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The Nobuyuki Tsujii × Valery Gergeiv × Munich Phil 2015 Japan tour started on Wednesday November 25 in Osaka with great success.
News, comments and photos of individual performances on this tour are collected on a separate page: Nobuyuki Tsujii × Valery Gergeiv × Munich Phil 2015 News
November 26 11月26日 18:45 名古屋 Nagoya(愛知県芸術劇場 コンサートホールAichi Prefectural Art Theater Concert Hall (1,800 seats) 

Image source: http://www.aac.pref.aichi.jp/
November 25 11月25日 大阪 Osaka フェスティバルホール Festival Hall (2,700 seats). This concert has sold out for months.

Festival Hall Image source: http://www.symphonyhall.jp/
 ♪ November 25
This article in German came up only hours after the conclusion of the concert in Osaka last night. It is a post on an ongoing blog of a journalist, Egbert Throll of the süddeutsche zeitung  (South Germany News). . He has very generous words for the concert hall as well as for Nobu. I made a rough English translation of the text:
 ... But the sound in the  new hall is wonderfully clear, transparent, is equipped with the perfect reverberation, by no means dry, even though it is a theater actually, this concert hall was  perfectly suited for this this evening...
Tsujii is blind.  Even if he were not, he would be a magnificent pianist who said he thinks about every note that he plays.   The clarity of runs, always permeated by the pulse and accent,  was something that  the Korean virtuoso from the last concert clearly know how to do.    But Tsujii sees nothing. And that makes his playing something that you cannot comprehend. He learns by hearing before he plays a work.His playing worked in the rehearsal, it worked in concert, and it worked even -- as opined by the percussionist  Stefan Gagelmann --  in the delicate counterpoint conclusion as well as in the timpani dialogue with the piano alone, and perhaps  better than in sighted pianists.Tsujii's instinct and his listening create a completely different reality than the interpreted objectivity of the score. And, with obvious total enthusiasm, two encores, one movement from the "Pathetique", this time that of Beethoven; and a Chopin etude. Tsujii is such a phenomenon that even the eyes of some jet lagged Philharmoniker members became wet. ...
More at A German post on Valery Gergeiv × Munich Phil × Nobuyuki Tsujii Osaka concert
♪ November 25

Yura wrote in this tweet with a photo of the encores played in the first half:
辻井伸行 君オーケストラとの共演で、アンコールを2曲も演奏なんてほんとにラッキー☆ゲルギエフさん優しいね〜ステージ袖に戻る時も出る時も、ノブ君に話しかけて、ノブ君ニコニコ。アンコール弾きなさい。もう一曲弾けば?などと会話してたんかな
"In costarring of Mr. Tsujii Nobuyuki with orchestra, we were really lucky that he played two encore pieces. Maestro Gergiev brought him back to stage and talked to a smiling Nobu-kun. I wonder what they said. Perhaps "Please, won't you play another work?"
The encores played (by Nobu) are second movement of Beethoven's "Pathetique" and Chopin's "revolution" etude.
 ♪ November 25
One of the photos from Osaka, posted on Facebook page of Munich Phil" with this comment:
Das Konzert in der Festival-Hall in Osaka geht in die Halbzeit. Pianist Nobu Tsujii wird für Beethovens 5. Klavierkonzert und 2 Zugaben frenetisch gefeiert. Derweil hofft der Verfasser dieser Zeilen auf einen Sitzplatz in der zweiten Hälte für die "Pathétique".
Intermission in the concert in the Festival Hall in Osaka. Audience is absolutely thrilled about Nobu Tsujii's interpretation of Beethoven's Piano Concerto No.5. Author hopes to visit the second part of this concert when Tchaikovsky's "Pathétique" will be performed
And for the orchestra members -- it's all in a day's work ^_^
Photo posted on Facebook page: "Nach getaner Arbeit After having finished work."
♪ November 24
A radio station in Santa Cruz, California, tweeted at 14:10
Nobuyuki Tsujii and the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra - 1. Allegro maestoso (Chopin Piano Concerto No. 1) http://kzsc.org/playlists/28858
I happened to see the tweet in time to listen to the track while it was still on air.  It made me cry when I heard it for the first time in 2010, and it still tugs at my heart after all these years.
Happy Thanksgiving!
♪ November 24

Please allow me to share a video  of Jamie Seeger, a frequent visitor to the Nobuyuki Tsujii fans facebook page, of her performance of an excerpt from Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake." Jamie is a visually impaired pianist in the U.S. who takes piano lessons from a professional pianist. Jamie was greatly inspired by Nobu when he won the Cliburn Competition in 2009, and she has been a Nobu fan since.  Happy Thanksgiving, Jamie. Bravo for your piano work!
♪ November 20
Two new Nobu concerts have been announced, both in the Tokai TV 2016-17 Super Classic Concerts series. 
June 9 18:45, in Nagoya, Japan. Nobu will perform Beethoven's Third Piano Concerto with  the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra
ピアノ協奏曲 第3番 【ピアノ】辻井伸行
October 27 18:45 in Nagoya, Japan.  Nobu will perform  "Coronation" piano concerto with the Chamber Orchestra of Europe in an all-Mozart program.
辻井伸行&ヨーロッパ室内管弦楽団 | 東海テレビ
ピアノ協奏曲 第26番 「戴冠式」 【ピアノ】辻井伸行
♪ November 11 My copy of Nobu's latest CD  Chopin Piano Sonatas 2 & 3 arrived from Japan this morning .
♪ November 8
The Nobuyuki Tsujii page on English wikipedia has been updated with information from his most recent U.S. and Europe tour.
♪ November 6
Nobu will have his debut recital in U.K. in the famous Wigmore Hall on April 16, 2016, at a "lunchtime concert." On the program are "Chopin’s much-loved Études Op. 10 and Ballades."
TICKETS ARE £20 each and ALREADY ON SALE at the link above.
♪ November 6
The Munich reviews are in
.  There are three reviews that have come up from the major newspapers in Munich.  

They are all quite positive -- congratulations to Tsujii-san for a successful orchestra debut in Germany!
 I have made translations of them, which can be read here: Reviews: Nobuyuki Tsujii in Munich 2015

♪ October 28
The Booston Higashi School posted:
And the school posted an excellent photo album on their facebook page -- with many great photos.
More about Nobu's fall USA visit here: Welcome to America, Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii!

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