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"The Pianist" 2016 Japan tour is drawing to a close!
Next up: Final three performances of 12 total  
7/29 18:00 新潟 Niigata 長岡リリックホール Nagaoka Lyric Hall
7/30 14:00 新潟 Niigata長岡リリックホール Nagaoka Lyric Hall
7/31 15:00 大阪フェスティバルホールOsaka Festival Hall
Nobu performs on a for-Japan-only "The Pianist" tour with fellow popular Avex artists: pianists/composers Takashi Kako (contemporary classic) and Les Freres (The Brothers, boogie-woogie). This is the fourth edition of this very popular tour; tickets for all 12 performances in 10 cites have sold out for months. Unfortunately, the first performance in Kumamoto had to be postponed to November 21, due to extensive earthquake damage suffered by the venue earlier this year. See http://www.kengeki.or.jp/audienceperform/2016_tsujii
News and comments about the tour can be found here => The Summer 2016 Pianist Festival

Above: Avex poster for the tour
July 29  Tweet of the day
Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii's concert✨
I had been living for this day!!
July 28  Nobu T-shirt!
A big thanks to Nobu-fan Yuki, who was at the Tokyo performance on the 26th and shared this photo of the famous Nobu T-shirt that has been popular on the ongoing PIANISTS tour. The price is 1800Y (currently about $17), and it's all cotton. I would buy one in a heart beat!  The cartoon printed on the T-shirt is from a well-known photo of  baby Nobu playing on his toy piano (see photo below).
26日に「辻井伸行×加古隆×レ・フレール THE PIANIST!」に行ってきた。ボリュームたっぷりで、演奏もトークも三者三様で楽しかった。最後の「黄昏のワルツ」に感動。辻井さんのTシャツ人気な様だった。 We went to "Nobuyuki Tsujii × Kako Takashi × Les Freres THE PIANIST!"on the 26th. It was a hearty performance; I also enjoyed the talk and the three-set three-way playing.   Excitement at the end of the "Twilight Waltz."   T-shirt of Mr. Tsujii was popular. -tweet
July 28  How can you use an iPhone if you Can't See?
I have always wondered how a visually-impaired person can use a computer or smart phone without being able to see the screen or the keyboard.
U.S. Nobu fan Linda, who was born blind, pointed me to this 6-minute YouTube video, which explains it very well.
She and others have taken advantage of the technological advance in computing devices to make a big difference in their lives.
I am sure the same technology exists in Japan and I hope Nobu has access to the technology (and the time for it!) to benefit from it.
July 27

Nobu's latest CD "Liszt & Ravel " debuts on  Billboard Japan classical chart Billboard Classical Music chart (August 1) at NO. 4
July 27

It is good to see "Nobuyuki Tsujii at White Nights" among the illustrious list of "EuroArts Music on TV" programs on this page (right column, scroll down)
03:00 pm CEST, Classica
Nobuyuki Tsujii at White Nights"
That video has been shown many times on TV in Europe.
July 27 19:00 Bunkamuraオーチャードホール (東京都)
July 28 14:00 Bunkamuraオーチャードホール (東京都)
Below are some postings that came up after theTokyo performances

Another fine example of Nobu's music bringing a family together. This blogger and her mother were at the July 26 Tokyo performance.
 7月26日は、キョウコちゃんとオーチャードホールで「FUJITEC presents 辻井伸行 加古隆 レ・フレール」でした。
[Some text omitted with apology. Please see original post of mouth-watering photos of a meal enjoyed before the concert.]

Finally, encore by all the performers, "Twilight waltz."
My mother, a fan of Mr. Tsujii and Mr. Kako, shed tears.
It was good to have come with my mother in spite of this hot weather.
So, I bought a ticket for the next concert of Mr. Tsujii for my mother.

今 日は渋谷オーチャードホールで辻井伸行さんのコンサートに行って来ました!感動したーT^T ☆マダム T☆ Today I went to the concert Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii Orchard Hall in Shibuya! Inspirational -tweet

迫 り来る締切をかいくぐり、今日はオーチャードホールのコンサートに行ってきた。ピアニスト3組(辻井伸行、加古隆、レ・フレール)の共演で、それぞれ個性 あるステージを堪能したが、圧巻は最後のアンコール、3台のピアノを4人で弾く「黄昏のワルツ」だった。ああ、楽しかった。 Looming deadline appraches, today I went to Orchard Hall. Three pianist (Nobuyuki Tsujiim Takashi Kako, Les Frères) co-starred. I enjoyed the uniquely spectacular stage, and the finalt Encore, 3 pianos of four players in "twilight Waltz". Oh, it was fun. -tweet

