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ON-GOING:  July 2 - 28 Nobuyuki Tsujii 2017 Premium Recitals 10 sold-out performances in Saitama, Osaka,Shimane, Nagano, Aichi, Akita, Yamagata, Tokyo
News, comments and photos on the recital performances can be found at => Nobuyuki Tsujii 2017 Premium Recitals - news, photos & comments
Next performance: 7/21(金)18:30 秋田アトリオン音楽ホールAkita Atrion Music Hall
On the program are works by Debussy, Beethoven and Liszt (3 Transcendental Etudes) => Nobuyuki Tsujii's 2017 Premium Recital Program
♪ July 21 (Friday)18:30 秋田アトリオン音楽ホールAkita Atrion Music Hall (700 seats) - a rather austere looking venue, judging from photos found on the web.
Image source: http://www.atorion.co.jp/_back_up/outline/outline_out_009.htm
This was the first of the recitals that declared sold out -- months ago. 

♪ July 21 To be confirmed: "Untitled Concert" appearance on August 20??
This tweet came up today without a link to the source of information, but it mentions an August 20 appearance of Nobu on the Asahi-TV show "Untitled Concert", popular classical music variety show.
I checked the show's website but the August programs are not listed as yet. Something to keep an eye on. Something to keep an eye on.
Nobu has appeared on this show many times in the past, most recently in 2016 (photo below) with violinist Ryu Goto as moderator.  However, it seems the show now has another moderator, 石丸幹二 Miki Ishimaru .   
August's "Untitled Concert" has lots of interesting performers (also a comprehensive time?) ... 20th is Lang Lang & Yundi Li & Fazil Say & Nobuyuki Tsujii ...
♪ July 20 More from Mr. Toru Takahashi​ 
I just checked the prolific blog of Mr.Toru Takahashi​, Berlin bassist and friend of Nobu. I wasn't expecting anything new, but surprisingly, he posted about Nobu's May 15 Berlin concert.
Toru-san wrote, among other things:
A thunderous applause! He is admired as a child prodigy, won first prize at the world's most difficult competition. Nobu has evolved since then. It seems that getting ticket for his performances in Japan is still quite difficult. People should take the opportunity to see him perform overseas like in Berlin , where tickets are more likely to be available. It it easier to get tickets than in Japan (for now), and I dare say it would be a loss if you don't get to listen to him!
Nobu-kun, when will we get together again?! And I am still looking forward to our debut co-performance.
There are more photos of mother Itsuko than Nobu (who was busier on that Berlin trip), but you may enjoy looking at photos such as these anyway!
Photo: Nobu on stage with condcutor Ashkenazy and the DSO Berlin, photo by Toru-san
Photo above: Nobu and mother Itsuko embrace backstage after his successful performance of Chopin 2 in Berlin
♪ July 20
"Nobuyuki Tsujii Behind the Scenes of Inspiration" part 3
A reminder to our friends in Japan: The 3rd segment of the "Nobuyuki Tsujii Behind the Scenes of Inspiration" will shown on BS-Asahi 9:54PM-10PM . Today's segment will be about Stage Manager: Makoto Fujiwara .
「辻井伸行 感動バックヤード」
7月20日 July 20
#3 ステージマネージャー:藤原真(ふじわら・まこと)
7月20日 July 20 よる9:54~10:00 放送
July 20 Nobu's Deep Bow
It just occurred to me to check Instagram and, sure enough, there are many posts about the Premium Recitals -- the usual, except for this photo posted by someone with the Shirakawa Hall who works backstage, judging from the angle of the camera.
It's not a very flattering photo, but it shows a rare glimpse of Nobu making a Japanese-style deep bow on stage.
He would bow, waist-deep, to the left, to the center and to the right at the audience. And if there are people seated behind the stage, he would bow in that direction too. This is done after playing on the piano at full force for over an hour, often drenched in sweat. An American woman in Texas once wrote that she cried when she first saw Nobu bowing like that.
