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Nobuyuki Tsujii & Orpheus Chamber Orchestra in U.S. 2016
Nobuyuki Tsujii & the Orpheus -- 2016 Japan tour news, comments and photos
June 25 Saturday 7:30 PM ((U.S.A. Central Time)  listenable online LIVE on Minnesota Public Radio.
Nobu & the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra at the Minnesota Beethoven Festival.
Concert information
Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 3
Winona Middle School Auditorium

Image source: sheppardsoftware
Nobu & the Orpheus at Suntory Hall, 6/15
June 25  The sky has not yet fallen.  There will always be BEETHOVEN.
Nobu's Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 1 performance will be re-broadcast on BS-NTV June 25th 7:00~8:00 Japan time BS日テレ(再放送)
Nobu's Beethoven Piano Concerto No.3 at the Minnesota Beethoven Festival, Saturday June 25th, 7:30 PM (USA Central time) on Minnesota Public Radio.
Nobu's Beethoven Piano Concerto No.5 "Emperor" at Naumburg Bandshell, Central Park, New York, June 28th, 7:30 PM (USA Eastern time) on New York's WQXR
Image source: Peanut Cartoons
June 24
Posting on Facebook page of Minnesota Beethaven Festival --  The weather forecast there calls for rain and 32°C (90°F!)
"The Festival piano embarking on its first of several trips around town over the next few weeks – today it is off to the Winona Middle School auditorium where pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii will play Beethoven’s Third Piano Concerto with the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra tomorrow night."

June 24
I believe this is the first time that Nobu's name is mentioned by New York Times' classical music chief reviewer Anthony Tommasini:
"Orpheus Chamber Orchestra at Naumburg Bandshell (June 28)... After the 'Coriolan' Overture, the pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii will be soloist in the exciting 'Emperor' Concerto. The program ends with Beethoven’s stormy Fifth Symphony. About 1,000 seats are provided, but many more people enjoy the music while sitting on nearby benches and patches of lawn."
June 24
New York radio WQXR posting about next week's performance
Listen Live: Orpheus and Nobuyuki Tsujii in Central Park
On Tuesday at 7:30 pm, tune in to hear an all-Beethoven concert by Orpheus Chamber Orchestra and pianist Nobuyki Tsujii broadcast live from Central Park's Naumburg Bandshell. WQXR's Annie Bergen hosts the concert, part of the 111th season of free performances at the bandshell.

The program opens with the Coriolan Overture, which is in the same key and invokes a similar expressiveness as Beethoven's Symphony No. 5, composed one year later. The Fifth Symphony closes the program. In between, you'll hear Tsujii, the joint winner of the 2009 Van Cliburn International Piano Competition, as soloist in the Emperor Concerto. Tsujii has overcome his blindness to perform at the world's leading venues, including Carnegie Hall, the BBC Proms at Royal Albert Hall in London and Vienna's Musikverein.

Founded in 1972, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra is known for performing without a conductor. Instead, it rotates musical leadership roles for each work and strives to perform diverse repertoire through collaboration and open dialogue. In addition to its annual series at Carnegie Hall, Orpheus tours nationally and internationally.

Listen to the interview with and performance by Tsujii from his 2014 appearance at The Greene Space: ..

June 23
Tweeted by Naumburg Concerts
Please join us in welcoming @TheCliburn winner Nobuyuki Tsujii next Tuesday at 7:30pm with @orpheusnyc on @WQXR.
This is Nobu's first ever open-air concert performance, in New York's Central Park on June 28th.
Let's hope it doesn't rain and, do bring insect repellents, Tsujii-san!
June 23
Dr. Masahiro Kawakami, Nobu's long-time piano teacher, updated his blog today.
It seems that Mr. K was at the June 16 Suntory Hall concert, but he also wrote about a current music magazine issue that has articles about Valery Gergiev and Nobu.  Here is my rough translation of his post.
Tsujii-kun & Gergiev

2016-06-23 Thu
I have been working overtime, but last week I was also invited to a Suntory peroformance of Nobuyuki Tsujii and the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, and I had to leave work for it.  That was because this time he was adding a new  Beethoven concerto to his repertoire.  I have a strong fondness for Beethoven and just had to go to listen.  The Suntory concert was delightful and seemed a great success.
By chance one morning last week I wanted to bring to work at the music college a book that has been written about half of the lifetime of Mr. (Valery) Gergiev, and the book was placed beside the next issue (July issue) of the 'Buraabo' (a Japanese music magazine).  So I opened the issue because it was about Mr. Gergiev (LOL).
Then, when I opened the first page, there is a big publicity page about the concerto concert of Nobuyuki Tsujii in October.  Thus, the magazine gives notice this month  to these two people who have been active in the center of the Japanese music world....
Please read the rest of the translation here => Notable web postings - June 2016
Editorial: Mr. Kawakami got together with Nobu in St. Petersburg in April of this year, when Nobu made a surprise performance there with Gergiev.  See here.

