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BSFuji TV Year-end Nobu special Dec 27

Nov 26 Each year end, fans of Nobuyuki Tsujii #辻井伸行 are treated to a special by Japan's BSフジ (BSFuji TV). This year's special (Dec 27 20:00-21:55) will once again showcase the Mt. Fuji Piano Festival, at which Nobu is the resident pianist (home page)

See 2022 Year-end Nobuyuki Tsujii special on BS-Fuji TV

Balbao Symphony Orchestra Oct 27 performance now on YouTube

Nov 26 😻This is an unexpected bonus: A big thanks🙏 to Bilbao Symphony Orchestra, who generously uploaded to YouTube footage from their Oct 27th performance with Nobuyuki Tsujii & conductor Erik Nielsen, complete with encore "Elsa's Procession"❣️👏

Backstory at Nobuyuki Tsujii Fall 2022 U.K. & Spain Tour

A wonderful looking centenarian

Nov 24 Instagram by Mrs. Itsuko Tsujii: 義父100歳のお誕生日🎉 It is the 100th birthday of her father-in-law ( paternal grandfather of Nobuyuki Tsujii, who is seen in this photo, seated next to the wonderful looking centenarian ). Congratulations to the Tsujii-family❣️ Cheers to good health and good genes 💐

Trying his hand at playing a ukulele

Nov 23 This instagram 'story' posted on Nobu's official account has a clip of Nobu trying his hand at playing a ukulele We were warned to watch before it disappears, and indeed it seems to have time-expired :-( but let me share a comment by fellow Nobu fan Linda Kipps, American pianist, who saw it: "I love it! I love it! And he figured out a 7th chord right away! I am highly impressed!" She knows what she's talking about. I have seen photos of Nobu trying his hand at playing guitar, so that might have helped him. (Nobu also took violin lessons as a child.)

Nobu's 'a sigh' recording played on BBC Radio 3 'Breakfast' show

Nov 22 Kudos to Mr. Petroc Trelawny, host of BBC Radio 3 'Breakfast' show. This morning he aired a track (Liszt's 'A sigh') by Nobuyuki Tsujii, in response to a listener who was at Nobu's Nov 7 recital in Birmingham , calling it "an unforgettable evening." Listen here at time mark 1:34. Read about that Birmingham recital here Nobuyuki Tsujii in recitals -- Spain & U.K. 2022

Breakfast for a champion

Nov 21 Nobuyuki Tsujii official instagram: "I gave a music class to children in Honolulu for All Nippon Airways It was my first event in Honolulu, but I could fully feel the passion that the local people and ANA staff had worked so hard to prepare for. It was a short time, but a very fulfilling stay in Honolulu. I'd like to stay a little longer next time." Gorgeous photos, including this one -- breakfast for a champion :-) UPDATE: There is also a concert report on the official website, with many great photos -- see them at More at Nobuyuki Tsujii in Hawaii November 2022 -- as it happens

That was the last of his 2022 overseas performance ...

NOV 20 I really enjoy this photo of Nobuyuki Tsujii waving goodbye to people at his Hawaii 🇺🇸 performance yesterday Nov 19. That was his last scheduled 2022 overseas performance. His next overseas appearance will be his recital on January 19 2023 at Carnegie Hall.

Hawaii Streaming happened

Nov 19 The Hawaii workshop streaming took place. I managed to catch it on Instagram. Nobu played Beethoven's Moonlight mvt 1, Chopin's Fantasie Impromptu, & Kapustin etude no. 1 in the presence of children seated on stage. Children were invited to interact with him on the keyboard.