July 19 (WED)18:45 愛知 三井住友海上しらかわホールAichi Mitsui Sumitomo Shirakawa Hall (693 seats), another stylish small venue.
Image source" https://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/sukaswim18/3287211.html
Even though it was a evening concert mid-week, the Shirakawa Hall in Aichi (Nagoya) was full last night.  Chopin nocturne #8 for encore.
♪piano love✨‏ @chopinsworld tweeted:
https://twitter.com/chopinsworld1/status/887660171039612928 @chopinsworld1 3
#辻井伸行 さんのリサイタルに行ってきました。本人も言っていましたが、てんこ盛りなプログラムです。リスト凄かった。いつか素敵な音色で弾けたらいいなぁ…
I went to a recital by Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii. As he himself said, it is a fancy program. The Liszt was amazing. I wish I could play it with such nice tone someday ...
https://twitter.com/ShinobuOyashiki/status/887648807990591488  [Shinobu-san was at her 6th attendance on this tour]
辻井伸行プレミアムリサイタルしらかわホール。毎回今日が最高の名演だったと大満足させてくれるのですが、今日は次元の違う辻井伸行を見た(聴いた)気がします。ベートーヴェンで満足しきっていたら、ドビュッシーがまた凄い、超絶技巧練習曲に至ってはリストでもここまでは弾けまいという圧巻の名演  Nobuyuki Tsujii premium recital at Shirakawa Hall. I am satisfied with every performances that I have seen (heard), but today's was the best, in a different dimension.  The Beethoven was wholly satisfying, Debussy was amazing again, and  the Liszt Transcendental Etudes were a masterpiece, the best so far.
Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii's solo recital. Before the encore, he said in his greeting: 'I wanted to accept the challenge of Beethoven Sonata No. 30 and Liszt's transcendental'. Even without being able to see anything, he learned the score accurately and made it sing, I felt his ability to bring out a work is miraculous. The last work, Mazeppa, was a symbol of that miracle.
I went to a piano recital ~ In spite of my [stressed] mind, I was relaxed.  I was healed.
ショパンノクターン第8番を弾く姿は、全力を出しつくし満足しきっているように見えました。笑顔で元気に挨拶してはくれましたが、全曲渾身の大熱演でカーテンコールでは脚がふらついているようでした。今日のしらかわホールの聴衆はこんな究極の辻井伸行が聴けて本当に幸せ過ぎ! The figure which played Chopin Nocturn number 8 seemed to be fully satisfied by putting out full power. He greeted us with a big smile, but it seemed that the legs were wobbly at the curtain calls perhaps due to the big performance of whole body.
Shirakawa Hall audience wass really happy to hear such an ultimate  Nobuyuki Tsujii!
Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii concert.
I wanted to hear him live. The beauty of his sound is cliché but I'm still awed that his piano is so power yet  gentle 🎶✨✨ amazing virtuosity in the Liszt too, but today my favorite is Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 3
♪ Tokyo London Phil added concert  on Nov 11 HAS vacancies
It was previous reported that tickets for the added concert were sold out immediately.  It turns out there are now tickets available on ticket outlet PIA, after all.
It is not unusual for this to happen.  Concert tickets in Japan are distributed to different outlets and tickets unsold are often returned to the larger outlets such as PIA. 
So, as of today (July 17), there ARE seats available for this performance of Rach 2 at the Tokyo Cultural Center on Nov. 11.
東京文化会館 大ホール (東京都)
S席, A席 空席あり
♪ July 16 Nobuyuki Tsujii plays Liszt's Transcendental Etudes

I had meant to put together an article about Liszt's Transcendental Etudes before the start of the Nobuyuki Tsujii 2017 Premium Recitals. As I write, the tour is already half way over.
But some comments posted about the recitals made me want to make this post before his fifth performance.
