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Nobu's next public performance:

September 2 19:00 東京芸術劇場 コンサートホール (東京都) Tokyo Art Center
辻井伸行 音楽と絵画コンサート Nobuyuki Tsujii music and painting concerts http://www.ints.co.jp/tsujii-music-art2016/index.htm
Nobu will perform classical music and his own composition to projection of famous art works.
Nobu performed "self-made and Classic" concerts in Hokkaido:
Comments on the Hokkaido  performances can be found here => Notable web postings - August 2016
♪ August 30 Free screening of the Film "Maestro!" at the Nickelodeon Theatre in South Carolina on October 12.
Director: Kobayashi Syoutarou
Members of a motley orchestra led by young concertmaster Kosaka (Matsuzaka Tori) and wild and mysterious conductor Tendo (Nishida Toshiyuki) reform a prestigious orchestra. A live-action adaptation of Saso Akira’s manga featuring the participation of world-renowned conductor Sado Yutaka and pianist Tsujii Nobuyuki.
A part of our monthly Foreign Focus series.
Sponsored by the Consulate-General of Japan in Atlanta
Photo of Nobu with the director and cast at the film's premiere. Nobu composed the ending theme music for the film.
♪ August 30  Q&A on Yahoo forum
From time to time, people post a question to this Yahoo online forum. This seems a thoughtful discourse. The Japanese is difficult for me to interpret and should be taken with a large grain of salt.
I was able to listen to a performance of Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii live for the first time.  His own compositions.
The sound is clean, but the tempo ... [seems rushed??];  the runs are a little worrying.
Does it always  feel like that?
One response:
Even if he is not playing his own compositions, there is always some anxiety when it comes to Nobuyuki Tsujii. I think it comes with not being able to read the music; it cannot be helped. People like his playing because they "cherish the sound." Even if there maybe a problem with the technique, there is a distinctive charm, I think.
♪ August 31 More on Nobu's August 25th Suntory Hall performance
日本食糧新聞 電子版  Japan Food news electronic version
山崎製パン、恒例「サマーコンサート」開催 多彩な顔触れでにぎわう Yamazaki Baking, Annual "Summer Concert" held. Crowded with colorful lineup
On the 25th, Yamazaki Baking held its annual 15th "Yamazaki Summer Concert" at Suntory Hall (Tokyo, Minato-ku, Tokyo) for invited guests related to the industry, such as politicians and bureaucrats.
Special guest Nobuyuki Tsujii, global pianist who won the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition in 2009, performed, under the leadership of Mr. Kazuyoshi Akiyama, Mozart "Piano Concerto" with the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra. The visitors were entertained with performance such as Beethoven's "hero" during the summer evening .
In addition to the summer concert, the company also holds charity concerts such as "The fountain of love" for social contribution ...
Screen grab of Suntory Hall schedule page
Image  source: Wikipedia
♪ August 29
石川県立音楽堂 Ishikawa Ongakudō (Concert Hall) tweeted
続いてピアニスト辻井伸行さんからのメッセージです♪ いつもスタッフにも優しく楽しい辻井さん。OEKと同い年とのことで、これからも音楽堂で共演を重ねられるよう願っております。
Following is a message from pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii, who has said it is always fun to work with our friendly staff.
The OEK [the Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa] is of the same age [as this concert hall],
We hope they wiil be performing together again in the future in this concert hall.

The message shown in the accompanying photo seems to be a card from Nobu to the concert hall congratulating the orchestra on its 15th anniversary.
♪ August 29 "
We are very honored."

Mrs.  Itsuko Tsujii posted on her blog about the September 3 TV appearance of Nobu on the "Manma" show, much anticipated. She mentioned something of interest:
Mr. Akashiya Manma has been the emcee for "The Pike of Manma " specialty program for 31 years [!]. Unfortunately, this program has decided to end its run in September. Among the few remaining valuable guests, Nobuyuki was invited. We are very honored."
♪ August 29
The case of alleged financial mismanagement at Nobu's alma mater is once again in the news -- this news item posted by Asahi Shimbun mentions Nobu in the headline, as "Blind Pianist" [I say again: The Japanese media is the worst in perpetuating the labeling of Nobu as the "Blind Pianist".]
盲目のピアニスト辻井伸行輩出 上野学園で内紛、経営陣を刑事告発
(更新 2016/8/29 07:00)
Blind pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii among its graduates
Infighting at Ueno Gakuen,
Criminal charges against management
(Updated 2016/8/29 07:00)
Nobu's professor 横山幸雄 Yukio Yokoyama (seen in Peter Rosen's 2009 Cliburn Competition documentary) is also mentioned in the article as Nobu's mentor and the youngest third-place winner at the Chopin Piano Competition. Yokoyama-san is a faculty representative at the conservatory.
SO GLAD that someone in Japan call Asahi (a major media conglomeration in Japan) out on that transgression:
The contents of the article aside,
There is no longer any need for the label "blind".
You can see that Nobuyuki Tsujii is a pianist like others.
I hope more people in Japan will speak up like that.
♪ August 28
This month, Nobu has been the special guest  on the Sunday Radio show "What Color is the Wind Today?"  of Mrs. Itsuko Tsujii, his mother.  We are fortunate indeed to get to listen to all four segments, thanks to the kindness of a very special Nobu fan  => Nobuyuki Tsujii on radio, August 2016
The theme music that Nobu composed for the show can be heard in the background of each segment.  There is a summary in English of what is said on each show. 
Among the interesting tidbits said: "Nobu can drink a lot and is a happy drinker." "Itsuko says that it isn't hard for Nobu to travel by airplane because he can fall sleep immediately after the meal."  "Nobu likes Chopin the best. Itsuko thinks that he goes well with Debussy. She says that Nobu fell in love with Debussy at first sight when he heard that at  five years old."

