, this is close to the feeling of listening to hometown music." In Japan, one can go to many classic concerts in aweek. Here, classical music is not to the taste of the Aussies. (In Sydney it would be hard to find a piano recital of Chopin and Liszt such as one that Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii played!)
It was a great satisfaction for the first time in a long time of classical music appreciation.
October 22
I just noticed that Mrs. Tsujii made two postings about Sydney on her blog. One about her visit to the wild life zoo in Sydney (not the same as the Taronga Zoo) http://ameblo.jp/tsujii-itsuko/entry-12211592900.html; the other is about the successful first performance. http://ameblo.jp/tsujii-itsuko/entry-12211616412.html
"Today's concert, the first day, has ended successfully
The venue this time is the Opera House, wonderful building that has also become a world heritage site
Wow, this concert hall seats 2,800.  We lookedforward to Nobuyuki playing here for the first time.
The seats were fully booked,and everyone listened to the performance with concentration.
There is another concert tomorrow and day after. 
Nobuyuki Tsuu performing under Conductor Mr. Asahkenazi, whom he respects.
He enjoys playing here."

October 21 Standing Ovation for Nobu at the Opera House

A Nobu fan who was at the concert saw the performance from this angel, and sent this report:

Firstly, I felt so sorry for Nobu, Ashkenazi and orchestra, as someone brought a baby in the concert, and baby kept making noise, so did some more kids, and a few people dropping stuff and disturbed audience a lot.
Otherwise concert was great, Nobu played Chopin étude 10-12 for encore.
Audience gave him standing ovation.
October 20 Thunderous and prolonged applause
 in Sydney Opera House today for Nobuyuki Tsujii, Vladimir Ashkenazy and Sydney Symphony Orchestra for their first performance of Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 3
More at  => Nobu's Sydney debut -- eyewitness account

In the concert program, Nobu's blindness is not mentioned.  Several people mentioned to us that they were unaware that Nobu is visually impaired.  The program also mentions that this (or one of the other two) performance will be broadcast on November 10 1PM on 92.9 ABC (Australia Broadcast Corp.) radio, which can be listened to online.
October 23
I missed this tweet posted by a diplomat back when it was posted on October 14 -- I think our friends in Japan would be pleased to see the accompanying photo with the flags of Japan and Australia side-by-side next to Nobu performing on the piano, and it captures so well the spirit of Nobu's first visit to Australia:
Excellent performance and beautiful repertoire by Nobu Tsujii for the 40th anniversary of the AUS JPN Treaty of friendship @ParliamentHouse
October 18
Bruce Miller, Australian Ambassador to Japan, tweeted with a new photo from the event at the Australia Parliament House 2016:
日豪友好協力基本条約40周年を記念し、オーストラリアの国会議事堂で14日に祝賀会が開催されました。ターンブル首相を始め両国関係者200人が列席し、盲目のピアニスト、辻井伸行さんがお祝いの演奏をされました。日豪関係は今後も幅広い分野で絆を強めてまいります Photo posted by Australian ambassdor to Japan Bruce Miller: "To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Australia-Japan Friendship and Cooperation Basic Treaty, a celebration was held on the 14th at the Houses of Parliament of Australia. About 200 people, including prime minister Turnbull, were in attendance. Blind pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii performed for the celebration. Australia-Japan relationship will continue to strengthen.
Comments and photos about the event are collected here => Nobuyuki Tsujj at the Australia Parliament House 2016

October 20 School Visit Concert Report on Nobu's Official Site
The Nobuyuki Tsujii Official Site has not yet posted a report for his performance yesterday, but there is a report on his Sydney school visit that I didn't notice before. "Prior to the performance at the Opera House, I was invited to visit the Sydney Japanese school. and interacted with students. Played the 'Polonaise in A-flat major', 'Cortona in the morning', and answered questions from the students. And students sang the school song to us, thank you. In return, I played 'La Campanella' and an impromptu performance of a famous Australian song ['Walzing Matilda']."  The report comes with one photo.
October 20 Free for your listening: Nobu's Central Park Concert
The Central Park concert of Nobu with the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra can now be listened to whenever you like, indefinitely; thanks to WQXR radio => here
October 11 Set of 3 Nobuyuki Tsujii DVDs available on Australia classical music site 
This is a packaging that I have not seen before: 3 DVDs (
White Night, Carnegie Hall debut, Touching the Sound) in a bundle for the bargain price of $45 Australian dollar (~34USD) => HERE
♪ Coming out soon on LP: ラ・カンパネラ~ヴィルトゥオーゾ・リスト! 辻井伸行 NOBUYUKI TSUJII plays LISZT
AVJL-25895 - recorded in Berlin, Germany
The CD version of this album was released on September 24, 2014
and available on U.S. Amazon
Now, a limited edition of the album, in LP (vinyl) will be released  on October 19:
October 1 New ALL-CHOPIN CD to release on November 23
I didn't see this new CD coming, but I should have. There is usually a Nobu CD released by Avex in time for New Year presents. And I am aware that when he was in Germany earlier this year, Nobu recorded the tracks that he played on his 2016 All-Chopin Recital  JapanTour. This CD is to release on November 23, and with tracks of Chopin's Op 10 (12 etudes) and four ballades.
The cover photo has not been revealed; it is not likely to be the one below.
 ♪ Brilliance of Venice"
A 15-second CM (commercial) of the Venice Renaissance Exhibition in Tokyo can be viewed here => http://www.tbs.co.jp/venice2016/movie/
You can hear in the background the theme music "Brilliance of Venice" composed by Nobu.
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