At these premium recitals, which take place at a more intimate setting in smaller venues, Nobu usually speaks to the audience at the end of the regular program, before his encore(s). In the past, he usually thanked the audience for their attention, adding some crowd-pleasing bon mots about local delicacies. But this year's talk seems to have taken a more serious turn.
Reportedly, Nobu has been saying to the audiences that after such a taxing program, which is demanding on the audience as well as on the player, hardly any encore is needed -- before playing a single encore (Chopin's Nocturne No. 8) to wrap up each recital.
I heard
some comments to the effect that the Liszt transcendental etudes are truly a challenge to Nobu.
I won't get to hear Nobu's transcendental etudes until this fall. But there is no question that these are serious knuckle busters, as most of Liszt's works are.
Just how challenging are these etudes? How do they compare with Chopin's Op 10 etudes?
Please click to read, if you wish => Nobuyuki Tsujii plays Liszt's Transcental Etudes
A bona fide virtuoso, Nobu has done very well with many of Liszt's works, here is a video of him performing The Fountains of the Villa d'Este, in Paris, 2014.
♪ July 15 Chopin Piano Concerto No. 2 CD
release is projected but details unknown, to be announced
In the wake of the German Culture Radio broadcast (now available on demand), some Nobu fans have asked about the release of a CD mentioned at the time of the Berlin performance.
The May 15 performance with DSO and conductor Ashkenazy in the Berliner Philharmonie was indeed recorded successfully for tracks on CD.
However, the official word is: "CD release is projected but details unknown, or to be announced."
I will keep my ears open on this. Please stay tuned.
This is just for fun while we wait for that CD --
What "filler tracks" would you like to see on a CD with Nobu's Berlin DSO performance of Chopin's Piano Concerto No. 2?
Some suggestions that came to mind are Chopin's nocturnes (7, 8, 2, or 20), a Beethoven's sonata ("Moonlight", for example), or the Bach concerto.
What do you think? => Waiting for Nobu's Berlin Chopin Concerto #2 CD ...
Image source: DSO Berlin
July 15 Nobuyuki Tsujii × Fumiaki Miura & Liverpool Phil 2018 Japan Tour
Shinobu Oyashiki san posted this photo of a poster that she spotted in the Nagano hall -- with surprising news --
The poster shown in the photo announces a performance on May 18, of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic (RLPO) with conductor Vasily Petrenko and Nobu plus his buddy violinist Fumiaki Miura, at the 長野県松本文化会館 Nagano Matsumoto Cultural Center (2,000 seats). This is the first detail revealed about the May 2018 Japan tour mentioned on the orchestra's site.
It sounds like details of the tour are being finalized, and we should be hearing more very soon. So, please stay tuned => Nobuyuki Tsujii × Fumiaki Miura & Liverpool Phil 2018 Japan Tour
♪ July 13 Berlin performance NOW AVAILABLE ON DEMAND on German Culture Radio
The entire Berlin concert broadcast can now be heard on demand on this page =>
There is a grey "Beitrag hören" button on top left as well as a little orange-colored button at the bottom right of Ashkenazy's photo, labeled HöREN to click to start the playing. 
If those buttons don't respond to your click, then you may need the latest Flash media player for the buttons to work, which can be easily and safely installed here =>  https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/
It is a beautiful concert.  Nobu did a wonderful job, but the other works are also worth listening to, as I remembered from being in the concert hall.
I wrote the German Culture Radio asking about the concert broadcast, and they promptly replied. What gracious people they are!
  More at => Germany Cultural Radio Broadcast on July 13, 2017
♪ July 13 Second segment of "Nobuyuki Tsujii Behind the Scenes of Inspiration" TV series aired
7月13日 July 13
#2 ライブラリアン:松岡豊(まつおか・ゆたか)
Librarian: Yutaka Matsuoka
It explains what an orchestra's music score librarian does to prepare for a concert.
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