About this site

Nobu and Yours Truly in Liverpool, U.K., November 20 2014

This site was launched on the eve of Nobuyuki Tsujii's 22nd birthday (he was born on September 13, 1988), in September 2010,  by an ardent admirer, M. L. Liu,  who lives in California, U.S.A.  I am not related to Mr. Tsujii, nor am I  a publicist for the pianist.

The site was created primarily for my own interest, to collect and preserve memorable artifacts about Nobuyuki, including items that might otherwise disappear all too soon from cyberspace.  I also hope that the information that I have collected may be of interest to other fans of Nobuyuki Tsujii, especially those who do not read or speak Japanese.

Since discovering Nobuyuki through the 2009 Van Cliburn Competition video documentary "A Surprise in Texas",  my life has been immensely enriched by this extraordinary artist.  I have acquired all of his CDs and am frankly addicted to his music.  I have attended numerous of his live performances on multiple continents, including his Carnegie Hall debut recital in November, 2011,  and have plans to attend many more.  I consider myself fortunate to be a witness to the many accomplishments of Nobuyuki Tsujii.

Nobuyuki is magical and endearing, and I can't wait to see and hear more from and of him.

All materials collected on this site are included purely for the enjoyment of the fans of Mr. Tsujii, and not for profit.  No copyright infringement is intended in their presentation.