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Happy Thanksgiving & we have lots to be thankful for, including new TV specials -- please scroll down to read.
♪  "Music and Painting" Concert Tour November 22 - December 17
This is Thanksgiving week in the USA, and in Japan it is back to work for Nobu starting this Wednesday (Nov 22).
The Music and Painting Concert Japan Tour will have 12 performances at Nagasaki, Saga, Tokyo, Kamakura, Nagoya, Aomori, Tokushima, Ehime, Iwate, Osaka, Hyogo.
At these performances, Nobu performs favorites from his solo repertoire (classical and original compositions) on stage, accompanied by  projection of paintings and photos on a giant screen above.
News and comments about this tour can be found at => News & Comments: Nobuyuki Tsujii 2017 "Music and Painting" Concert Tour
These concerts are popular in Japan (tickets are relatively inexpensive and all but 4 of the performances have quickly sold out). 
The program poses no new technical challenge to Nobu, and presumably he will take the time to practice new works for his 2018 performances.
Our best wishes to Tsujii-san for great success on this tour, as always.
♪ November 23 15:00 佐賀市文化会館 Saga City Cultural Center Large Hall (1811 seats) http://www.saga-s.co.jp/tsujii_con2017.html
♪ November 23 Backstage photo posted to Instagram
This is a nice photo I believe of Nobu backstage after the Nagasaki concert.
Nobu is wearing blue jeans and a long-sleeve shirt with camouflage pattern, looking quite fresh.
He is holding a wrapped bouquet o flowers apparently presented by a couple standing next to him.
(It is a sad mistake to present to Nobu a wrapped bouquet like that -- as you can see, the flowers cannot be seen in the photo. I myself learned the lesson the hard way.)
♪ November 22 Debut 10 Years concert photo
This photo was posted to Instagram last week. The text says "Nobuyuki Tsujii at his (debut) 10th anniversary concert #Nobuyuki Tsujii #pianist #God given talent.
♪ November 22 19:00 Music and Painting Concert Japan Tour Kick-off 長崎ブリックホール大ホール Nagasaki brick hall (2,002 seats)
♪ November 22/23 Judging from these tweets that came up overnight, Nobu  was able to wield his magic again.
辻井伸行 音楽と絵画コンサート めっちゃ良かったあ。やっぱ生の迫力は違うね。あっという間に終わった感じ。
Nobuyuki Tsujii Music and Painting concert was awesome. The power of live performance is different. Felt like it ended in no time.
Nobuyuki Tsujii Music and painting concerts were awesome. The power of raw is different. Feeling it ended in no time.
https://twitter.com/hikky0831/status/933317229159915521 with 3 accompanying phoot
やはり、大好きです 辻井伸行さん(*^^*) アンコールの革命で、また号泣
I love Nobuyuki Tsujii.  "Revolution" in the encores; cried.
PHOTO: Concert poster with a notice below that (I think) says there's recording and for the audience to please cooperate.
PHOTO:Sign posted in concert hall of list of 3 encores - CHOPIN "Farewell", own composition  "Still, we live on" , and Chopin "revolution")
♪ Thanksgiving presents!  Year-end TV specials announced.
Just in time for our Thanksgiving, Nobu's website finally got an update, and it's great news --
As in years past, Nobuyuki Tsujii fans are treated to several TV documentaries about Nobu to be aired in Japan during the holiday season.
As one Nobu fan in Japan put it: "It wouldn't be New Year without seeing a Nobu TV special." 
Thank you, thank you to  Avex Classics, BS-Asahi and BS-Fuji!

