Nobuyuki Tsujii was such a sensation at the 2009 Van Cliburn Competition. Much has been said about him at and since that event. I have tried to capture the best of the comments on these pages before they disappear from the cyberspace.  See here

This August 7 article about Nobuyuki Tsujii "Secrets of a blind pianist" appeared on an English classical music website, sinfinimusic. Although I look forward to a day when Nobu will no longer be labeled as "blind pianist", the article does focus on how Nobu overcame his blindness, and hence the title.  BUT ... You must read the amusing comments by Nobu's manager and travel escort Mr. Nick Asano - they will raise your hair about Nobu's uncanny ability to "see".
A July 24 blog post, in English,  Nobuyuki Tsujii – simply a great pianist , appeared in Classical Music blogspot.  It sings the praise  for Nobuyuki Tsujii, and includes this spot-on line: “While it is natural to feel such a strong connection to his personal story, this is a pianist who is most worthy of respect for the beauty of his playing alone.”

October 16, 2013  This great list of comments about Nobu turned up in today's news search: posted by FreeBooksBay ( a search engine of ebooks on the Internet), such as these - I so wish they would find their way to the IMG artist page for Nobu
“It wasn’t a question of Tsujii’s technique, which was immaculate; it was the intense feeling he put into Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto #2 that garnered him an instant standing ovation followed by encore. It was heart opening, ecstatic, at times primal.”
- Edmonton Journal
“How he can commit so many notes to memory and deliver them with such fearless technical assurance, accuracy and musicality is simply astonishing. Clearly he is blessed with extraordinary dedication to making music, and that, along with his nearly infallible fingers, shone brightly.
Liszt's Un sospiro ("A Sigh") and Rigoletto Concert Paraphrase roared and sang in the grand Romantic manner. The nonchalance with which Tsujii negotiated the etude's fiendish hand-crossings took your breath  away, as did the ardent sweep he brought to the opera transcription.”
- Chicago Tribune
“It certainly was a powerful, memorable performance that even had orchestra players themselves in tears.  Tsujii [led the way], with his strong hands covering the keyboard attack, left with flawless bass counterpoint and right with melodic fingering that lingered in delicate touches and then flew in allegro flights. Tsujii's technical mastery and passion reached a musical climax that made his encore all the more remarkable  - Times Herald-Record

I was greatly impressed by the TV show "Empowering Journey - Nobuyuki Tsujii" 旅のチカラ aired twice on NHK in Japan on August 28, 2013.  As a surprise bonus, I heard -- via a French Nobu fan -- from French artist Éric Durant, - who appeared in the show and showed great gentleness and sensitivity to Nobu . Please click here to read what Mr. Durant's thoughts about his encounter with Nobu.

This 2009 blog post on the Strait Time, "Tsujii’s superhuman victory ", is one of the best articles written about Nobu's Cliburn victory.  Preserved for posterity here

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