The Ishinomake Piano video

"A single pianist imbues this piano with light"

The original "Lights of Japan" Ishinomaki Piano Video is available for viewing on a Japanese government website:
- there is a copy of it on YouTube
Photo: Nobuyuki Tsujii performing on the Ishinomake Piano -- as seen on a video shown at the World Economic Forum on Jan 27.

"The Ishinomake piano is a grand piano salvaged from the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan in 2011. The piano belongs to the Sarukoya Music Store, a family-owned business operated for 90 years
The tsunami tore through the music store, thrusting instruments through the front windows. The shop’s proprietor, Mr. Inoue, found one of his cherished pianos in the street, crushed under a car. He was convinced his business was forever ruined. Volunteers, some armed with toothbrushes, painstakingly cleaned the shop and salvageable instruments for weeks. Mr. Inoue himself undertook the most important project: restoring the one piano to survive among the 30 once in his store.
This one piano, though perhaps never again pitch-perfect, has become a symbol of restoration for all in Ishinomaki."

Thanks to Nobu fan sunsoon,  you can now also read the story in a blog post by an announcer of Asahi-TV

In December 2011, the piano was shipped to a studio in Tokyo, where Nobuyuki Tsujii performed on it for the filming of a video that was shown at the 2012 World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland.

Kaoru Koyama, the maker of the video (born 1964), was interviewed for this article at .  Following is an excerpt, translated from Japanese:

The first task of for his business was to produce a video for the "Japan Night 2012" at the Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. That event featured a star chef and wines of Japan, and a speech by actor Ken Watanabe, calligraphy art, and a variety of surprise.
"In the food, there were things like marshmallows and kumquat, to provide a surprising combination. "We have also prepared a similar combination of unlikely things."
While the venue was boiling with excitement, the documentary footage was shown. .It features victims in Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture, and a piano restored from the ravage of the Eastern Earthquake, and a beautiful percussive tone played on the piano by Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii.
It was a somewhat surprising video "That, in the sense that beyond the imagination of people, it can be said with surprise. It fills the gap between the feeling and imagination that produces a surprise, not what it will lead to the impression Some visitors said to us. "This is the best Japan Night ever", I was glad."
(Translated from Japanese)

On March 14 2012, a blog post came up with a detailed compilation of the web postings about the video, including a collection of tweets that I had seen but could not comprehend. Some moving details include:

  • ビ デオの話 《光 ー LIGHTS OF JAPAN》 「辻井伸行さんの被災ピアノでの演奏が世界へ」辻井さんはそう言って、一つの提案をしました。「もう1曲やらせてください。」 Mr. Tsujii said, "Please let me do one more song." (He played "Still we live", his own composition, which did not appear in the video.)
  • When workers packed  the piano after Mr. Tsujii's playing, they removed the legs and found mud from the tsunami trapped in them   Even after the cleaning, mud was still oozing out.  By then Mr. Tsujii had left the studio.   "We wish we could have let him touch it by the hand."
On January 14 2018, Nobu fan Sunsoon found a page that has a collection of postings about Nobu's performance on the piano


On June 21, this blog post by an American scholar in Tokyo came up:

Lights of Japan
June 21, 2012 by tokyonancysnow   
(Nancy Snow is a Fulbright Professor teaching American Foreign Policy and American Culture at Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan)

<Photo of Nobuyuki Tsujii and the
Ishinomake Piano top the article>
 What the world needs now is the light of “Resilience.” With thanks to people all over the world, we would like to create things that serve as lights to the world. This film was created for “Japan Night,” a side event of World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2012 at Davos.

Come for the music. Stay for the story.  This beautiful short film, Lights of Japan, must be seen by more people than those lonely few who visit the Japanese Government Internet TV site.  I have a feeling Lights of Japan has been seen exclusively by a select group of the world’s elite cozying up at Davos.  That’s not good enough.  It must be seen by the masses, because it’s the elite and the masses who are going to rebuild Japan.

When I asked my Sophia students if they had seen the film, they all said no.  Hmm, I thought.  Why is this such a hidden gem?  I realize that it was made for Japan Night at Davos, but it is a public domain film or it wouldn’t be linked to the Japanese government website.

