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September 2 Sunday 14:00 Suntory Hall Beethoven "Emperor" with ROYAL STOCKHOLM PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA and their chief conductor Sakari Oramo
♪ Nobu at European summer festivals, August 5 & 8
Just like that, Nobu's European summer fling is over. Two festivals in a week, on August 5 & 8 respectively. It was "Kulturufer Friedrichshafen" in Germany on August 5 (photo left), and the Biarritz Piano Festival in France on August 8. "An ambitious program of Chopin, Debussy, Ravel, Liszt, Gerswhin and Kapustin...The performance was extraordinary and the audience conquered!" and all done amid a heatwave in Europe.  
Congratulations to Tsujii-san on yet another great success! 
News and comments are collected at => Nobu at European summer festivals, 2018
♪ August 14 Carnegie Hall "Single tickets now available online
Single tickets for Nobu's September 20 performance of Chopin's Piano Concerto No. 2 with the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra at the Carnegie Hall are now available online here=> https://www.carnegiehall.org/Events <=On this page, scroll down to September 20 to find a link for tickets -- $12.50 to $117.
There are plenty of seats left, but the best seats have been picked. Nobu will be playing a chamber version of Chopin's Piano Concerto number 2 with the orchestra.
More about this & other known performances can be found at => Nobu with the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra 2018
♪August 14 "Even people like Mr. Tsujii must wait in line for a U.S. visa"
Reading this blog post gave my heart a pang.  It seems Nobu was seen waiting in line at the U.S. embassy for a visa -- likely for his September performances in U.S.
The blog post is dated August 14, probably soon after Nobu returned to Tokyo from France.
The blogger was at the embassy for a visa and happened to see Nobu there.
https://tanpopojyo.exblog.jp/28562643/  (blog post about applying for a visa at the U.S. embassy
アメリカビザ取得! [Getting an American vissa]
この時、私たちの数人前にピアニストの辻井 伸行さんも並んでいらっしゃいました。
[At this time, the pianist  Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii was in line with us .
I think that it is probably for an artistic occasion,
Even people like Mr. Tsujii must wait in line.
As they say fair is fair, but ...]
♪August 14 Seafood in Bordeaux
Mrs. Itsukos Tsujii posted two photos on Instagram of a seafood lunch that she and Nobu (and others) enjoyed while in France: "
ボルドーでのランチ🦐シーフードプレート ムール貝、オイスター、手長エビ、カニ🦀盛り沢山です
"Lunch at Bordeaux 🦐 Seafood Plate of Mussels, Oyster, Shrimp, Crab."
The photo shows Nobu and his mother seated behind a huge platter of seafood. Mrs. Tsujii is holding up a crab. Nobu is seated next to her and smiling happily.
♪ Jan 30 London recital
JAN30 2019 Queen Elizabeth Hall, London
Nobuyuki Tsujii: Satie, Debussy & Chopin (4 scherzos)
International Piano Series, Southbank Centre
I am personally looking forward to this performance on January 30 2019. I am just hoping that, given how hot this summer has been in London, I won't land there during frozen-pipe cold weather.
This concert is part of the prestigious International Piano Series, Southbank Centre in London, at the QueenElizabeth Hall right by the Thames.
I checked just now, and there are plenty of tickets available for the recital.
This recital program includes all 4 of Chopin's scherzos in the second half.
This page has a good write-up on the 4 scherzos => https://culture.pl/en/work/scherzos-fryderyk-chopin
And this page has soundtracks of all 4 => http://www.radiochopin.org/the-scherzoss
August 11 Fun time in France
Mrs. Itsukos Tsujii posted a batch of Instagrams time-marked at about 9PM France time => https://www.instagram.com/itsuko_tsujii/
It seems that after his triumphant performance at the Biarritz Piano Festival, Nobu, Mrs. Tsujii and manager Mr. Nick Asano stayed on in France and had some much-deserved fun touring some chateaus in France, joined by friends and business associates (including some from Liverpool Phil)😀
Please see all the photos of vineyards and Basque food at => https://www.instagram.com/itsuko_tsujii/
Below are three that include Nobu -- these photos make me happy ^_^
TOP: Nobu seen at a vineyard ("初めてワイン作りの工程を見学。でも試飲が一番楽し. We started with visiting the process  of making wine. But the tasting was the most enjoyable.")
MIDDLE: Nobu and Mrs. Tsujii standing in front of the Château Pichon Longueville Baron [a winery in the Pauillac appellation of the Bordeaux region of France]
BOTTOM: "what a surprise today ワインクルーズに行ったら [on a wine cruise] liverpoolphilのandrew達が 待っていて… [we ran into Andrew of the Liverpool Phil] -- Nobu, Mrs. Tsujii and Mr. Asano can be seen in the group photo of 9 people seated on a river boat.
