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Congratulations to Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii on his phenomenally successful debut in Vladivostok, Russia
Comments , photos, videos, etc. are collected at => Nobuyuki Tsujii in Vladivostok, Russia
Next performances: August 26, 27, 30浦文彰×辻井伸行デュオ・リサイタル Fumiaki Miura × Nobuyuki Tsujii duo recital
My news search today came up with a letter to the editor of the Arizona Daily Star, a newspaper of the state of Arizona in the U.S.:
Re: the Aug. 13 guest column "It may be hard for others to see, but I'm not defined by my disability."
Aurora Begay shared with us the story of Erin Wilson, who encountered a form of bigotry from her high school orchestra teacher when she was told that "to move up to the next level, (she) needed to have sight to read the notes on the sheet music." It is sobering to think that Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, José Feliciano, Nobuyuki Tsujii, Art Tatum, Diane Schuur and countless other musical legends would have failed an audition at that high school.
Linda, a blind professional pianist in the U.S., echoed the sentiment
I'll never be able to tell you how many times I have had trouble at auditions, for all kinds of things. They not only act like you can't learn the music, but I was auditioning as a singer, and if it was a choir, they acted like you were going to pass out and fall off the riser, that you couldn't walk down the aisle with everyone else in a church choir. And of course, how was I going to follow the conductor? Oh man! It was hard to believe the number of reasons they could come up with to try to keep you out! I'm sorry to hear that this is still going on!
The arts still have a way to go in terms of accepting people with any kind of disability.All of this just points out even more how incredible Nobu is, and how he has managed to get people all over the world to totally accept him! What an inspiration!
Indeed it is remarkable how Nobu has been accepted all over the world by audiences, orchestras, and conductors. But perhaps not by everyone, and perhaps that is the reason why Nobu has not been invited to perform with some prominent orchestras and conductors. I recall from the 2009 Cliburn Competition video documentary where the competition's orchestra conductor, James Colon, was asked about performing with Nobu, and the answer is -- I am paraphrasing from memory -- no problem if you are willing to work with Nobu his way. What does that mean? Normally, a conductor gets together with a soloist to go over the music score on paper and expects the soloist to follow the baton during performance. Nobu obviously cannot do that. There is/was a YouTube video of Nobu meeting with conductor Colon to go over the score of Rach 2 before their Cliburn performance, and the discomfort of Nobu was palpable, and perhaps as a result in the actual performance the orchestra was out of sync with Nobu at the start.
Perhaps not every maestro is willing to accommodate or capable of accommodating Nobu's "disability.
I bow my head to conductors who have worked wonders with Nobu, such as Vladimir Ashkenazy and Valery Gergiev.
♪August 16 "Tired and sweaty, he (Nobu) nevertheless came out to the press"
The Second International Mariinsky Far East Festival has come to a close in Vladivostok, Russia
But Nobu's August 9 performance there is not forgotten. He is mentioned in a Russian article "The festival that made our summer" that appeared in the Vladivostok News and Vladivostok Online
The triumph of a blind musician
The culmination of the symphonic program was the first performance in Vladivostok of the talented pianist from Japan, Nobuyuki Tsujii. Valery Gergiev even during a press conference at the beginning of the festival promised that the Nobuyuki Tsuji performance would be a real event in the cultural life of the regional center. And he was right.
Nobuyuki Tsuji is blind since birth. Already at an early age it became clear that Nobuyuki generously gifted musically: at the age of 12 he played in the largest concert hall in Japan. And today the 29-year-old pianist has performed in virtually all the largest halls of the world with the best orchestras ...
The concert, which took place at the Maritime Theater's Maritime Theater, ended with a grand ovation. The audience called Nobuyuki Tsuji for encores three times. And the young pianist, who performed Beethoven's Fifth Concert so masterfully and so emotionall, responded to the request of listeners: he played small works of Beethoven, Liszt and Tchaikovsky.
"It's a great pleasure and an honor for me to play with the Mariinsky Theater Orchestra and, most of all, with Valery Gergiev," the pianist said during a brief conversation  (tired and sweaty, he nevertheless came out to the press) with journalists. - This program, which I had in Vladivostok, is able to inspire and move any musician. The ovation, such a lively response of the public - I felt the energy of the hall; it gave me strength. For the first time in Vladivostok, for the first time I take part in the festival "Mariinsky", and it's a great honor."