The Japanese government produced the film with private partners and the film production quality is high.  The problem is the distribution, which is a critical part of the planning for any film.  If Marshall McLuhan’s “the medium is the message,” still applies, then the message of Lights of Japan is suffering due to poor media distribution.  You won’t find this film on YouTube (yet), nor will you find it easily on the Internet.  I had to dig and dig until I found the “Japanese Government Internet TV” webpage.  Believe me, that URL does not glide off one’s tongue.

Watch the film and tell me what you think.  What’s your favorite scene?  Mine is that lengthy pause before Nobuyuki Tsujii starts playing the first notes on the restored piano.  The classical music is extraordinary and the first time I watched this I had tears in my eyes.  It is truly inspirational to watch the resilience of the Japanese people a year after the earthquake and tsunami.  The message of resilience and hope is a message that is ripe for the world, so I hope the world will see this.

I could not resist posting a comment   on the page:

Hi, I am American and I know this video well.   In fact, I created a page about it on my website for international fans of Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii:
On the page you will find extensive information about that video, collected by me.

You are right - this video is not well known in Japan - mainly because it is not on YouTube and even more so  because the narrative is in English.    Mr. Tsujii's own official site mentioned the video on a Januray 2012 entry on  this page, ending with "全編英語。(completely in English)"   I have also heard from some Japanese citizens that they thought the video has too much government propagandizing.

I agree that it is a beautifully made video.  I teared up also when I watched it for the first time (after waiting for a very long time for it to show up on the web --  in fact, I wrote to notify the webmaster of Mr. Tsujii about the video's appearance) and again when I read that Mr. Tsujii begged, during filming, to be allowed to play one more piece, an elegy ( それでも、生きてゆく) that he wrote for the earthquake victims.  Of the three pieces that Mr. Tsujii played on the restored piano, only Liszt's "The Sigh" was finally used on the soundtrack for the video.

As you can easily tell, I am a huge fan of Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii. He has made numerous performances to raise funds for the earthquake reconstruction, the latest in March in Paris at a UNESCO concert with Mr. Yutaka Sado and others.  When he performs abroad, such as last week in Taiwan, he also gives thanks for helps offered  to Japan during the 2011 disaster.

I was delighted that Professor Snow posted this reply to my comment:
How wonderful to hear from you and thanks so much for sharing the link from your website that gives more information. I did not know Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii until I watched this video. He is an wonderful cultural ambassador for Japan, as well as exquisite pianist who breathes so much emotion into every note. I look forward to downloading some of his music for my enjoyment and meditation. I greatly appreciate your note. Btw, every government uses propaganda. That’s to be expected. I once worked at the United States Information Agency (USIA) and we were the government propaganda agency responsible for “telling America’s story to the world.” Such films like “Lights of Japan” are going to present a positive, forward-looking message. We saw all the negative media stories coming out of Japan. We know that many mistakes were made by the Japanese government and private industry regarding not only a lack of information but even withholding of information about the dangers in the aftermath. This film has a different purpose, propagandistic, I suppose, but nevertheless a beautiful, powerful message that doesn’t seem to do harm but uplifts. As I say at the beginning of my blog, “Come for the music. Stay for the story.” If nothing else, just watch the video for the music.

On April 7, this article appeared
昨 年1月の世界経済フォーラム(ダボス会議)では、全盲の世界的ピアニスト辻井伸行さんが再生ピアノを弾く映像が流され、日本からの復興メッセージとして世 界のエスタブリッシュメントに送られた。ピアノは東京・銀座のヤマハ楽器のスタジオに運ばれ、そこで辻井さん演奏の収録が行われた。
さらに渡部さんは 「カネを持っている人がカネを出していないのが日本の一番の問題」 とセレブらの 寄付文化の薄さを指摘した。
The stricken Ishinomaki piano,  Cyndi Lauper,  coco O.N.E., GLAY,  Mr. Tsujii
Apr 07, 2013
... When the U.S. popular singer Cyndi Lauper visited Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture in March last year, she bought a piano restored from the tsunami, to be presented to Ishinomaki City Hospital.
At the World Economic Forum(Davos) in January last year, a video was shown of blind pianist Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii playing the piano, as a message about the reconstruction of Japan. The piano was transported to the Ginza Yamaha, Tokyo, for the  recording of the performance of Mr. Tsujii. <See the video here:>
<The article mentions other celebrities who contributed:  Coco O.N.E. and GLAY(a rock band) and lamented the culture of "thinness of donation" by celebrities in Japan.>

◆In January 2013, in an article that appeared in the Seattle Times, Nobu answered a question about performing on the Ishinomake Piano:
Q: In December 2011, you played a grand piano — part of your benefit work for earthquake victims — that was restored after being damaged in Japan’s quake earlier that year.
A: In March (2011), the eastern part of Japan was hit by a huge earthquake, and coasts were seriously damaged by a gigantic tsunami. In May, I met students from a devastated area. A young girl said her house had been washed away and she had lost her piano. It was shocking and heartbreaking. I imagined that one day, if I lost my piano, I would feel as if I’d lost my life.
Since then, I’ve wished to help and use music to soothe the pain and sorrow of those who lost family, friends, a lover, or other important parts of their lives. In December, I was given an opportunity to play this restored piano that had been totally washed out by the tsunami.
It was carefully and patiently restored, though it was not at the standard of a normal concert grand. But when I played it, I felt as if the piano was telling me stories about its own painful experience. The piano had survived, but, probably, he may have lost his partner, the person who had shared the joy of making music together. And there were many other pianos who lost their partners, and many people who lost their pianos. I felt the piano was moaning and grieving. Yet, those who had survived, including the piano, have the future to live. It was a deeply emotional experience.

Here is a 2012 news  article about the video -- rough English translation   According to this article, the video was shown 4 times during a party held on "Japan Night", and received a round of applause from the guests, which included former Prime Minister Sadako Ogata.
And here is an article that came up in late February:

On March 14 2012, this blog post came up with a detailed account of the web postings about the video, including a collection of tweets that I had seen but could not comprehend.
Rough English version

The text of the blog post is copied below for preservation.  Some moving details include:
  • ビデオの話 《光 ー LIGHTS OF JAPAN》 「辻井伸行さんの被災ピアノでの演奏が世界へ」辻井さんはそう言って、一つの提案をしました。「もう1曲やらせてください。」 Mr. Tsujii said, "Please let me do one more song." (He played "Still we live", his own composition, which did not appear in the video.)
  • When workers packed  the piano after Mr. Tsujii's playing, they removed the legs and found mud from the tsunami trapped in them   Even after the cleaning, mud was still oozing out.  By then Mr. Tsujii had left the studio.   "We wish we could have let him touch it by the hand."


◇ during the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum (Davos) "JAPAN NIGHT" has been screened at (the night of January 26 local), the message to the world from Japan was held in Switzerland in January 2012
Video called "--- LIGHTS OF JAPAN light" has been published.

Resilience tone of a grand piano survived the disaster, want to convey to the world

※ Resilience: (force overcoming resilience, resiliency, and difficult) .

Put the message "The Power of Japan can contribute to the world", "force Japan to recover from the disaster",
Was produced as a 5-minute video message remains in the heart of Japan feelings.

Play the piano as this axis, has been restored by the hands of people to the world pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii, while victims in the city of Ishinomaki.

Based on the contents of this tone, that will convey the light of various Japanese.

※ planning and production: Examines Kaoru Koyama (writer broadcast, Orange & Partners representative) /

Full-length English / about 5 minutes

Video and can be seen from here ↓ ↓.
[The original short film 'Lights of Japan' for 'Japan Night' at Davos in 2012;

What the world needs now, is the light of "Resilience".
With thanks to people all over the world, we would like to create things that serve as lights to the world.
This film was created for "Japan Night", a side event of World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2012 at Davos.

(Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii, pianist)

Video work, this axis the music Nobuyuki Tsujii plays the grand piano damaged by tsunami the earthquake East, played in the hands of shopkeepers instrument in Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan rising from disaster, you try to contribute to the world representation of the power of.

Not only to appeal to Japan to foreign countries,

Here is that it is put into it the thought that light also want to feel the Japanese people.
(At least, end quote)

Here, when an episode of last year, this performance was recorded.

I was impressed by gently pure and strong performance ·;;

To see the site's Sarukoya instrument,
Will look like in someone's eyes read the tweets, Sun Tsujii is to play;;
☆ "to the world at the piano playing of Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii disaster"

Sarukoya instrument was involved in the tsunami in Ishinomaki "( Http://Www.Sarukoya.Com/ there is a musical instrument shop called).
It was also affected, but a fine grand piano, was allowed to play it over time ( Http://Www.Sarukoya.Com/fukkou.Html ).

