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Upcoming Concerts
Most upcoming concerts in year 2020 have been cancelled/postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic:-( :-(
But an Online Salon Concert was held in June, with great success.
Nobuyuki Tsujii 2020 "The Best" Recital Tour in September and the Ark Classics at Suntory Hall in October seem to be going ahead!
♪ July 8 Ark Hills Concert Program
The performance schedule for the concerts has been posted -- advance tickets have already come on sale
There are 8 shows, 6 of which involve Nobuyuki Tsujii.  The performances are to take place in Suntory Hall, Friday October 2 through Sunday October 4.
Nobuyuki Tsujii and violinist Fumiaki Miura are artistic directors.  Fumi is to appear in all 8 performances, and as conductor in some.
The works performed are Beethoven and Mozart pieces.
For the opening performance, on Friday October 2 in the small hall, at which Nobu will perform Beethoven's Waldstein sonata.
And for the finale, on October 4 in the large hall, Beethoven's violin concerto and "Emperor" concerto will be performed with the ARK Symphonie, with Miura as conductor
Detailed info at 2020 Ark Hills Concert
♪ July 9  "Summer Thursdays with Orpheus"
The Orpheus Chamber Orchestra is showing videos on their Facebook page -- "Summer Thursdays with Orpheus".
This week it is video from the orchestra's performance with Nobuyuki Tsujii in Hong Kong in 2019 (a lifetime ago!) Viewable JUL 9 2020 | 12:00PM on the orchestra's facebook page https://www.facebook.com/OrpheusNYC/
(The video is the same as what was posted by the Hong Kong University.)
♪ July 7  New Normal for Concert-goers
Announcement for Osaka Festival Hall Sept 20 Nobuyuki Tsujii recital
※公演延期・中止の場合を除き、 チケット購入後の変更・払い戻し等はできません。
※お客様の都合によるチケット購入後の 変更・払い戻し等はできません。
To prevent new coronavirus infection, we plan to sell seats with a space left and right.
Please be aware that guests accompanying you may also be seated at intervals.
If you want to purchase multiple tickets,
please check your seat numbesr before making a purchase decision, as the seats may be considerably separated.
*Except when the performance is postponed or canceled, you cannot make changes or refunds after purchasing the ticket.
According to media report, this and other live performances of Nobu will also be streamed online to supplement the limited seating.
The success of the just completed Online Salon Concert of Nobuyuki Tsujii, streamed live on each Sunday in June, has not escaped the media's attention in Japan.
In addition to an article posted on June 30 by Japan's Economic News ("オンライン公演に活路 Live performance with online distribution"), the online concert is prominently mentioned on July 6 in the online Weekly Economist section of Japan's 毎日新聞 Mainichi [Everyday] newspaper.
[posted by Japan's Everyday News Economy section online]
From ... Nobuyuki Tsujii's "online concert" to "online geisha"... the entertainment industry survives  on "remote"
[Translated from Japanese]
Mr. Tsujii's normal concert has a venue size of about 2000 people, and the ticket price is set at 7,000 to 10,000 yen for a solo concert. This online concert was held in a small hall for about 120 people, and tickets are, at 1800 yen, inexpensive. The number of viewers increased steadily to 2,500 in the first session, 2700 in the second session, and 3700 in the third session, and the total number of viewers reached 9000.
Avex Classics International, to which Mr. Tsujii belongs, said, "In addition to the limited number of seats in the concert hall, the increase in the number of people watching online is clearly a plus for business. Social distance remains in place after September, and all concerts scheduled to resume with a social distance will be delivered online as well." ...
I am happy for the success of Nobu's online concert. Instead of suffering in silent desperation, the support team of Nobu took a chance. The revenue from the concert might have been modest, but it keeps Nobu and his staff active, and his fans in Japan happy. Except for some minor technical glitches (such as on the 2nd night when the access demand overwhelmed the system at the start), the online distribution apparently has worked well. This is an impressive accomplishment by a small team turning to online streaming for the first time. The team was also successful in generating media attention, apparently through press releases as well as invitations to media representatives to attend and writing about the concert.
My hat is off to Team Nobuyuki Tsujii. Bravos, bravos!
There is no comparison to Nobu's live performances. I yearn to be able to travel to London, Berlin or New York City for Nobu's piano, as I have done during the last decade. But the world has changed. It is clear now that we will be living with the Corona Virus for a long time. At the rate things are going in the States, my carefree traveling days may be a thing of the past ... at least for some years.
