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Nobuyuki Tsujii Interview - 毎日新聞 10/24/2012

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It was a promotional article for the "
Suntory 9th concert of 10,000 people" to take place in Osaka on December 2. 
Judging from the text, the interview, by Japanese writer 出水奈美Idzumi Nami for the Mainichi News (
毎日新聞 Everyday News),  took place shortly after Nobu's 24th birthday on September 13, 2012.  Scroll down for the original Japanese text.

Crucible of Creation: Experience overseas piled on the stage of the "Ninth", Nobuyuki Tsujii
Mainichi (Everyday) News 10/24/2012  Osaka edition

Climbing a High Wall for a Dream
It is not an exaggeration to say that Nobuyuki Tsujii is the most popular pianist in Japan now.  After winning the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition in 2009, the sales of his concert tickets have escalated. He has since extended to composing for movies and dramas.  He is also growing in reputation as a composer for his original songs in the romantic style.

Clad in fashionable attire, a black leather jacket, he appeared for an interview. "I graduated from my university.   I'm a 24-years-old as of last Sunday. " His facial expression was completely calm.  Immersed in more than three years of a tumultuous environment in Japan and blessed with great opportunities of overseas performances, he has grown steadily as a pianist.

One of them is the New York debut last fall. Invited
by the prestigious Carnegie Hall  to perform in the "Keyboard Virtuosos" series,  which has featured piano virtuosos in the world such as Pollini , Mitsuko Uchida, and Kissin. "During the encores, my emotion got better of me and  tears streamed out.   It was the first time that I cried at a performance.  I was feeling happy for the privilege of being in the mix of famous people while I am still a rookie.   I thought I am only standing at the starting line, and I resolved to devote myself to practice more."

Other opportunities included performing with giant conductor and piano virtuoso  <Vladimir> Ashenazy, and with the charismatic Russian conductor <Valery>  Gergiev.  In May this year,  Tsujii appeared with the London Philharmonia Orchestra in a subscription concert.   "I  listened to the CDs of  Maestro Ashkenazy's Chopin from a young age.   I never dreamed that the person who played the concerto on CD would be conducting  right in front of me.   I thought  it was a God given  opportunity. "  The conductor specifically requested Prokofiev's Piano Concerto No. 3 as a first challenge.   'It was a difficult musical piece among difficult musical pieces.  I became addicted to practicing the cool piece."  While talking, Tsujii's fingers danced on his lap as if he was playing the piano, perhaps with the song ringing in his head.

In July this year, Tsujii performed Tchaikovsky's "Piano Concerto No. 1" with Gergiev and the Mariinsky Orchestra in St. Petersburg. A concert in Italy next year with Valery Gergiev has been decided.

Tsujii regrets that "playing overseas more has reduced my opportunity to play in Japan".   He is now playing Chopin and Debussy on the long-awaited Japanese tour.  It was also decided that he would make a guest appearance in the "Suntory Ninth Concert of 10,000 people" in the Osaka Castle Hall on December 2, playing under the baton of Yutaka Sado.

He added with a smile, " I also want to be a composer like Mozart in history",  speaking about his dream. "I am the  type that burns as  the hurdle gets higher."  [Written by 出水奈美Idzumi Nami]

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