Yesterday, Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii is that playing the piano.
It is shed in the video at the World Economic Forum next year.
Summarized the tweets of Mr. Watanabe was playing its coordination. "By takoratta ...

Good morning.
Grand piano that has been repaired and play the tsunami in Ishinomaki.
Tokyo has moved towards this time, you will arrive in the afternoon.
Tomorrow, played by pianist Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii,

Will be included as a video message to the World Economic Forum.
The president came on the scene also includes an 82-year-old musical instrument shop was repaired.
watanabekodaira 2011/12/27 08:44:33

Through this earthquake, we have support in connection with the people through the net myself.
Kumiko this time, did a grand piano and playing bridge of Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii,
Seems puzzled by the news about the disaster from the music store "(that's me) a total stranger" first.
watanabekodaira 2011/12/27 08:56:04

Twitter is also an opportunity was tied 82-year-old president of musical instruments store with me.
E-mail exchange with the president does not have one but that it has more than once. Just call and talk face to face always.
Notch in the net, direct interaction was born rich.
watanabekodaira 2011/12/27 08:58:52

Through Twitter, we can also can help the earthquake in your neighborhood friends also.
I feel just as well as information gathering and outgoing, seeking a direct relationship, what you want from the development of the relationship then, and I wish that the tool also can be used as a net.
watanabekodaira 2011/12/27 09:02:59

I wish I want you to arrive safely, piano playback.
watanabekodaira 2011/12/27 09:03:36

Every network in the likelihood NHK. Sarukoya came out.
watanabekodaira 2011/12/27 17:38:04

Piano playing, go into the studio to arrive safely to Tokyo from Ishinomaki.

I have adjusted various.
In the halls of the same building as Mr. Harry Hosono and Ryuichi Sakamoto has been live.
watanabekodaira 2011/12/27 19:23:32

Charity Concert for "Fund of children playing music."

Today Mr. Harry Hosono and Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Home page photo of the Fund to victims of one of "instrument Sarukoya" Ishinomaki has been used.
watanabekodaira 2011/12/27 19:37:05

Ironic really. In a separate studio on the floor of the same building as the venue of the association sponsored event but went for assistance to the piano playing was not flatly response has been made,
Tomorrow piano playing is recorded.
watanabekodaira 2011/12/28 00:51:42

That the consultation of repair to the piano was in fact quite often seems to tsunami-affected.

I heard the same story from the workshop piano repair story comes around here and there and always refused.
Given the cost of repairs such as re-neat, law bought a used but becomes cheaper.

Does not pay quite the reality.
watanabekodaira 2011/12/28 01:07:33

Goods because of the memories, some people who want to re-spend money but also absolutely.
But there is also repair shop under the direct management of the manufacturer, will query the answer and shit like that saying "absolutely impossible".
So, I said that and that's the manufacturer, who will almost give up at that point.
watanabekodaira 2011/12/28 01:10:29

Many cases had bought the piano for your child's practice has been affected.
In that case, not only without any time your child is using, also how to repair something like Motaseru.
82-year-old president of Ishinomaki music store was allowed to play the grand piano is also compatible with such cases.
watanabekodaira 2011/12/28 01:14:57

I'm not who I also think that technology in the repair shop under the direct management of the leading manufacturers, and I want to play the piano will be repaired in the tsunami.
I think is worth doing some research as.
Attitude shine through in the spirit of "I have to sell new" Thank you, do not get down that repair parts playback. Pity.
watanabekodaira 2011/12/28 01:18:45

Good morning. Grand piano that has been repaired and play the tsunami in Ishinomaki.

I arrived safely in Tokyo yesterday.
This afternoon, played by Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii pianist will be recorded and sent as a video message to the Conference (Davos) World Economic Forum.
You have to visit a recording of me today. We will also report.
watanabekodaira 2011/12/28 09:17:55

President arrived in Tokyo yesterday 82-year-old musical instrument shop of Ishinomaki.
For adjustment of the grand piano playing, we have entered the studio to work from 10:00.
Nobuyuki Tsujii's performance is included soon.
watanabekodaira 2011/12/28 12:56:54

Piano "Piako" Play of Ishinomaki was played at the hands of Mr. Tsujii
I foster tuner Hirota foster parent just to thank President Inoue is the creator of human connection, such as miracles and so far the only tears of gratitude
kumiko926 2011/12/28 16:16:30

Performed by Nobuyuki Tsujii's recording by the piano playing, has been successfully completed.
Just postponed the carrying out of the piano now. Tsujii's comment and feedback on that later.
watanabekodaira 2011/12/28 17:24:06

Personnel have been asked this boss was coming.