Finally boogie-woogie in Tokyo? [but not elsewhere]
-tweet by Yura, Nobu fan in Osaka, with short video of boogie-woogie jam from previous performance

念 願の辻井伸行さんの生演奏。テレビで聴いて衝撃を受けてからいつかは生で聴きたいとずっと願っていた。やっと叶った。辻井さんの演奏はどうしてこんなにも 心に響くのだろう。また行きたい‥けど、なかなかチケット取れないんだなぁ。。I have long wanted to hear Nobuyuki Tsujii's live music. After listening to him on TV I had hoped to eventually to listen live.
Finally it came true. Tsujii's playing -- I wonder why it resonate so much with the heart.
I want to go again, but the tickets are hard to come by. -tweet

The Tokyo performances seem to have also drawn some unusually negative comments. But my deficient  understanding of Japanese is suspect.

[NOTE: I have been told that my interpretation of these comments is wrong - please read on.]
This male twitter, a baseball player judging from his profile photo,  did not seem happy about today's show: He made two tweets.
[I have been told that this twitter actually wrote that he dozed off during most of the concert, due to lack of sleep.  He regrets wasting the 9000-yen ticket and says he won't make the same mistake again.]
The first one was posted before the show
Now, three sets of classical music concerts will start soon
Well, I think Kimi-chan is not showing up until the end?
By the way I plan to get out at intermission  to catch some sleep as soon as the part of Mr. Tsujii and Mr. Kako is over
Ticket price is 9000 yen?
Another tweet came after the first half of the show
THE PIANISTの本命は辻井伸行さんなんだよね。加古さんとレ・フレールさんに興味なし。
そして懲りずに辻井さんのコンサートチケットを買う!次は寝ない!Of THE PIANIST Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii is the favorite.
I was not interested in Kako and Les Freres.
Well, the performances of Mr. Tsujii and Mr. Kako are over.
Tsujii played  9 songs, 9-game losing streak. [It is possible that the twitter means he slept through all 9 works.]
Mr. Kako played  five songs, two wins and three losses.
I have come to my senses...
And  learned by experience not to buy concert tickets of Mr. Tsujii! Now I hope I can get some sleep!

[This blog post is notable in that it mentions that Nobu played a "boogie-woogie" improvisation with the Brothers for encore in the first Tokyo performance, in addition to the all-together "Sunset Waltz" played elsewhere.  But it sounds as if the blogger was NOT pleased with the performance - although my translation is admittedly suspect.  Another interpretation is that this person is unhappy that an extra encore was played in Tokyo and not elsewhere.]

[It has been explained to me that what the blogger says is actually that she's glad that the Tokyo locals get an extra encore.]
(行ってないけど) THE PIANIST!2016@東京・オーチャードホール
(I am not going to) THE PIANIST! 2016 @ Tokyo Orchard Hall
昨日のTHE PIANIST! さすが東京!という感じだった様子
Good morning.
Today's performance at  Orchard at 2 pm
I wrote this blog in a huff
(Okay, not that anyone is waiting)
Yesterday I was at THE PIANIST! Indeed Tokyo! I want to tell you how I felt.
... [playlists omitted]...

(辻井さんとレ・フレールのシス・マンによる) Boogie Woogie 即興
Cherry Blossoms
(Tsujii and Les Freres ) Boogie Woogie improvisation
Encore by three sets of artists
Twilight Waltz
For kids 、桜、が来ましたね
それから、辻井さんとのBoogie Woogie  セッション
Les Freres is For kids, the Cherry Blossoms Boogie-Woogie session with Mr. Tsujii was what I came to see. [This sentence may be sarcastic.]
Well, it is Tokyo and the local people might be disappointed
But on [TV] screen it may seem exciting.

♪ July 27/28
I should have remembered to check the blog of the "Takashi Kako" Community - it has been making postings about the ongoing PIANIST tour, with photos (the loading of the page is SLOW - patience )
http://www.takashikako.com/community/ There are a few mentioning of Nobu:
July 23 (Saturday) at the Shiga Prefectural Art Theater Biwako Hall.
お 客様に子供連れが多かったのも、夏休みになったせいですね。ロビーで販売されている辻井伸行さんのTシャツや、レ・フレールさんの公演チケットと共に、 KAKOさんの楽譜を購入している人も多かったです。「パリは燃えているか」のピアノ・ソロバージョンが発売されたばかり。
There are many children customers, I think it is because of the summer vacation. And T-shirts of Nobuyuki Tsujii are sold in the lobby, along with Les Freres' concert ticket, but many people there also purchased Kako's music. His piano solo version of "Is Paris Burning?" has just been released.

