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September 23 - 26 Mt. Fuji Kawaguchiko Music Festival

September 25 FujiTV's "Music Fair" program "RyokoMoriyama 55th Anniversary Special" 6PM Saturday September 25.

October 8-11 2011 ARK Classics at Suntory Hall

A complete list of known upcoming concerts can be found at Nobuyuki Tsujii Upcoming Concerts.

"The expression has become richer! "

Sept 26 First tweet from a concert-goer, with a photo showing Nobu in performance (it is rare to see something like this from Japan) "Mt Fuji Kawaguchiko Piano Festival, Nobuyuki Tsujii Chopin Great Polonaise. A masterpiece!! The expression has become richer! More at Mt. Fuji Kawaguchiko Music Festival

Final rehearsal

Sept 26 Official instagram, with clip of rehearsal of Rhapsody in Blue for gala concert, coming up in 30 minutes. Note that Nobu is wearing a hoodie -- it's cold on that stage, according to an orchestra member

The orchestra is Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra - wind instruments only. Mt. Fuji Kawaguchiko Music Festival

Photo with famous jazz pianist Makoto Ozone

Sept 26 Nobu is having a great time at the Mt. Fuji Kawaguchiko PIANO FESTIVAL Yesterday (Sept 25) he attended a concert by famous jazz pianist Makoto Ozone celebrating his 60th birthday. This official instagram comes with (1) photo with Mr. Ozone backstage (Nobu looks shiny & trim!) & (2) a clip of rehearsing "Rhapsody in Blue", which he performs today - more at Mt. Fuji Kawaguchiko Music Festival

"The wind on the battle field."

September 25 Nobuyuki Tsujii appeared on FujiTV's "Music Fair" program "RyokoMoriyama 55th Anniversary Special" Yura-san shared a clip of Nobu accompanying the celebrated singer on a song "Satoukibi field" and this description: "Ryoko Moriyama: 'Mr. Tsujii, I asked you to join us with your favorite Mr. Tsujii." Nobuyuki Tsujii: 'I'm honored. I would like to play with you as much as possible. ' Zawawa [the sound you here Nobu play] is the sound of the wind that repeatedly flows through the sugar cane fields in summer. The sad song of the Battle of Okinawa in World War II. I am sorry."

Bösendorfer, Fuji-TV, sold-out recital

Sept 24 Twitter happywanwan was at the premium recital last night, and shared details, with many photos.

It was a Debussy-Chopin-Liszt recital -- perhaps the one that he will perform overseas later this year! Of note: 1. The piano used was a Bösendorfer! 2. The concert was sold out (100 people limited). 2. Fuji-TV was there! Presumably fiming for a year-end documentary. More at Mt. Fuji Kawaguchiko Music Festival

Premium recital held at Kawaguchiko

Sept 24 Instagram from Mrs. Itsuko Tsujii, with more photos, including this close-up look of the stage and the piano where -- unbeknownst to me -- a recital took place today (Friday). "河口湖円形ホールにて100名限定のプレミアムリサイタル🎹今日も快晴で朝は富士山が綺麗でした🗻Premium recital limited to 100 people at Kawaguchiko Circular Hall 🎹The weather was fine today and Mt. Fuji was beautiful in the morning." And it's been pointed out to me that the piano is a Bösendorfer. "Perhaps the first time that he performed on one."

Sept 23 Nobuyuki Tsujii to appear in a January 17 2022 Suntory Hall concert to celebrate the 80th birthday of a long-time mentor, esteemed composer Shigeaki Saegusa 三枝成彰, performing in a concerto that Saegusa-san composed for himself!! Story at Nobuyuki Tsujii's concerto for the 80th birthday of an esteemed mentor

Sept 19 ⚡️This week in Japan👉 #NobuyukiTsujii #辻井伸行 is the resident pianist at the Mt. Fuji Kawaguchiko Piano Festival, September 23-26). Chopin recital & with an orchestra: Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue & his own "God's Chart." Best wishes to the fest💐More at Nobuyuki Tsujii at the 2021 Mt. Fuji Kawaguchiko Piano Festival -- as it happens

Sept 21 This tweet mentions an article about Nobuyuki Tsujii that appeared in Monday's Tokyo News. " 'The performance is always one-time only. It's Nobuyuki Tsujii's words from this mornings message. Time goes by. Don't wait." That really struck a chord in me. How was I so lucky to have been at so many of Nobu's concerts! And how I took them for granted, thinking there would always be another performance to enjoy. I know better now. And I will not wait when the opportunities come again. More at "The performance is always one-time only"

September 12 A surprise [read slapdash] announcement -- there is now a Nobuyuki Tsujii 2020 Online Salon Concerts DVD box set, on sale in Japan today. It is a set of DVDs of those concerts that were streamed online in Japan at the onset of the #COVID outbreak. The streaming was not available to those of us outside Japan. I will look into whether the DVD set is available on Amazon Japan. Please stay tuned. See here "Nobuyuki Tsujii's 2020 Salon Concert" DVD UPDATE This page has further details, with a complete list of contents of each DVD & a link to place an order. The total price is a whopping 29,700Yen😵‍

Beethoven's 'Spring Sonata' melts my heart

July 18 Amid all the rancor [the Olympics protests] and disasters [COVID, flooding in Europe, Florida condo collapse, wild fires in American West] in the world, this opening of Beethoven's Spring Sonata, by good friends #NobuyukiTsujii & @FumiakiMiura soothed my troubled heart >> Story at Nobuyuki Tsujii & Fumiaki Miura on " Untitled Concert"

Free lakeside picnic concert

September 25 Nobuyuki Tsujii, pianist in residence, has been kept busy at the Mt. Fuji Piano Festival! This twitter was at a lakeside free concert at lunch time "It was a really luxurious time to listen to Nobuyuki Tsujii's performance live and for free at Lake Kawaguchiko. Debussy's moonlight was so beautiful ...It was a really delicate sound." After that concert, Nobu went on to attend the concert of Makoto Ozone, and also a rehearsal with the orchestra. A hard day's work! Photo with the tweet shows Nobu bowing to the audience seated on the lawn -- he is wearing a festival Tee shirt and maybe jeans.