News, photos and comments about these recitals are collected here => Nobuyuki Tsujii Bach/Mozart/Beethoven rectials in Europe 2017
February 26 20:00 Kammermusiksaal Philharmonie (Berlin Philharmonic Chamber Concert Hall)
Concert Information
We wish Nobu a successful recital tonight and then a safe journey home after that.

PHOTO above: Nobu practiced for his recital in the Kammermusiksaal Philharmonie, on his Fall 2014 Europe Tour.
♪ February 25 20:00 Liederhalle Stuttgart, Mozart-Saal
Nobu performed in this venue many times, including in May 2014 (I was there) and again in October 2015.
I kept checking for comments after the recital and none came.  Then, just when a flood of tweets came up in Japan about the TV show, this tweet from Stuttgart showed up! I am not complaining, however.
Amazing pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii 👏 初めてピアニスト辻井伸行さんのリサイタルへ。楽屋へも挨拶に行けたけど、言葉にならなくて ありがとうございました しか言えなかった。ほんとはハグしたいくらい感動した。#辻井伸行 #ピアニスト I went to the recital of pianist Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii for the first time. I was able to go to his dressing room as well, and could only manage to say thank you. I was really touched.
And, she followed with a blog post: 
2017.02.26 00:13
Nobuyuki Tsujii's piano recital ♫ Soul trembling sound.
I was able to go to Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii's recital in Stuttgart Liederhalle
I knew about Mr. Tsujii for the first time.
In Japan I sang with bands and choirs but had little to do with classical music.
It is no exaggeration that he generated a sound that made my soul tremble.
Blind pianist.
It is not easy to write a character
It is impossible to imagine how he becomes a global pianist
On the stage there was only the piano and him
Various images (in my head) naturally floated around him with every piece
The sun has set
The moon and starry sky spread
It is a sea or a river
Flowers blossoming and blooming
A storm rises.
Stretching the mind and inspiring imagination
Such a performance.
♪ Feb 26  Nobu on "Untitled Concert" (Japan TV show)
題名のない音楽会」2500回記念(4) 歴史を彩る音楽会
テレビ朝日 2月26日(日) 9:00-9:30
BS朝日 3月5日(日)23:00-23:30
"Untitled Concert " 2500th episode Concert (4th)
TV Asahi February 26 (Sun) 9: 00-9: 30
BS Asahi March 5 (Sun) 23: 00-23: 30
A video of the show can now be viewed on your computer below, or please click this link=> Nobuyuki Tsujii in 2017 Untitled Concert
Nobu's appearance starts at time mark 11:00.
And a big thanks to Yura for posting video clips on Twitter.
Please click each link below to view =>
As expected, a deluge of tweets came up after the airing -- the duet with Mr. Goto received a lot of attention -- a co-performance of these two seems in order!
今朝の題名のない音楽会 辻井君と若いソリストさんたちの夢の饗宴✨公開収録は抽選に外れて行けなくて放送をとっても楽しみにしてました💖 楽しかったー #題名のない音楽会 #辻井伸行 #五嶋龍 #ショパン #ピアノ協奏曲第1番 #ガーシュイン #3つの前奏曲 Untitled Concert this morning Nobuyuki Tsujii and the dream assembly of young soloists ✨ I was looking forward to the broadcast ... for public recording It was fun ~ # Untitled Concert #Nobuyuki Tsujii # Ryo Goto # Chopin # Piano Concerto No. 1 # Gershwin # Preludes No. 3

素晴らしかった! お二人とも、まだ28歳!! 頭が下がります。勇気いただきました。 #題名のない音楽会2500回記念 #辻井伸行 #五嶋龍 It was wonderful! Both of you are still 28 years old!! I bowed my head. You gave me courage. # "Untitled Concert" 2500 episodes memorial #Nobuyuki Tsujii # Ryo Goto
More at => Nobuyuki Tsujii on Feb 26 2017 "Untitled Concert" TV show