Is "an international public relations office official residence of the Prime Minister".
watanabekodaira 2011/12/28 17:26:13

Played by the grand piano playing of Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii

"Etude in D flat major S144/R5 sigh for a single concert List 3"
"2 27 27 No. 8 in D flat major work work Chopin Nocturne one of two"

Try to go into the studio to play immediately.
watanabekodaira 2011/12/28 23:27:02

And sometimes lightly, sometimes gravely.

Tsujii's breathing was heard from time to time.
Performance even if we can not see the eyes, as if being examined by the finger look like a piano.
Officials have heard has been more and more drawn to that sound.
watanabekodaira 2011/12/28 23:33:06

After finishing to play the trial, Mr. Tsujii Standing straight, she said being asked to comment.
"Feeling of the piano is handed down. Are many thought-provoking. Can not say a word."
watanabekodaira 2011/12/28 23:35:12

And finally we take the production.

He has to interact with the piano and played two songs twice.
"Piano like this have never met until now. Is the first time."
Mr. Tsujii said so, we have a proposal.
"Please let me do one more song."
Promise even though it was two songs, beginning as his offer, the encore.
watanabekodaira 2011/12/28 23:41:52

It's original songs played Tsujii "Still, Yuku alive".
Been composed in March after the earthquake, the songs are told not to play the last song in concert overseas also, that all the audience cry.
From the moment you started playing, tears from the eyes of the relationship was in the studio.
In a sense, might be made ​​to meet to tune this piano.
watanabekodaira 2011/12/28 23:48:39

"This piano. All means, we want to play to people in different places. Thank you"
In piano and play the tsunami, pianist of power draw nice place.
Mr. Tsujii seems to have been playing the piano in various states around the world.
watanabekodaira 2011/12/28 23:55:48

Tsujii's finished playing, as it was on a tour of Kyushu journey again.
Would be from his mouth, it will continue playing piano Kongo.
watanabekodaira 2011/12/28 23:59:39

Piano playing by Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii of this time, at the World Economic Forum on January 26 next year,
Will be used in a video message to the introduction of Japan.
And is also used footage of piano playing of musical instruments Sarukoya work.
Yes come to be seen in the website of the Prime Minister's Office. Amazing story!
watanabekodaira 2011/12/29 00:04:04

According to the story of the Assistant Deputy Director of Public Relations Office Prime Minister's official residence International had come to the recording,
Was also said to introduce the technology of Japan to restore, want to deal with that piano playing.
watanabekodaira 2011/12/29 00:07:38

Creator of the piano playing was watching the play, 82-year-old president instrument store look and fullness of the heart the way from beginning to end.
Kumiko will leave almost in tears.
"Still, Yuku alive" and when you are playing, the tears were really overflowing.
Deputy assistant, but was a woman, how did the tears will not stop even here.
watanabekodaira 2011/12/29 00:11:57

If you thought this before when you went to Ishinomaki, and forgot to wish Inoue president say it "a happy new year",
In Tokyo, and can be reunited in the studio of the new building in Ginza Yamaha even at the close of a year it is. And playing the piano.
I was told all sorts "impossible" to an official of the Yamaha Piano When playing, I felt like I was in "or Shiteya~tsu" (laughs).
watanabekodaira 2011/12/29 00:17:29

@ Kuga4
I look forward to expanding in the future. There may also be that maybe overseas performances.
Tsujii's performance was really impressive. Mr. Tsuji played or was that impressed.