Photo: Asahi TV
BS Fuji "Nobuyuki Tsujii × Paris"
Sunday, December 17 (Sunday) 9PM[No link to program description; the photos below are from the October 23 Paris recital]
「奇跡のピアニスト 辻井伸行~世界遺産で弾く 日豪友好の調べ」【再放送】
"Miracle Pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii - Study of Japan-Australia Friendship; Performing in a World Heritage site" 【Re-broadcast ; aired on New Year Day 2017】
Sunday, December 24 (Sunday) 9PM
「奇跡のピアニスト辻井伸行 デビュー10周年 感動と涙の全軌跡」
12月25日(月)夜9時~ よる9:00~10:54放送
BS Asahi
"Miracle Pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii, debut 10th anniversary, the full story of emotion and tears"
December 25 (Monday) 9: 00 ~ 10: 54 PM re-broadcast
The good news is that all the shows start at 9PM and not some late night hour. The slight disappointment is that the BS-Asahi show, a continuing yearly documentary titled "Miracle Pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii" is being moved from New Year day to Christmas Day -- New Year Day is the biggest holiday in Japan. But, we are NOT complaining!
More information to come later.
CONGRATULATIONS to Nobu on his successful Debut 10 Years Concert on November 13.
By all accounts this was a phenomenal event.  It was more than the "love fest" that I anticipated,  Attendance of Japan's Emperor and Empress; a gathering of Nobu's supporters over the years; an "ecstatic" audience -- It is unthinkable for a classical musician to generate that level of support and enthusiasm anywhere in the world.  Bravo, bravo!
A collection of news, comments and photos can be found at => Nobuyuki Tsujii 10th Début Anniversary Special Concert November 13 2017
♪ November 19 A 2016 video that I might have missed
Even I can no longer keep track of all the going-on's with Nobu ^_^
I can't remember if I ever saw this video that was posted to Vimeo during last year's tour with the Chamber Orchestra of Europe
The video is of great quality and apparently was filmed while Nobu was practicng by himself in preparation of a performance with the orchestra.
The video is at =>Practicing Mozart Piano Concerto No. 21 cadenza - 2016 Chamber Orchestra of Europe Japan Tour (on Vimeo)
Or you may watch it below --
Nobuyuki Tsujii cadenza from Chamber Orchestra of Europe on Vimeo.
♪ November 18 In search of Beethoven Album Jacket Image
There is as yet no jacket image that I can find on the web.for the Nobuyuki Tsujii Beethoven album coming out in December

But this image from a 2014 documentary comes to mind (it shows Nobu running both hands over a bust of Beethoven, when he visited the preserved home of the German composer in Vienna).
I do hope we will get a fresh image of Nobu by the great photographer Yuji Hori, who has given us so many of Nobu's fine portrait photos.
Back in September, Nobu appeared in the Kochi Prefectural Cultural Hall in a performance of .Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No. 2 with conductor Kazuki Sawawa and the Shikoku Philharmonic Orchestra. It was the only public performance of that month, Nobu's birthday month => Nobuyuki Tsujii with the Shikoku Phil (September 24 2017)  
Today, Toyota Motor Corp, organizer of that concert, posted this tweet
息をするのを忘れるほどに聴き入ってしまった… 世界的プロピアニスト辻井伸行さんが高知のアマチュアオーケストラと共演したとき、 奇跡のハーモニーが生まれました! 詳しくはこちら 
Listening, you forget to breathe ... When the global professional pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii co-starred with the Kochi amateur orchestra, a miracle of harmony was born!  Please click to watch.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pW7bZtySug
【ACTION CLIP】トヨタコミュニティコンサート in 高知「高知に響け、奇跡のハーモニー。」Toyota Community Concert in Kochi "Echoing in Kochi, Harmony of Miracles."
♪ November 14/15 Nobuyuki Tsujii "Debut 10 years" special concert Brochure
must admit that when I first heard of the event, I too took a somewhat dismissive view of it, similar to that expressed in a posting of a blogger who attended the concert. Like him, I too thought of it as a clever marketing ploy to sell tickets in Nobu's name.
I am chagrined but elated that the event turned out to be far more. Yes, it was a love fest for Nobu as I envisioned, but evidences are that a lot of thoughts and efforts went into the organization, such as reflected in the brochure handed out at the concert, reported by some who were fortunate enough to be there.
Included in  the brochure are photos of Nobu's mentors and many of his co-performers, some accompanied with a message -- Vladimir Ashkenazy, Vasily Petrenko,  Masahiro Kawakai, Takayuki Hattori,   Yutaka Sado, Valery Gergiev and Fumiaksi Miura, etc.
Bravo, bravo to whomever that put together this wonderful brochure! This is obviously a labor of love of people who truly admire Nobu.   (I don't have any basis for this, but I suspect Mrs. Itsuko Tsujii, Nobu's devoted mother, has a hand in this.) My hat is off to you.
There are many great quotes in the brochure -- please see Nobuyuki Tsujii "Debut 10 years" special concert Brochure

♪ November 15 Debut 10 Years Album: #1 Chamber Music on Amazon Japan and temporarily sold out.
The album is reportedly also selling well on Rakuten, Japan's major online outlet.
♪ November 10 Debut 10-years album FIRST IMPRESSION
My copy of the album was delivered to my door step this morning.
The packaging is elegant; the liner notes is straightforward. No new photos, but a nicely done timeline of Nobu's accomplishments.
I have been listening to the CDs, and, even though I know my objectivity is questionable, I can honestly say that they are immensely enjoyable. My first impression can be read here, if you like => Nobuyuki Tsujii "Debut 10 Years" album -- First Impression