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Blogs in Japan
Notable blog posts:
- July 2011 A Japanese blog that discusses Nobu's music, and cites three performances (with audio) considered by this blogger to be
outstanding even by the standard of Horowitz and Richter (See entries on July 15, 2011 and July 22, 2011)
-July 2011 A tribute to Nobu, in Japanese

- Jan 2, 2012  A blog post that reads like a poem, with a picture of snow in the mountains, and an unforgettable line about Nobu's Carnegie Hall performance as shown on a TV special on New Year Day.
- June 2010 blog that summarizes in details an NHK TV special
"Gene of the Heart" 『心の遺伝子』 about Nobu and long-time piano teacher Mr. Masahiro Kawakami  English translation A July 16, 2012 blog post by someone who was in St. Petersburg and attended Nobu's White nights Festival performance.
- Classical Music Blogspot July 24, 2012 "Nobuyuki Tsujii – simply a great pianist", in English

Blogs and Forums from the Cliburn Competition
Since I missed the Cliburn event when it took place in 2009, I looked all over the web for comments about the event.  I wanted to read what people had to say about Tsujii's win, knowing that it must have been controversial.  It was not easy, but here are some links to pages that, as of fall 2010, still exist.