Thanks to ANA for the streaming. The video and audio quality is not professional quality, but it's the effort that counts. The weather looks to be wonderful. Nobu, wearing an Hawaiian shirt with a lei (flowers around the neck), looks happy and relaxed. It was good to see him enjoying himself, working with children. More at Nobuyuki Tsujii in Hawaii November 2022 -- as it happens

Listening to the chirping of birds and the sound of the wind and waves from the sea

Nov 19 "Aloha" from Nobuyuki Tsujii at the Kahala resort, Honolulu Official instagram with many delightful photos like this Instagram live streaming of children workshop Hawaii time TODAY Nov 19 10:00 - 11:30AM. "I have come to Hawaii. Listening to the chirping of birds and the sound of the wind and waves from the sea, I felt like I was on holiday for a short time. Music workshop with local children tomorrow. " See Nobuyuki Tsujii in Hawaii November 2022 -- as it happens

Recognition by a Scottish Journalist

Nov 20 Scottish Press And Journal [newspaper] writer George Mitchell contemplates what it takes to live without sight, citing Nobuyuki Tsujii among 3 exemplary blind persons. (I myself went through a similar learning experience after 'discovering' Nobu, seriously thinking for the first time what it's really like to live without sight. ) Read the thoughtful article George Mitchell: Chance encounter left me in awe of those without sight "I am in total awe of this young man, who has been blind since birth, therefore has never even seen a piano… "

" Who needs sight when you can create magic"

Nov 13 A heartfelt post by a British blogger, "Writer – Investor – Geologist – Martial Artist. Obsessed about all things longevity & Japan", who professed not to be well versed in classical music but attended Nobu's Nov 6 London recital, but "was absolutely blown away. To say Tsujii-san is a master would be an insult ... Nobuyuki Tsujii is an absolute genius. Who needs sight when you can create magic…" He attended the London recital and posted an instagram that I somehow missed, with a good photo of Nobu taking a bow on stage. More at Nobuyuki Tsujii in recitals -- Spain & U.K. 2022

" Nobuyuki Tsujii transforms warhorses into things of beauty..."

Nov 7 Esteemed critic (The Telegraph) Ivan Hewett has written a review of Nobu's London recital that makes my heart soar. He completely gets Nobu's piano playing, and took the words right out of my mouth: "a virtuoso showpiece, it really does feel as if this grubby, tired world has been illuminated by something extraordinary. " "Sceptics might suggest that both Tsujii’s adoring fans and those usually hardened critics have been seduced by the overall “miracle” and aren’t really listening to the music-making. But they would be wrong, because Tsujii’s playing is remarkable by any standards. " This review is quite a feather in Nobu's cap, even though Mr. Hewitt mistakenly wrote that "The once-slender Tsujii is quite stocky these days." :-) :-) See 2022 London recital review by Ivan Hewett, the Telegraph

Nov 11 Turns out there were 2 esteemed critics from major U.K. papers in the audience at Nobu's Nov 6 Southbank Centre recital. A review was posted today by Mr. Michael Church of The Independent, who gave the performance a perfect score (5 stars).

"A noble rendition" of Beethoven's sonata & "a stunning performance" of Kapustin's Concert Studies". "Finally three encores and a standing ovation: the audience just wouldn’t let him go." More at Nobuyuki Tsujii 2022 London recital review by Michael Church

UPDATE -- The 5-star review appeared in the paper version of the Independent on , page 41 - Arts review. Thanks to a London concert goer for the photo shown.

New Release Rach 2 & Kapustin 8 Concert Etudes

Nov 4 Announced on official website [辻井伸行] ラフマニノフ:ピアノ協奏曲第2番 / カプースチン:8つの演奏会用エチュード [Nobuyuki Tsujii] Rachmanuiff Piano Concerto No. 2 & Kapustin 8 Concert Etudes 2022-12-07 AVCL-84140 ¥3,300(税込) More at Nobuyuki Tsujii's 2022 new CD

Watch these videos while you can ...

March 30 Four videos with footage from yesterday's 'Classic Club' show have shown up on a YouTube Channel - watch while you can. Info at Update: Nobuyuki Tsujii on NHK 'Classics Club' March 30.