Is a great piano.
watanabekodaira 2011/12/29 00:22:18

I was overwhelmed by playing @ uncle78. Was also impressed by the president folded excited Inoue.
watanabekodaira 2011/12/29 00:31:09

@ Akiakifuzi
Studio concert was the Year, that such a thing, and not the other twice.
Nobuyuki Tsujii's playing blind.
As if you are struggling to hear about that though, the piano and play the tsunami,
How to play as if it was strongly encouraged and sometimes, like if they were attentively massage.
watanabekodaira 2011/12/29 00:36:16

@ Okkabakko
Thank you for waiting reported.
The last song played at the request of Mr. Tsujii, I felt like playing piano, especially for certain.
Tsujii's performance, such as to interact with the piano. It was really great.
watanabekodaira 2011/12/29 00:40:46

@ Kumiko926
Were cheers for good work. Mitodoke was to carry-out.
Mr. Tsujii the child or peer massage, I could play like that encourage or raise.
Even so, tears of Kumiko is not dead but continues to flow through so much, and again in the last song Buwa~tsu.

Was a good time.
watanabekodaira 2011/12/29 00:56:05

To 28 who have played in Mr. Tsujii, CD paid to play at Carnegie Hall last month actually has been released immediately.
Inoue president had been received in gifts to the Release Date. President, was happy.
watanabekodaira 2011/12/29 01:12:50

@ M_k_s_mie
Unstable or changes in the environment since the tsunami, or moving from temporary shelter, etc., also work without it, even.
Also survived anyway, I think that it is extremely hard environment to survive.
In a warm relationship with the person at least, I want to hope we found even slightly.
watanabekodaira 2011/12/29 01:19:44

Today, when workers packed  the piano after Mr. Tsujii's playing, they removed the legs and found mud from the tsunami trapped in them   Even after the cleaning, mud was still oozing out.

It was after Mr. Tsujii had left the studio, we wish we could have let him touch it by the hand.
watanabekodaira 2011/12/29 01:39:53

Good morning. And I feel once again that yesterday was amazing.
Live studio by Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii, I spent a good time at the close of a year.


(At least, end quote)

The following is Mr. Tsujii song was played.

Without the recording of video can also Tachiau impressive,

- Not take it turned into full and book tickets for a concert ☆

Ne will be healed when tired Throb


"Franz Liszt" sigh A sigh "by Franz Liszt" "Nobuyuki Tsujii performs Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii"
"LIGHTS OF JAPAN lightー" is the same song with the picture.

○ Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii "Still, living Yuku ~ Main Theme"

Chopin 's○ Op. 27 No. 2 in D flat major Nocturne No. 8 in the two pieces 27 "/ Nobuyuki Tsujii" "


Watching the video of "LIGHTS OF JAPANーlight",
Tsujii's pure and warm gently, powerfully, listening to the sound of the piano like a bright light shining,
I think that the people of the northeast of this a few months, the tears came out.

Then, suddenly, before, I remembered the Empress Outa something I read in the book.
"The reconstruction will eventually tear the side of the exchange Izuru smile will go while the city" (Outa Her Majesty)

After the Kobe earthquake, Emperor and Empress are royal visit to Kobe, was sympathy please.
Her Majesty has been visited the city a few years later, that is the reconstruction of Kobe, exchanged a smile and meet people in the city,
Yoma is what was the "beginning poetry competition 2006", the memory even while being fit to share the joy of reconstruction, I think the suffering of each people has been exceeded, was Namidaguma.

Be folded to the people of Northeast Recall Outa that, and share with everyone the joy of reconstruction to overcome together the experience of last year is peace, sustainable living in harmony with nature rich, new city shining light I wanted to see.
Until now, we have experienced together, such as earthquakes and war and the atomic bomb, a lot of things, because what Tohoku, Japan has been overcome,
Strong to natural disasters, power outage,
Shall protect the earth,
We can produce something good soil clean up the environment,
With humility, to learn wisdom of the universe, the wisdom of nature,

I think that I can benefit and property-wisdom of mankind.

In fact, seismic technology and renewable energy, geothermal power generation, such as automotive technology,
I think making things Japanese technology and Japan is amazing.

From abroad to learn from other things, incorporating

In addition something unique to Japan, the fusion,

Polished and effort, improve, you will be developing,

Make beautiful things, things that harmony.

The Tohoku region, until now, gave me support the Japanese food self-sufficiency.
Food self-sufficiency rate is high by prefecture.

Town than in other cities in Japan, environmental issues and energy-saving measures the city is progressing,
Town that utilize the energy-free renewable energy,
Water purification, purification of the earth, clean air,
Met and safe food in harmony with nature,
The field of fishery, forestry, sustainable agriculture is the most, are progressing,
People who share the joy of reconstruction, street light shining It is also nice to collaborate on all creative as to become