♪ August 9 "The performance was extraordinary and the audience conquered! "
Photo album posted by Biarritz Piano Festival: 
*** Retour sur le concert de clôture ***
 Hier soir la rotonde du Bellevue était comble pour accueillir la star japonaise du piano Nobuyuki Tsujii ! 🤩
Un programme ambitieux autour de Chopin, Debussy, Ravel, Liszt, Gerswhin et Kapoustine ... 🎶👍
La performance fut extraordinaire et le public conquis ! 😍
Un immense bravo à lui et merci à tous d'être venus si nombreux !
 [*** Curtain call at the closing concert ***
Last night the Bellevue Rotunda was filled to welcome the Japanese pianist star Nobuyuki Tsujii!
An ambitious program of Chopin, Debussy, Ravel, Liszt, Gerswhin and Kapustin... 🎶👍
The performance was extraordinary and the audience conquered! 😍
A huge congrats to him and thank you all for coming so many!]
4 photos show Nobu playing an encore and being guided on/off stage by Mr. Nick Asano.
August 6 A mention in the suedkurier, Friedrichshafen newspaper
Schmelztiegel der Kultur: Heißestes Kulturufer seit Bestehen ist zu Ende
[Melting pot of culture: Hottest ever Cultural Festival on the Lake is over]
by Corinna Raupach
...The highlight of the Kulturufer 2018 took place on the weekend. Pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii set the scene for classic fans: from Chopin to Jazz, he drew in his audience and unleashed his spell with a touch that was sometimes powerful, sometimes petal-delicate.. .

PHOTO of  Nobu, in short-sleeve shirt and slacks, hunched over a BOGER Klavierburg Steinway in performance.
Caption: Vor allem für Klassik-Begeisterte war der Klavierabend mit Nobuyuki Tsujii der krönende Abschluss für das Kulturufer. | Bild: Corinna Raupach
[ Especially for classical music fans, the piano recital with Nobuyuki Tsujii was the crowning glory for the cultural fair on the shore. | Picture: Corinna Raupach]
More on the article can be found here=>
"Nobuyuki Tsujii was the crowning glory for the cultural fair on the shore" by Corinna Raupach, August 6 Suedkurier, Friedrichshafen Posted by ePlus [Japan ticket outlet]
【Fumiaki Miura × Nobuyuki Tsujii】 Message arrived for October performance!
In the video, the two friends took turn speaking in Japanese about the October events, of which they are artistic leaders.
Nobu is wearing a white polo shirt and Fumi a black T-shirt. In the background is a pianos with lots of microphones. Fumi is holding his violin.
The video might have been filmed at a recording session.
『家庭画報9月号』 "Family Pictorial September Issue" Article
This is a nice photo of Conductor Yutaka Sado & Nobu that appears in an article in the September issue of Japan's 家庭画報 "Family Pictorial" Magazine . The photo was taken at Grafenegg Castle, Austria, before their performance with the Tonkünstler-Orchester Orchestra back in June. In the photo, the two are dressed in their performance attire -- Nobu in tux; and they are standing i n a lush verdant landscape, with the castle in the background.
佐渡 裕×辻井伸行 特別対談 “人生に「音楽」を”ー『家庭画報9月号』
Yutaka Sado and Nobuyuki Tsujii Special Conversation "Music" and life "-- " Household Pictorial September issue"
♪ Composer 久石譲 Joe Hisaishi to appear on radio show of Mrs. Itsuko Tsujii
Mrs. Itsuko Tsujii (rightmost in photo below) has a weekly radio show, titled "What Color is the Wind Today" (same as the title of a book that she co-authored about bringing up Nobu).
This coming month, August 2018, the guest for the show is composer 久石譲 Joe Hisaishi, who you may recall wrote the ending theme music for the film "Forest of Wool & Steel") that Nobu played, and they co-appeared in a special concert in June.
The show airs on Sunday at 7:15AM and can be listened to online.
8月5日日曜朝7時過ぎ ゲストは、作曲家の久石譲さんです
Duo Interview to appear in October issue of 音楽の友」"Friends of Music" Magazine
「音楽の友」編集長 @tomo20180518
From the editor of Japan's "Friends of Music" magazine:
"Yesterday at Kioi Hall @FumiakiMiura× Nobuyuki Tsujii Duo Recital" was held ♪
On this occasion 'Friends of music' realized the interview of the two, to appear in the October issue."