  August 28 show
 ♪ August 27 Nobu's TV appearance on 『さんまのまんま』 the "Manma's Mackerel Pike" show has been announced
Manma Planning a Drinking party with girl friends!? "She wants" Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii
Pianist-composer Nobuyuki Tsujii (27), will appear on Kansai Fuji Television talk show "Manma's Mackerel Pike" ,to be broadcast on September 3.(Kansai TV 13:56 to 14:25 / Fuji TV 2:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.)
This is his first appearance.

On the show, Nobu is wearing the same outfit as he appeared on the PIANIST tour last month -- I suspect the show was filmed after the last performance on the tour, in Osaka.
This is apparently a very popular program. judging from the great number of tweets and postings. 
I have worked up a translation of one of the articles about the show, which is apparently a lighthearted show. According to the write-up, Nobu was asked to demonstrate his absolute pitch by identifying the notes generated when the host tap on a glass, and he was asked about his dating technique (much to Nobu's embarrassment). In the end, Nobu played an up-tempo impromptu of his impression of the host.
More at => Nobu on 『さんまのまんま』 the "Manma" TV Show 9/3/2016
TO BE CONFIRMED - the information below is very tentative and  has not been publicly  announced.Yura tweeted:
1年後の 17' 10月に 日本公演が決定しているようですね🌟
🎹辻井伸行×🎻🎷ロンドンフィル🌟演奏曲は ラフマニノフ2番とチャイコフスキー『ピアノ協奏曲第1番』全楽章全てが魅力大好きな協奏曲✨
It has been decided that in October 2017 there will be a Japan tour -- dates and venues I do not know.
Nobuyuki Tsujii & London Philhamronic to perform Rach 2 and Tchai 1, popular concertos
And, according to this tweet, Nobu is also appearing in two talk shows next month
Information on Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii
September 20 12PM on the "Tesuya's Room" show. 
Mother Itsuko will also appear on the Tesuya show. 
Fans, don't miss these.
Nobu's  Liszt's Sonata & Ravel's Gaspard available on iTunes
Nobu's latest album, Liszt's Sonata & Ravel's Gaspard is no. 20 this week (August 10)  on the Billboard Japan classical chart, its third week on the chart.
The album is available on iTunes => https://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/franz-liszt-sonata-in-b-minor/id1131495764?l=en
Billboard Japan 8月10日
辻井伸行が難曲に挑んだ『リスト:ピアノ・ソナタ ロ短調 ラヴェル:夜のガスパール』は3週連続チャートインで、20位に食い込んだ。
Nobuyuki Tsujii's album of challenging works "Liszt: Piano Sonata in B minor & Ravel: night of Gaspard" is on the chart for the third consecutive weeks; it has dropped to 20th place.

Nobu lends his voice to the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Tokyo's world renowned Suntory Hall
Tokyo's famous Suntory Hall is celebrating its 30th anniversary and posted a collage of messages from 30 international artists, including Simon Rattle, Martha Argerich, Yutaka Sado, and our Nobu!
Here is a video of Nobu talking about his experience with the renowned venue --
(Japanese version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9ol-DH2m24)
♪ Brilliance of Venice"
A 15-second CM (commercial) of the Venice Renaissance Exhibition in Tokyo can be viewed here => http://www.tbs.co.jp/venice2016/movie/
You can hear in the background the theme music "Brilliance of Venice" composed by Nobu.
Late last month a twitter wrote:
I was at the National Museum to view the "Venice Renaissance Greats" Exhibition.
It was not crowded. I was able to look comfortably. Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii's "Brilliance of Venice" is No. 80 on the audio guide no. 80, and it is very nice.
I listened to it many times at the venue.
ル ノワール展人すごすぎて今中入るのに30分待ちとかなんだけど2階でやってるルネサンス展はガラガラで悠々のんびり見れて音声案内は石坂浩二、めっちゃ気 合いの入った展示の数々、公式テーマの辻井伸行のピアノまで聞けるうえルノワール展の半券あれば100円引きだよ!!みんな行こう(迫真) We waited for 30 minutes to enter the Renoir Exhibition, but the Renaissance exhibition on the second floor was not crowded. It can be viewed with an audio guide narrated by Koji Ishizaka. Many of the exhibitions are very spiritual. And you can listen to the official theme of the exhibition by Nobuyuki Tsujii on the piano. You can get a 100 Yen discount for the entrance with your Renoir stub! Everybody should go! - tweet
♪ August  30
Venice Renaissance Exhibition ‏@accademia2016 tweeted:
Koji Ishizaka is the narrator on the audio guide, and he also appeared in the special program, which was broadcast the other day. Now people are coming to the Venice Exhibition as a result of the convincing commentary!  Also, there is a special track on the guide, the official theme music by Nobuyuki Tsujii, "The Brilliance of Venice.".
Upcoming Concerts
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