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Congratulations to Nobuyuki Tsujii for the successful conclusion of his tours abroad, please see Nobuyuki Tsujii May 2015 North America Tour and  Nobuyuki Tsujii in Austria, May 2015 for photos & comments.  Nobu should now be back in Japan  for some well deserved rest. 
Things will be quiet for a while.  Nobu has only one public performance scheduled for June, and then it will be July before he returns to action on the 2015 Chopin/Liszt premium recital Japan tour.  He won't be performing outside Japan until October.  But we already have so much to be thankful for, such as ...
♪ May 22
Mrs. Itsuko Tsujii, Nobu's mother, has started her own blog and she posted many photos from her trip in Vienna, including this one taken -- perhaps from where she sat -- in Vienna's "Golden Hall" on May 16. Please scroll down to read her blog post.
2015-05-21 19:40:52
プロコフィエフのピアノ協奏曲第3番ハ長調 Op.26 を
Musikverein Great Hall debut
The other day, Nobuyuki Tsujii was allowed to perform the Piano Concerto No. 3 in C major Op.26 of Prokofiev, in the large hall of the prestigious Musikverein , under the baton of Yutaka Sado with the Vienna Tonkünstler Orchestra
Since the hall is featured in the New-Year day broadcasts by NHK, I think many people know about this venue.
Overflowing standing room in packed venue; it was an inspiring concert
Playing at the Vienna Musikverein large hall for the first time,
Moreover, co-starring with Mr. Sado, Nobuyuki shows expression of deep feeling.
In a separate blog post, Mrs. Tsujii wrote:
Mrs. Itsuko Tsujii, Nobu's mother, was at the concert.  She wrote movingly in her blog
The first time I met Mr. Sado was when Nobuyuki was 14 years old.
It has been12 years, and Mr.  Sado has taught me a lot of things,
He loves Nobuyuki just like a family,
If we had not met Mr. Sado, I don't think Nobuyuki would be where he is now..
♪ May 22
We are still getting news from Austria. This amusing article came from a town called Pitten, where Nobu visited the "Franz Schubert Regional Music School" before his performances in the Musikverein. There are four photos shown in an album -- please click this link to see the article and photo album.
♪ May 20
Happiness is driving on the California coast with Nobuyuki Tsujii playing Rach 3 on the CD player.
Click HERE <--- to listen to the BBC Radio 3 podcast of Nobu's performance of Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No. 3 in Manchester, available through mid-June.
image source: http://www.kpbs.org/
♪ May 18
Mo 09.11.2015 | 19.30 | Stadtcasino Basel Solistenabend  <-- NEW CONCERT
MondayNovember 9, 2015| 19:30 at the Stadcasino, Basel, Switzerland.
Nobuyuki Tsujii Klavier
Frédéric Chopin/Liszt
concert info
♪ May 21
Tweets by Ms. Mikitada Yamamoto @mikitada18, who works for Japan's Fuji-TV  was in Vienna to film Nobu's performances on May 16&17 -- responding to previous tweets by Yura:
... 今、帰国致しました(^_^ゞ 辻井伸行とは年に1回海外ロケに行くのですが今回も感動的でしたよ!音楽の都ウィーンしかも最高峰の舞台ムジークフェラインでのデビュー!ウィーンの人々の心を一瞬にして掴んでおりました! Now, we have returned.  We go on location with Nobuyuki Tsujii once a year.  It was again impressive this time!  Debut performance on stage in the music capital Vienna is the highest peak!  He took hold of the minds of people in Vienna instantly!

ちなみに、ムジークフェラインの映像は現地スタッフの撮影映像を買うのが通常ですが、今回は奇跡的に許可をとりましたので!日本のカメラクルーが独自で撮影した初の映像になります!是非、堪能してくださいませ! 他にも意外な感動が待っていると思います(笑)宜しくです!
By the way, usually the image of the Muisikverein is only allowed to be captured by their local staff; but this time we miraculously received a permission! Our Japanese crew was able to film the first and unique images.  So, please enjoy!  I think the excitement is mounting.  Best regard!
[Nobu's recital report mentions that a Fuji-BS documentary about Nobu in Vienna can be expected this fall.]
May 22
A while back we heard this music composed by Nobu for a Tokyo TV show 「美の巨人たち」 "Giants of Beauty". The music is now packaged with other recorded tracks of compositions by Debussy and Ravel -- including Sonatine, new) for a CD, 辻井伸行: 印象派コレクション CD (Nobuyuki Tsujii: Impressionist Collection CD), to be released July 22 (preceding Nobu's August tour, of course :-)
http://shop.mu-mo.net/avx/sv/item1?jsiteid=AVCL&seq_exhibit_id=141618  <------NEW CD
辻井伸行の テーマ曲「美の巨人たち」 Nobuyuki Tsujii theme music... by nobufans
♪ May 16
A big thanks to our friend Yuko for spotting this blog post by Berlin-based Japanese bassist Toru-san, a foodie friend of Nobu. There are some great photos of Toru-san enjoying sushi with Nobu and his family at their favorite sushi restaurant in Tokyo, in April. Please click HERE  to see the blog post.
May 14
Nobuyuki Tsujii DVD box set now available from Euroarts Music
Three DVDs are in the box: White Nights; Nobuyuki Tsujii live at Carnegie Hall; Touching the Sound - The Improbable Journey of Nobuyuki Tsujii
image via Internet link
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