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Most recent first, not including anthology albums such as the "THE BEST album (2014) and "Nobuyuki Tsujii Chopin & Liszt" (2014)

"Impressions" 辻井伸行 印象派コレクション~テレビ東京「美の巨人たち」テーマ収録, to be released July 22, 2015. There are 14 tracks of compositions by Debussy, Ravel and Nobu himself. Details on this page.  AVEX Classics listing
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マエストロ!~辻井伸行 with オーケストラ自作集 Nobuyuki Tsujii Works Piano with Orchestra (Maestro! ~ Tsujii Nobuyuki own compositions with orchestra)
AVCL-25864 -- recorded in Japan
Release date 2015/01/28
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(NOTE: This CD has the complete "Emperor" concerto and the complete  "Coronation" concerto.)
 ♪ ラ・カンパネラ~ヴィルトゥオーゾ・リスト! 辻井伸行 NOBUYUKI TSUJII plays LISZT
AVCL-25837 - recorded in Berlin, Germany
Release date September 24, 2014

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"Touching the Sound -- The Improbable Journey of Nobuyuki Tsujii", DVD/Blu-ray by Peter Rosen
released on July 29, 2014 by EuroArts Music.
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My thoughts: Nobuyuki Tsujii "Touching the Sound".
DVD of the Month, Gramophone Editor's Choices - October 2014
"It is not only an improbable journey but a compelling and inspirational one.'

『月の光 ~ 辻井伸行』 plays ドビュッシー "Clair de Lune - Nobuyuki Tsujii plays Debussy"
AVCL25794 - recorded in Germany
One disc of 11 tracks, including
Arabesque [No. 1 / No. 2]
● [Clair de Lune / Passepied Prelude / minuet /] Bergamasque Suite
● [Garden dusk / Rain Pagoda / Granada] Prints
Island of joy