PHOTO: Nobu with Mr. and Mrs. Kawakami at the home of Valery Gergiev, from a blog post of Dr. Kawakami
June 23
The Cliburn Foundation is currently holding an international competition for amateurs. On their webcast today, there was an interview (in English) of a contestant, Mari Yoshihara, a professor at the University of Hawaii who wrote a book about the 2009 Professional Competition (co-won by Nobu). In this video, she is interviewed starting at 2:29, and at 3:31 Nobu is directly mentioned.
June 22
スタジオジブリ制作による丸紅グループの企業イメージ映像 第二作について
BGM 辻井伸行様の作曲・演奏
Marubeni Group corporate image video, second installment, by Studio Ghibli for the
wildlife anime "Entanglement"
music composed & performed by Nobuyuki Tsujii

There is an announcement of the imminent release of a CD-book "What Color is the Wind Today", with 10 tracks of Nobu's music (Beethoven, Chopin, Rachmaninov, Ravel, Debussy) and readings by his mother Mrs. Itsuko Tsujii. 62 minutes in length.
[ 辻井伸行 ]
CDブック「今日の風、なに色?」(辻井伸行【ピアノ】 辻井いつ子【文】)発売のお知らせ

発売日: 6/24(金)
June 20
😄 Nobuyuki Tsujii -- UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT! <= What does it mean?  My thoughts here.
Nobu is now officially represented worldwide (except in Japan) by the well respected management firm 'HarrisonParrott'. Let's hope this will spell great things for our Nobu: MORE LONDON PERFORMANCES PLEASE!!
Here is the announcement => http://www.harrisonparrott.com/news/pianist-nobuyuki-tsujii-signs-harrisonparrott
Pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii signs to HarrisonParrott
20 June 2016
HarrisonParrott is delighted to welcome pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii (Nobu) to its roster for worldwide general management excluding Japan.! ...
June 20
Here it is, a radically different cover photo for Nobu's new CD, coming out on July 20 -- https://t.co/3yXsXX4AGK
リスト: ピアノ・ソナタ/ラヴェル: 夜のガスパール
Liszt: Piano Sonata / Ravel: Gaspard de la nuit
Nobuyuki Tsujii

2016/07/20 発売 Release
JAN/ISBN 4988064259038
辻井伸行のベルリン・セッション録音最新盤は、「プレミアム・リサイタル」シリーズでとりあげ、国内外で喝采を博した超本格派の2作品。ピアノ・ソナタ ロ短調は、"ピアノの神"リストの唯一のソナタで、技巧的にも音楽的にもきわめて複雑・高度にして深遠なもの。夜のガスパールは、ラヴェルが「歴史上最も 難しいピアノ曲を書こう」と意気込んで作曲したもの。いずれも、技術面のみならず音楽表現力においてピアニストの実力が最高度に求められる。辻井伸行が世 界で高く評価されるゆえんが、ここに明らかになります。
Nobuyuki Tsujii's  Berlin session recording of recent works performed in his "premium Recital" series, two classical standards that have gained acclaims at home and abroad. Piano Sonata in B minor is the only sonata of Franz Liszt, the "God of the piano,"  profoundly artful and musically highly complex.  "Gaspard of the night" was composed by Maurice Ravel, who wrote excitedly, "I want to write the most difficult piano music in history."  Both works require the pianist with the  highest degree in  musical expressive power, and not just technical proficiency. Here it becomes clear why Nobuyuki Tsujii is highly regarded in the world.
HMV Japan
♪ June 16
The NTV broadcast of Nobu's Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 1 performance took place after midnight.
Most people probably taped the show for viewing later.  But there is also a re-broadcast on the 25th 6月25日(土)朝7:00~8:00 BS日テレ(再放送)
lots of comments =>Nobuyuki Tsujii BEETHOVEN Piano Concerto No. 1 -- NTV broadcast
A video of the show can now be viewed on your computer => here, or in the video screen just below -- the performance starts at time mark 8:44.
I consider myself fortunate to have seen this video.  Nobu's performance of this concerto is OUTSTANDING.  The sound is crisp and vibrant, played with confidence and joy.  And he never even broke a sweat!
The Yomiuri Nippon Orchestra posted a detailed transcript of Nobu's interview by announcer 松井咲子 Sakiko Matsui.
I worked up a translation of it, which can be read here, if you like =>Nobuyuki Tsujii BEETHOVEN Piano Concerto No. 1 -- NTV broadcast

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