The rest is text that we have already seen.
♪August 14 Чудо по имени Нобуюки Цудзи (A miracle named Nobuyuki Tsujii)
Today I stumbled upon this blog post in Russian, by someone who was at the August 9 Vladivostok concert
http://lubastic.livejournal.com/1570942.html [blog post in Russian)
Aug. 10th, 2017 at 12:45 AM
Today's evening was held under the motto "Endure Shchedrin  and you will be rewarded by Beethoven!".
Alas, Shchedrin's music is not much for me, and the "Enchanted Wanderer" with all its stylization for Orthodox hymns - well, was especially not mine. I politely persisted... 
And then ... (after) the intermission ... the MIRACLE began!
A miracle named Nobuyuki Tsuji, a blind young Japanese pianist who played Beethoven SO ... that along with his music my soul flew away ... and returned only with the final chord ...
There was a standing ovation, three times he played an encore; every note was admired each time !
It is delightful to read this concert goer's appreciation for Nobu, but I was previously under the mistaken assumption that Nobu played before the opera "Enchanted Wanderer" !  This means Nobu had to wait for two hours before his part came up in the program.  (And, sadly, the blogger wrote that a lot of people took leave during the intermission, after the lengthy opera.)
By all accounts, the August 9 performance in Vladivostok, Russia was a rousing success.
But the applause, the standing ovation, and the media attention would be old news all too soon.
What does leave a lasting impression on me, however, is the mutual respect between Nobu and conductor Valery Gergiev -- that again came across vividly in Vladivostok.
In this time of rising international tension, such mutual respect is especially reassuring.
And there is something else from Vladivostok that makes me share Nobu's esteem for Mr. Gergiev.
Read here, if you like => Thank you, Mr. Gergiev!
"Four Star Pianists to get to know on Holidays"
Shogo Yasuzaki, a flower arranger for many piano concerts to the concert, will introduce four star pianists who are sweeping the world along with the video of the program. Please look forward to it!
♪ Lang Lang, Yundi Li, Fazil Say, Nobuyuki Tsujii, Shogo Yasuzaki
Program details on the page indicates footage shown will include Fazil Say playing his arrangement of Mozart's "Turkish March" and Nobu playing Beethoven's Pathetique 2nd movement
According to The Nobuyuki Tsujii Official Site, the show will be shown twice
テレビ朝日 8月20日(日)9:00~9:30
BS朝日 8月27日(日)23:00~23:30
Nobu's Kapustin video
A twitter reminded me of Nobu's Kapustin video on YouTube (nearly half a million views), one of my all-time favorites:
"Nobuyuki Tsujii Kapustin/"8 Concert Etudes for Piano Op.40-2"
辻井伸行" カプースチン動画たくさんあるけど、やっぱりこれが一番好き
There are lots of Kapustin videos, but I like this all the way.
Indeed this is a stunning performance that Nobu gave in a TV studio in Japan at age 16, before he became famous worldwide.
The music of Russian Composer Nikolai Kapustin is the specialty of Dr. Masahio Kawakami, Nobu's long-time piano teacher, and most likely Nobu learned this piece from him. It is too bad that Nobu doesn't perform this piece anymore, to my knowledge.
Upcoming Concerts
A twitter posted a link to this YouTube video (which has had almost half a million views), with comment: "Nobuyuki Tsujii Kapustin/"8 Concert Etudes for Piano Op.40-2" 辻井伸行"  カプースチン動画たくさんあるけど、やっぱりこれが一番好き (There are lots of Kapustin videos, but I like this all the way.)  Indeed this was a stunning performance that Nobu gave in a TV studio in Japan at age 16, before he became famous worldwide. The music of Russian Composer Nikolai Kapustin is the specialty of Dr. Masahio Kawakami, Nobu's long-time piano teacher, and most likely Nobu learns this piece from him.  It is too bad that Nobu doesn't perform this piece anymore, to my knowledge.
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