Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why isn't Nobu coming to perform in my part of the world? FAQ - 4

Q:  Why does Mr. Tsujii rock/shake/sway his head and body? 
FAQ - 2

Q: Is Mr. Tsujii autistic? Might he be an “idiot savant”? Does he have Down's Syndrome? FAQ - 2

Q. How do you pronounce "Nobuyuki Tsujii"? FAQ-1

Q. What does Nobuyuki's name mean in Japanese? FAQ - 3

Q: What is the nature of Nobuyuki's blindness? FAQ-1

Q: How does Nobuyuki learn to play music that he cannot read? FAQ-1

Q. Does Nobuyuki' have perfect pitch? FAQ - 3

Q. How long does it take Nobuyuki Tsujii to learn to play a new work? FAQ-1

Q: Who are Nobu's favorite composers? FAQ - 3

Q: Who are some of Nobuyuki's favorite classical pianists? FAQ - 3

Q: How does Nobuyuki record his compositions? FAQ - 3

Q: Where can I get sheet music for Nobu's own compositions such as  "Whisper of the River"? FAQ - 4


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