February 25/26  What a day - an embarrassment of richness, really.
As if there is not enough excitement for one day, we now have a concert report on the Munich recital! -- not that I am complaining
FOUR encores! There are 3 great photos of the Prinzregententheater -- I do hope Nobu senses the beauty of these spectacular German concert halls that he has been performing in.
February 24, 2017 (Germany)
The performance in Munich, capital of Bavaria, this is the sixth time this time.
The recital at Prinzregenten Theater is the third time.
I got a huge applause from the first piece Bach and received a curtain call twice after Mozart. When I finished playing 2 Beethoven works, there was a great cheer with foot stamping, and I played 4 encores.
Beethoven: 2nd movement of piano · sonata "Pathetique"
Liszt: La Campanella
Still, I will live (my own)
Chopin: Etude of the Revolution
♪ February 25
Tweet from a Nobu fan in Munich, who was at the Feb 24 Prinzregententheater concert:
... we enjoyed it hugely. We had excellent seats (row 2 center) ). His usual helper aided him—do you know who he is? – at Prinzregententheater
I posted a response to answer his question, and thank him for the excellent photos - which you can see better on the original tweet =>
♪ February 25
Concert report on the Feb 22 Fürth recital, with four excellent photos!

February 22, 2017 (Germany)
I had a recital at the city theater in Fürth, a town on the west side of Bavaria's second city Nuremberg.
This is the first recital and the seventh concert on this tour.
The works are the same as for the Bach, Mozart, Beethoven Japan tour,
I was interested in how German customers will evaluate my performance of German-Austrian works.
The performance got a favorable reception. I played the second movement of Beethoven's piano · sonatas "Pathetique", and La Campanella of Liszt for encores. I was deeply moved by the customer standing up for me. Finally, I played "still we live".

February 20 "A Life-Changing Minute" show
日本テレビ 2月20日(月) 21:00
※辻井伸行 日本ツアー 東京公演の一部が放映されます
"Deep talk of one minute where life changes"
Nippon TV on February 20 (Mon) 21: 00
※ Footage of Tokyo performance of Nobuyuki Tsujii Japan Tour will be shown
※ Mother Itsuko will appear
The show can now be viewed on your computer ==> "A life-changing minute" show 2-20-2017
One gripping scene in this show, of Mrs. Tsujii packing for Nobu's Europe tour, makes me think about the enormous challenges that a sightless person must face while traveling.  
Embroidered bags in giant suitcases. A devoted mother. A loyal manager. We are fortunate that Nobu is blessed with their continued support. Even as we enjoy the success of Nobu's awe-inspiring performances, let's never forget the tremendous efforts behind the scenes that make possible the miracle of Nobuyuki Tsujii.
UPDATE - I heard from Jamie, a visually-impaired pianist in U.S., after the article was posted.  Her reply may be of interest to Nobu and others visually impaired:
I use a labeling system to keep things organized. Some of it I use Braille especially for medications. I use a labeling tape called Dino tape and a slate and stylus to get this done. I also use household items like cloth pins to pin my socks together. Yes they go through the wash fine. For clothing I use an app called digit-eyes. One can purchase labels that one can sew onto the clothing then record as much info(on a label)  as he or she wants. When the camera (of a smart phone) sees this the label it will play the recording.
UPDATE  - On the show there is a short clip of Nobu (age 12)  playing Friedrich Kreisler's "Liebesleid" with a young Japanese violinist -- I just heard from Yuko this:
"The violinist of the One minute show is Norimiti Kawabata. According to Wikipedia, he is a visually impaired person. -- When he was eight years old, he suffered a Stevens-Johnson syndrome due to the side effect of some
cold medicine. He escaped death, but the aftereffects damaged the cornea and left him with visual impairment."
♪ February 25  More Premium Recitals revealed
A friendly reader has notified me of three more performances:
July 15, 2017 at 2pm
ザ・ハーモニーホール(松本市音楽文化ホール)The Harmony Hall in Matsumoto City , Nagano Pref.
(organized by TV Shinshu)

July 17, 2017 at 2pm
豊田市コンサートホールToyota City Concert Hall, Toyota City, Aichi Pref.
(organized by Tokai TV)

July 21, 2017 at 6:30pm
秋田アトリオン音楽ホールAtorion Concert Hall, Akita City, Akita Pref.
(organized by Akita TV)
March 3 "The Pianist 2016" on BS-Fuji TV
BSフジ(BS Fuji)
『辻井伸行×加古隆×レ・フレール THE PIANIST』 2016
"Nobuyuki Tsujii × Takashi Kako × Les Freres THE PIANIST" 2016
March 3 (Fri) 22: 00 ~ 23: 25
♪ Feb 25 The April issue of Wigmore Hall's magazine is now available online --
Nobu is not on the cover, but his April 1 recital is the first event on the list =>
Upcoming Concerts
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