July 25 Kamakura Museum of Art
Nobuyuki Tsujii's mother Itsuko Tsujii seems to be here. She writes about child care ...

27日(水)、「THE PIANIST」東京の2日目
July 27 Tokyo
I was taking a look at today's customers ... the lobby is full of concert flyers of Nobuyuki Tsujii and the "century concert video" . This is where tickets can also be purchased.
July 26
We live in troubled times. This horrific news from Japan is especially disturbing.
A knife-wielding man went on a stabbing rampage at a care facility for people with disabilities in Kanagawa Prefecture early Tuesday, killing at least 19 people and wounding 25 others, 20 of them seriously, police and firefighters said.  The Kanagawa Prefectural Police arrested Satoshi Uematsu, 26, who drove to the Tsukui Police Station and turned himself around 3 a.m. Tuesday, and quoted him as saying “I did it.”
“It’s better that the disabled disappear,” the police further quoted him as saying.
Kanagawa Prefecture is just outside Tokyo, and Nobu performed there yesterday. 
It is unthinkable for something like that to happen in Japan.  My heart goes out to those affected and traumatized.
July 27 Nobu mentioned in Reaction to the Shocking News
I am not the only person who thought of Nobu when I heard the shocking news from Japan. 
Here is a blog post (too difficult for me to translate) in reaction to the news, citing Nobu as one of two "great people with disabilities.".
Whoever thought that "If only there were no disabled people"?  Society should refer to them  as "the amazing disabled."
Shocking incident that occurred in "Tsukui Lily Garden" has been reported this morning.
Even people with disabilities support should strive to extend their strengths rather than cover up the weaknesses
Shall we talk about "great people with disabilities"?
"Persons with Disabilities = such amazing people." If the image is changed, there will  be no tendency to look down on them.
[For examples]
Painter with intellectual disabilities, Mr. Sho Fukushima
Blind pianist, Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii
I imagine there are many comments in Japan similar to this.
♪ July 25
It is good to see that  Nobu's NEW CD is getting attention from some serious classical music lovers in Japan.   In my humble opinion, this CD deserves worldwide attention.
辻井伸行さんの 夜のガスパール 聴きたくて新譜買いました。クラシックではラヴェルが好き、
"I want to listen to Nobuyuki Tsujii's 'Gaspard de la nuit' and I bought his new album. It is a happy time to immerse in my favorite music, Ravel's classic."
by 加藤幸弘 classicalcd.la.coocan.jp @YukihiroKato
Nobuyuki Tsujii LISZT piano sonata, Gaspard de la nuit
Since his debut in 2007, Nobuyuki Tsujii has continued to release CDs under Avex Classics. This new album that has just come on sale, contains Liszt's piano sonata coupled with Ravel's "Gaspard of the night".
While both works were recorded in Berlin's Tel index Studio, the data [in the CD liner notes] indicates that the Gaspard de la nuit was recorded at the same time as the Piano Sonata No. 3 of Chopin that was released last year
Both works require great technique and expressive power. It is surprising that Mr. Tsujii would push himself to play these challenging works. I expect these tracks to be released on SACD [Super Audio CD] and I look forward to listening to them. It does not do justice to listen to them on ordinary CD.
♪ July 17 "What Color is My Wind" book  +CD on sale in Japan
Tweet from a book store in Japan, showing books on display about Nobu. The latest is a combo-pack of a book  (co-)authored by his mother, Mrs. Itsuko Tsujii, titled "What Color is the wind today?" [supposedly a question asked by a very young Nobu] with a CD of selected tracks from Nobu's recordings.
The Books page on this site has been updated to include a reference to this new release => Books
The Venice Renaissance Exhibition in Tokyo Theme Song by Nobuyuki Tsujii

本展の見所の一つ、音声ガイド。ナレーションは石坂浩二さん。聞き応えのある内容、そして辻井伸行さんのオリジナル楽曲も入って豊かな時間をお過ごしください。#国立新美術館 #アカデミア美術館 One of the attractions of the exhibition is the audio guide. Mr. Koji Ishizaka is the narrator, and Mr. Nobuyuki Tsujii's rich original music can also be heard. # The National Museum of Art # Accademia Gallery2016 ヴェネツィア・ルネサンス展
公式テーマ曲 辻井伸行さん
国立新美術館, 東京都
7月13日 - 10月10日
2016 Venice Renaissance Exhibition
Official theme song by Nobuyuki Tsujii
The National Museum of Art, Tokyo
July 13 - October 10
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