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Congratulations to Tsujii-san for yet another successful Japan tour. 
He has concluded his Chopin/Liszt Premium Recital Tour in 茨城 【つくば】 Tsukuba (city), Ibaraki (prefecture) yesterday, the finale of 11 sold-out performances.
Nobu will embark on another Japan tour next month, but those of us in the U.S. can look forward to hearing the recital this fall.
For news, photos and comments about the just-concluded tour, please visit Chopin/Liszt Premium Recital Tour 2015, news and comments

July 27
Tsujii-Miura Yomiuri Orchestra Japan Tour in February 2016  <-- NEW JAPAN CONCERTS
 is revealing more performances everyday.  The latest is  a stop in Fukuoka on February 22, making it 8 KNOWN stops so far.  I suspect there will be at least one more to be announced.  Tickets have not come on sale, but the combination of Nobu with young violinist 三浦文彰Miura Fumiaki seems to be a stroke of marketing genius, and tickets for these concerts look to be extremely competitive.
The Tsujii-Miura Yomiuri Orchestra Japan Tour in February 2016
July 27
Mrs. Itsuko Tsujii 辻井いつ子 -- the mother of Nobuyuki Tsujii -- is a well-known figure in Japan. There is an article that appeared yesterday on Japan's http://4yuuu.com/ site about how she went about developing the talent of Nobu. I made a rough translation of it to share, here: Mrs. Itsuko Tsujii on Deveoping the Talent of her son Nobuyuki Tsujii - translated from Japanese

July 26
This is a fifth performance of Nobu with the Dresden Philharmonic next March! This makes it 5 performances in 4 cities (Berlin, Cologne, Dresden, Munich), over 5 days -- a veritable tour!
The Cologne Symphony Hall is a gorgeous venue - I traveled to Germany last year and when I was in Cologne, I thought to myself that I wish Nobu would perform there some day -- little did I know that it is happening so soon!

July 24
I am now the proud owner of a copy of Nobu's new CD, "Impressions Nobuyuki Tsujii" --

Today my copy arrived from Japan, compliments of Amazon Japan. But I just checked and the CD is actually now available on Amazon U.S.!  Good news! 
What do I think of this CD?  Please click here: Impressions Nobuyuki Tsujii CD" available on Amazon U.S.

The infectious, bubbly tune on tracks 1 & 13 (theme music for Tokyo TV program 美の巨人たち Giants of Beauty has now become a beloved earworm! It can be heard on this video.
辻井伸行の テーマ曲「美の巨人たち」 Nobuyuki Tsujii theme music... by nobufans
♪ July 23Dr. Masahiro Kawakami 川上昌裕さん, Nobu's piano teacher, was at Nobu's Tokyo recital last week. He made a blog post 辻井伸行プレミアムリサイタルin紀尾井ホールthat describes what went on behind the scenes. It provides a moving account of three people  (Dr. Kawakami,  Mr. Friedemann Engelbrecht of the Teldex Studio in Berlin and Mr. Asano of Avex Classics) who care deeply about Nobu and work behind the scenes to support Nobu. It makes me happy to read this posting. So I made a translation of it to share, which you are welcome to read here: Dr. Kawakami at Nobu's Kioi Hall recital
Dr. Kawakami and Mr. Friedemann Engelbrecht in Kioi Hall -- image posted on blog of Dr. Kawakami
♪ July 21
It's been a while since Nobu came to Sonoma to perform a recital at the Green Music Center  on May 1
The day after the recital, Nobu was interviewed by American Japanese magazine QOLA (Quality of Life in Los Angeles). I knew about the interview, which took place just before my happy lunch with Nobu in Sonoma. Somehow the article didn't show up on my Google searches. But I found the article today on the magazine's site
The original article was published in June. It is in Japanese, and can be read here http://qola-la.com/articles/470/
It is entitled "世界を股にかけて活躍するエンターテイナーた ち〜音楽編〜|ピアニスト・作曲家 辻井伸行氏 (Globally Active Entertainer | Music | Pianist-Composer Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii )" There are no fresh photos and much of the text is old news, but there are some interesting bits about American audience, food and wine, dream of playing for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics,  Ms. Mao Asada ...
Partial English translation here: QOLA interviews Nobuyuki Tsujii in Sonoma, May 2, 2015
October 17 San Francisco recital tickets are now on sale!
Tickets for Nobu's October 17 recital are now on sale here (yes, I have purchased mine :-) 
There is also an Japan Society of Northern California   awards gala dinner following the performance, for which tickets can be purchased here
Nobu coming to Los Angeles on October 20 <-- NEW CONCERT
Nobuyuki Tsujii in Los Angeles Oct 20 2015 -  Performance announcement. Currently, there is no link to the event on this ticket site -- stay tuned.

image via Internet link
♪ Nobuyuki Tsujii in Boston, October 25 2015
Nobuyuki Tsujii performs in Boston's New England Conservatory's Jordan Hall (1,029 seats) this October! <----- New Concert
Nobu will play Beethoven's "Emperor" concerto at the season-opening concert of the Longwood Symphony Orchestra, whose members are "primarily healthcare professionals" and whose performances raise fund for community services. Tickets Info here and also on the website of the Japan Society of Boston
Nobu will attend a screening of "Touching the Sound" while in Boston, and there may be other activities.
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