I would gladly pay for the privilege of online viewing of Nobu's concerts. So, please ... Team Nobuyuki Tsujii... please do make the online distribution available outside Japan!!

♪ July 6 Going ahead with Ark Classics at Suntory Hall
A promotional video posted by TicketSpace. Nobu and Fumi are seen standing side-by-side (but with social distancing) speaking in turns to promote their ARK Classic concerts this fall
The footage was apparently taken at a rehearsal for the July 4 Online Salon Concert -- Nobu in black long-sleeve shirt, open collar, and Fumi in black suit jacket over white shirt, no tie.
Our best wishes on great success.
Composer Nikolai Kapustin has passed away on July 2.
"Nikolai Girshevich Kapustin (Russian: Никола́й Ги́ршевич Капу́стин; 22 November 1937 – 2 July 2020) was a Russian composer and pianist. He played with early Russian jazz bands such as the Oleg Lundstrem Big Band. In his compositions, mostly for piano, he used a fusion of jazz and classical forms. He and other pianists recorded his works." - wikipedia
In Japan, the music of Mo. Kapustin has been championed by Professor Masahiro Kawakami, childhood teacher of Nobuyuki Tsujii
I first heard of Mo. Kapustin when I came upon this video in 2010. Nobuyuki Tsujii plays Kapustin/"8 Concert Etudes for Piano Op.40-2"
How did Nobuyuki Tsujii, at age 15, come to play an etude by the late Russian composer, then little known in Japan?
♪ July 5 A Snippet of the Elgar encore

Out of pity for those of us who could not pay to see the online concert, Santa Claus brought a snippet of the Elgar encore played by Nobuyuki Tsujii 辻井伸行 & Fumiaki Miura on July 4.
I believe in Japan, you can still view the entire concert until 8PM today Monday July 6.
♪ July 5 New post by Ms. Yoshiko Ikuma
It's been a while since music writer Ikuma wrote about Nobu.
So it's a pleasant surprise to see this article on the July 4 online concert with Fumi, with photos.
[Translated from Japanese]
Fumiaki Miura & Nobuyuki Tsujii Online Salon Concert
Nobuyuki Tsujii has been holding an online salon concert every week [since June], but yesterday, the duo recital with the violinist Fumiaki Miura appeared for the first time, and I was able to attend the recording (MUSICASA 20:00 start ).
The program consists of two works: Brahms' violin sonata No. 1 "rain song" and Franck's violin sonata. I have listened to these works in various halls many times since they started playing, but the performance in the intimate small hall was exceptional, and I could even hear the breathing of both players.
The method of transmitting these live performances online is now being practiced all over the world. People who usually do not have the opportunity to listen to live performances and people who cannot easily go to the hall can watch it, and the number is expected to increase in the future.
Both Mr. Miura and Mr. Tsujii said they were very nervous about the live transmission.
Encore is Elgar's "Love Greeting" and "Sanada Maru". From the beginning, the two fit perfectly, and the synchoronization was  natural, without signals.
A violin and piano duo is a difficult genre that is said to be a performance that does not reach the listener's heart unless it becomes one voice. They listened carefully to each other's sounds and made a clear assertion of their own sounds, achieving a "single voice".
Today's photos show the concert (courtesy avex)
♪ July 5 "A man who loves music and is loved by music"
Comment posted to YouTube Video "Nobuyuki Tsujii -- piano bliss in Hamburg, Germany
音楽を愛し 音楽に愛された男
"A man who loves music and is loved by music ...
His name is Nobuyuki Tsujii."
♪ July 3 Congratulations to Conductor Patrick Hahn
Posted by Harrison Parrot, which manages the overseas concerts of Nobuyuki Tsujii
Patrick Hahn appointed General Music Director of Wuppertaler Bühnen und Sinfonieorchester GmbH
At just 24 years of age, Patrick Hahn from Austria will succeed Julia Jones in the 2021/22 season, becoming the youngest General Music Director in Germany.
Mo. Hahn performed with Nobu in Japan last summer, on a highly successful nationwide tour.
When Nobu made his debut in Hamburg, Germany, last fall, he took time from his own busy schedule to visit Nobu backstage.
Bravos and all our best to Patrick!
♪ Newly uploaded videos: